Lighting Your Way At Putrajaya

LAMPU Putrajaya 2015


It is an annual event that started in 2013, located in front of Putrajaya’s Palace Of Justice or Istana Kehakiman and the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque. LAMPU stands for Light And Motion Putrajaya, a festival that lights up the streets of Putrajaya’s Precint 3 colourfully.

This year’s festival brought more interesting and beautiful light and motion mapping on the Palace Of Justice, as well as other light installations displayed for the public. There were light art communities, 3R Light Structures showcased by university students, band performance in a tron-like way by the TUDM (Malaysian Air Force), interactive light games, wayang kulit, lighted cars and trishaws and many other lighting exhibitions all around Precint 3.

This festival, which has brought over 500,000 visitors in the past and earning a place in the Malaysia Book of Records is said to have achieved the same amazing number of visitors this year. The objective of the event was to promote advancement of LED and lighting industry, especially in Malaysia. With the use of LED, it is also to further emphasize on energy saving technology.

Although the weather was wet on the night of the launch, it did not deter visitors – adults and children alike, to come to Putrajaya for the launching of the LAMPU festival. With performances by TUDM Band in lighted up Tron-like suits, Putrajaya’s Palace Of Justice was mapped with various colours, patterns and accompanied by music for almost 20minutes.

PIIACUF Putrajaya 2015


PIIACUF, or better known as Putrajaya International Islamic Arts and Culture Festival was also first introduced in 2013. The exhibition, joined by exhibitionists from both local and international was located at the International Pavillion, next to Perbadanan Putrajaya.

Since it’s inception, PIIACUF is brought to us to showcase ideas, talents and expressions that corresponds with Islamic arts and culture. The objective was to project modern Islamic identity to public.

This year’s PIIACUF festival is themed as “Treasures of the Silk Road & Spice Road”. Historically, this will bring you back to how Malaya was associated with the Arabs through the silk and spice roads hundreds of years ago. In saying so, it is no wonder that the international participants of the PIIACUF festival are from Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Iran, Tunisia, China and Brunei.

The event, officiated by Minister of Federal Territory, YB Datuk Seri Utama Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor, was further livened up with fashion shows from some of the participants on the festival, namely Brunei, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and Malaysia. There are a few notable Malaysian fashion designers involved in the show, although there are slight misses here and there in some designs, in my humble opinion.

Not to forget other more interesting exhibitions with photographic displays of Mecca and Medina from many years ago during renovation as well as Islamic calligraphy displays and its history. There was the Mushaf Al-Quran and keris (Malay daggers) displays as well.

Perbadanan Putrajaya

Both LAMPU 2015 and PIIACUF 2015 were brought by Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj), held between 30th October – 1st November 2015. The weekend event was to bring visitors from all over the country and to put Putrajaya as a global tourist destination. Both events were a success, proven with the throng of visitors that came to Putrajaya and hopes that this event will continue as a yearly festival.