Why I Travel?

Why I Travel?

What travel means to me

Travel is like a drug to me. I’ve never tried recreational drugs but I assume the addiction is the same. When I first travel, I felt a different kind of exhilaration. Both mind and body experience. I tried it once and I find myself wanting more. It’s inevitable.

It’s like when Morpheus handed those two choices in front of Neo. Take the red pill or take the blue pill. Now that I’ve chosen to experience the truth – in this case, travel – I can never go back to where I once was. There’s always that something else that I want to see and explore.

It might be different for you than it is for me.

Why should we travel

Some people travel just to see things, to take photos as mementos or to brag to their friends when they get home. For me, I travel to feel things. Not just with my fingers, but with my mind. When you open your mind to possibilities, you’ll start to see all the special things other places has.

There are so many different cultures in this world, based on different religions and beliefs. That provided the diversity in architecture, languages, food, interests and many more. These are the things that I would like to see and learn.

The scents and flavors. The smiles and phrases. The hellos and goodbyes.

How can I travel

a)      Funds.

Just like owning every single thing in this world, you first need money. You have to work before you travel. It doesn’t matter if you work as a babysitter every weekend or work part time at the bookstore or mow lawns for that extra cash, flight tickets requires money – as well as other transportations and lodgings. So start working now.

b)      Sign up to newsletters

I sign up to newsletters like AirAsia, Expedia, LuxeNomad, Enrich, AirBnB and other online travel websites for latest travel offers. I look for ways to cut costs when I travel. I would rather use the extra cash for emergencies or for my next travel. I wouldn’t mind hunting for the cheaper flight tickets or cheaper flight and hotel packages so that I can use my extra funds to shop souvenirs for family and friends. All I need is a little patience.

c)       Study the calendar

I know some friends does this so that they can sync the dates with their holidays. Although I am more flexible with my time, I do this for the benefit of my travel buddy. On a plus, if you also study the calendar of the place you’re going to, it can help you plan your itinerary in detail. That festival you heard from your friend? It’s held for two weeks only, so make sure you’ve got the right dates!

d)      Pick the right travel buddy

I never travel solo. I have that tiny fear of something going wrong when I travel solo and nobody will if I get thrown into a pit somewhere. So, I opt to travel with a friend. Three people are OK but I don’t usually travel in big groups unless I have no other choice.

This is because, I am an introvert and I usually have my “downtime” where I needed to “recharge”. Travelling in big groups leaves me more exhausted at the end of the day in comparison to travelling in twos.

It’s best if you travel with someone who is similar to you when they travel. If you’re the flexible kind, find a flexible travel buddy. If you’re paired with the no nonsense, stiff kind, it will definitely kill your buzz, especially if you’re together for many days. The right pair of travel buddies is the safest bet.

e)      Plan

Plan the itinerary with your travel buddy. In my case however, I have a laid-back travel buddy and we only outline our itinerary and agree to what we should (read: might) do every day. Most of the time, we don’t really follow the exact itinerary; being more open to suggestions and sights, we might end up doing something different entirely – especially if the activities or scenes are more appealing than our itinerary.

It’s more fun when you’re flexible with your itinerary and schedule. I had more fun with my friend when we travel shotgun. Just make sure you’ve got the funds to do so though.

f)       Have fun

The key to an awesome travel is to enjoy yourself. Don’t put too many expectations on the places you’re going to. Everything will be different in comparison to what you read online. So, just have fun and enjoy the moment.

When to pack your bags and travel

I do it when I get my #itchyfeet syndrome. I feel the need to run away. Hence, #runawaybella comes into the picture.

It doesn’t matter where I go, who I’m with, what I’ll do, but when I get there, I just feel free. Like I said, travel is like a drug to me. I need to satisfy that craving.

I definitely love returning to places that I’ve enjoyed going to but at the same time, I also want to explore more so sometimes, I end up going to the same place but doing different things. There’s only so much you can see or do in 3 or 4 nights. Sometimes you need to come back for more.

Where to go

Anywhere your feet takes you.

You remember that lyric – “these boots are made for walking”? It’s the same for slippers, sandals, crocs and heels (wear at own risk when traveling far) too. Let the soles of your shoes show the miles you’ve walked (or cycled, or paddled, or stood in the subway, etc).

Currently, I only get to go places where my bank account allows me to. But, who knows, maybe I might be able to catch those Northern Lights sooner rather than later!