Exposure Through Malaysia Social Media Week 2016


So the Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) is back this 2016 and I just found out about it. Not that I didn’t pay much attention lately but I thought the Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 (MSMW) would start in March instead of February. My bad on mixing up the dates.

What Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 is About?

For the past few years, the MSMW is one of the events where local operators, entrepreneurs, brand managers, writers, students, and many of the industry’s community leaders look forward to because of the program involved in educating and enhancing knowledge on social media’s uses, challenges and components. Social Media Chambers, one of the NGOs involved in MSMW is dedicated to advocate credible social media.

I have been to some of the events held by MSMW – the summit, the workshop as well as the awards.

I will never forget one of the key-note speakers of MSMW 2015, none other than Malaysia’s Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on the right way of utilizing social media and how social media can be used to “help built or destroy a government”. Other speakers at the 4-days summit were equally great, with experiences in their own field of work, with the use of social media to help boost their businesses or organizations.

Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 Awards

Apart from the summit and workshop, most online writers welcome the Awards to bring their website or blogs to the other level. The awards are opened to a few categories where readers or owners of websites and blogs will be able to nominate themselves. Readers and owners of websites and blogs will also be able to garner votes in the “voting” duration and create hype on the event. If you have a lot of followers and fans, you’re lucky.

The awards, is to appreciate owners and writers of websites and blogs for the hard work of bringing news or information to readers across the globe. This is a good way to encourage more people to write responsibly, as well as to bring information worldwide.

Thank you for nominating RunawayBella, and to everyone, good luck!