Pangkor Island

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Pangkor Island is a resort island off the coast of Perak, Malaysia. It has a population of approximately 25,000 people. The major industry in Pangkor Island are tourism and fishing. In order to promote tourism and to support the local economy, tourists are not allowed to drive their own transport (car) in Pangkor Island. Tourists will have to park their cars at the main jetty before taking the ferry to Pangkor Island. In Pangkor Island, tourists will then have to hire the minivans or motorbikes as mode of transportation.

There are two jetties for the public to take to get to Pangkor Island. There’s the Lumut Jetty which is about 40 minutes ride to Pangkor Island. There’s also the new Marina Jetty that the public can take from the newly opened man-man Marina Island, which is about 15 minutes ride to Pangkor Island.

Pangkor Island’s famous beaches, resort and hotels is located in the West Coast. The popular beaches here are called Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah and Coral Beach. The East Coast is where the local residents are at. You can find local foods, fisheries activities and businesses here.

Things To See or Do in Pangkor Island

1. Boat Building

Boat Building Pangkor Island

Mr. Tan Ho An

Mr. Tan Ho An

Located at Sungai Pinang Kecil, about 3km from town, in the east coast of Pangkor Island, there is a boat building factory called Hoo Huat Boat Builder. This is a hand-made boat building company, a family business that has exists for more than 50 years already. The owner of this company, Mr. Tan Ho An learned the boat building business from his grandfather.

According to Mr. Tan Ho An, it takes about 4-5 months to build one boat. In one year, his 10 workers can builts about 4-5 boats. The boats built in his company ranges from small to big fishing boats. Some big boats can fetch up to RM700,000. Orders for fishing boats comes from local fishermen, even from other states.

The wood used for the boats are mostly Chengal wood and a mixture of other wood as well. Chengal wood is used because of it’s rot resistance, ability to be readily carved, the effective use as ribs to the boats and for planking. The boat making process starts from the keel, the body of the boat, the engine area, fuel tank, deck and bridge.

If you haven’t seen boat building up close before, this is your chance. Go up close to the boats and see how precise and clean their work are. And mind you, these are all done without using heavy machineries or robots!

Boat Building Pangkor Island Boat Building Pangkor Island Boat Building Pangkor Island Boat Building Pangkor Island

2. Dried Fish Factory

Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island

Located a few metres from Hoo Huat Boat Builder is the Hai Seng Hin Enterprise where the dried fish factory and shop is at.

It is said that workers of the factory slices about 1000kg of fishes daily before drying. The drying process is done at the factory itself, under the hot sun, in the open deck at the back of the factory. After the fishes are dried, they are brought to a de-bone machine to separate leftover bones on the dried fishes. Clean, de-boned dried fishes will then be dipped in the specially made gravy before they are roasted in the oven. After the process is done, they are weighed and packaged accordingly.

There are many types of dried fish and salted fish sold here. Most of the fishes used are Ikan Talang (Queenfish), Ikan Tenggiri (Mackerel), Ikan Gelama (Jewfish) and Ikan Cencaru (Scad Fish). The shop here also sells dried cuttlefish, prawn fillets, anchovies, satay fish and many more.

Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island

Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island Dried Fish Factory Pangkor Island

3. Nipah Deli Steamboat & Noodle House

Nipah Deli Pangkor Island

After a long day visiting factories and walking by the beach, a scrumptious dinner will end the night perfectly. Located in Teluk Nipah which is at the west coast of Pangkor Island, Nipah Deli is located right next to the beach, it is the perfect setting to come here with your loved ones, especially when the sun has set. Your children can play by the beach or, if it’s just the two of you, you could take a stroll after filling your tummy with the delicious food that Nipah Deli has to offer.

The seafood here are fresh. There are many types of food available, from Soup-based food, Steamboat, Barbeque, Seafood dumplings and many more. Many who have tried the food here vouched for it’s deliciousness and authenticity.


Hai Seng Hin Enterprise
200A, Sungai Pinang Kecil, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak.
Tel : +605 - 685 1111
Nipah Deli Steamboat & Noodle House
No 13, 14, 15 & 16, Gerai Penjaja Teluk Nipah, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak.
Tel : +60 11 - 2423 5323