Malaysia Departure Tax

Malaysia: Departure Levy To Be Imposed Starting 1 September 2019

Flying out of Malaysia soon? You should know this. Malaysia will start imposing departure levy (or tax) for travellers flying out of Malaysia starting 1st September 2019, except for some. News have travelled fast and many Malaysians are unhappy of Read more

Visit BigBang G-Dragon’s Cafe And More At YG Republique, Jeju Shinhwa World

I’ve got to admit, I am a fan of the Kpop group, BigBang. Although I’m more of T.O.P.’s fangirl, but how can I pass up the chance to hang out at G-Dragon’s cafe right? When I was at Jeju Shinhwa Read more

Reasons Malaysian Immigration Bans Malaysians From Travelling Overseas

I think we have heard or seen someone we know (or didn’t know) stopped at the immigration and being sent back. I have, in my years of traveling, witnessed friends who were barred from leaving Malaysia at the airport. It Read more