List Before You Pack

Photo credit to artist

I love traveling and I have many friends who does too. But for the years I have traveled and observed, I can say that there are two distinct type of travelers in this world, especially when we have to pack. Us travelers falls into two categories when it comes to packing our luggages or backpacks, which are:

  1. Planning thoroughly what to bring before travel
  2. Dumping everything and anything into the luggages or backpacks

I am the former.

Travel Packing List

I have always needed lists in my daily tasks. I needed to plan things out, mainly so that I wouldn’t waste my time and another reason is so that I don’t forget. I’ve got 99 things on my mind most of the time so, having to worry on missing something out (and actually do!) – especially when I travel – would certainly dampen my spirit.

Due to my slightly OCD-ish nature, I used to browse online and print a “pack list” before my travels so that I can plan out what I need to bring for my travels and tick them one by one when I’m done. I’m also a Virgo, so this is why I’m like this.

My list varies according to the nature of my travels. The things I bring could be for business or for pleasure. It could be for the city or for the beach. It could be for a relaxing trip or a trip packed with activities. No matter what the nature of my travels are, I’ve got a list of things that could cater to those trips.

Now, if you’re like myself and is looking for a travel packing list too, I’ve made one just for you (and me actually!). It looks like below:

Fret not, the photo above is of low resolution. I have uploaded the PDF file so you can download it for yourself too at this link – as long as you only use it for your personal use.

By the way, where are you heading to next?