How To Experience Hawaii

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I am often quite envious of those that live on the island in luxury homes in Hawaii, but not to fear, you can experience some of this for yourself on your next holiday there. I wanted to talk about some of the reasons Hawaii has become a go to destination for me. Read on to find out how you should experience a slice of paradise in this wonderful place.

Take in the local cuisine

Hawaiian food is known for being absolutely delicious and it isn’t hard to see why due to the freshest fruit and vegetables that have been grown in the fertile volcanic soil, fresh fish caught directly from the ocean and also cattle raised locally on Hawaii Island. If you are looking for something to try, you should definitely try an Imu, which is an underground fire pit that is used to slow cook meat and vegetables. The best thing to eat is a mouthwatering kalua pig and the meat just melts in your mouth. Hawaii is also home to a number of contemporary and traditional restaurants that you must try too. The Japanese, American, Filipino and native Hawaiian influences can be seen in the cuisine through the islands and there really is something for everyone here.

Drink coffee in Kona

Hawaii is home to hundreds of coffee farms in Kona, so don’t go looking for your regular coffee chain. There really is nothing better than island grown coffee, which has been grown, harvested and roasted on the island. The high elevation of the area and the rich volcanic soil make for some amazing coffee. If you are in Hawaii during early November or in May you can experience the Kona Coffee Fest and the Kau Coffee Festival respectively. Don’t forget to bring some of this black gold home with you!

USS Arizona Memorial

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Hawaii is not just a place of great weather, beaches and nature. It also played an important part in the Second World War and that can be seen in many of the significant sites across the islands. The USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the Pearl Harbour attack and those that lost their lives in service. This is a stunning floating memorial that is built over the sunken USS Arizona and can be reached by boat. It is a powerful reminder of the war and the part that Hawaii played. You can even look at cutaway sections inside the shrine that show the skeleton of the former warship from above.

Three Bears Falls

This picturesque place is simply stunning with a triple cascade that flows down a steep rockface, it is definitely important to have a camera when visiting. The power of the waterfall is very apparent after rain where the three waterfalls have so much water that the flow combines all into one. There is also a great bathing pool that you can enjoy next to the falls, but be careful of the slippery rocks. This is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy a relaxing swim.

Big Beach

This is absolutely the highlight of Makena State Park and this is to many people the finest beach on Maui. The Hawaiians call this beach Oneloa, which literally translates to “long sand” and when you see it you will know exactly what this means. Indeed the sands wrap the coastline for about a mile. The waters are ideal, with the turquoise colour that you only see in pictures. This place is ideal for swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing. This is an absolute must when you visit Maui.

Waimea Canyon State Park

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Located on Kaua’i, this is one of the parks that you must visit when in Hawaii. The Waimea Canyon is a huge canyon that is formed from volcanic rock and is a huge 10 miles long and 3500 feet deep! If you have ever been to the Grand Canyon you will know the familiar sight of the reddish brown earth, but what I love about Waimea Canyon is definitely the fact that you see this colour as well as some lush greenery that grows in the canyon. It is definitely one of the most unique canyons that I have ever seen in my life. This area is absolutely perfect for hiking with its rolling terrain and beautiful green landscape.

Paʻiloa Beach

This is a small but stunning beach on Maui, if you have never seen a black sand beach before you are definitely in for a treat. I remember my first time seeing such a beach and it truly is a special experience. The amazing contrast between the surrounding cliffs, surrounding greenery, the black sands and deep turquoise waters is simply amazing and makes for an unforgettable beach experience. This is definitely a beach that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the planet.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

This is one of the places to visit when in the on the Big Island and there are actually two active volcanoes here (Kīlauea and Mauna Loa). The Crater Rim Drive is the ideal opportunity to view the steam vents in the surrounding area and the Jaggar Museum is a great way to experience panoramic views of the volcanoes and the stunning impact that they have on the landscape. You can also learn more about the volcanoes at the museum, which is very fascinating in itself. Apart from this you absolutely should visit the Thurston Lava Tube (Nāhuku), which you can actually walk through.

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