All Nippon Airways (ANA) New Business Class In-Flight Menu

ANA Business Class In-flight meal

It was a cloudy day yesterday when I arrived at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for All Nippon Airways’ (ANA) “Business Class and In-Flight Menu Tasting Experience” but the rain that followed shortly after my arrival did not dampen my mood or make me any less excited for the experience.

I have never flown via ANA before but I have heard many good reviews on it – ANA being Japan’s largest 5-star airline for six consecutive years from SKYTRAX. Also not forgetting to mention that ANA has also been recongnized by Air Transport World three times in the past 10 years – in 2007, 2013 and 2018 as “Airline of the Year”.

Because of this, I was looking forward to see the type of mouth-watering menus that ANA would bring its business class customers.

Launch of ANA New Business Class In-Flight Menu With Zipangu

Have you been to Zipangu in Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur before?

Zipangu restaurant exudes calm and serenity in its warm woody feel, water flowing over stone and glass, and in the bamboo garden that surrounds it. The Tokyo-style brasserie stands out for its spacious open kitchen featuring sushi, teppanyaki and tempura counters. Diners can also sit at these counters and watch chefs at work as well as interact with them.

Reading the description of Zipangu restaurant above surely sounds like an absolute gorgeous place, isn’t it? I have never been to Zipangu or tried the food before which was one of the reasons I was looking forward to trying out the new Business Class in-flight menu by ANA.

The chef who was in charge of planning, curating and deliver the in-flight menu is none other than Chef Nao Takeshita – a renowned chef of over 25 years of culinary experience. Chef Nao Takeshita has had expeience working with Nadaman restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka for 20 years.

No doubt due to his extensive experience and skills, Chef Nao Takeshita managed to create the perfect Business Class in-flight menu for ANA in just 3 months.

Not forgetting to mention the VIPs who graced the event yesterday and how they encourage the medias to try out the Business Class seats available to their heart’s content and also to enjoy tasting the new in-flight menu.

Mr. Isao Tsuji, General Manager of ANA Malaysia
Left: Mr. Gonçalo Duarte Silva, General Manager of Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur;
Second Left: Chef Nao Takeshita, Zipangu Head Chef of Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur;
Right: Mr. Isao Tsuji, General Manager of ANA Malaysia
All Nippon Airways (ANA) : “Inspiration of Japan”

So what are the delicious menu that ANA’s Business Class flyers can expect?

Menu for Business Class travelers flying between June – August 2019

Menu for Business Class travelers flying from September – November 2019

Imagine having ANA’s pretty stewardesses serve you all this at your Business Class seat as you’re enjoying the movies on your screen?

Along with tasting the new in-flight menu for ANA’s Business Class flyers, medias were also able to get a VR experience of ANA Business Class as well as try out the business class seats for themselves.

I think after sitting and lying down in the “dummy” Business Class seats at ANA’s event in Shangri-La yesterday, I’m praying that soon I can be in the real ANA Business Class seats flying over Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo soon. *fingers crossed*

The event will be in Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur for four (4) days so if you’re interested to try ANA’s Business Class New In-flight Meal yourself or check out the VR experience or even lounge on the business class seats, do e-mail before going there (you will be given a confirmation email and time slot).

There’s also a competition on-going between ANA, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur and Zipangu. All you have to do is:

  • Snap a photo of any of the event moment or food at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s ANA Business Class In-Flight Menu Tasting Event
  • Share your photo on Facebook and hashtag #ANAxSLKLxZipangu
  • Make sure your social media profile is public
  • Post the photos by 11th March 2019, 11.59pm
  • Wait for the winner announcement

Winners would walk away with:

  • Grand Prize: One Business Class return ticket to Tokyo, Japan
  • Second Prize: One Night Executive Room Weekend Stay with Horizon Club access for Two
  • Third Prize: One Night Weekend Stay with Breakfast for Two

Winners will be announced on 10th April 2019 on ANAxSLKLxZipangu website and ANA Facebook so check out if you’re the winner soon!

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16 thoughts on “All Nippon Airways (ANA) New Business Class In-Flight Menu

  1. Wow great moment and experience try all of this kind of foods and place. Nee high class of ANA have been launch. The menu also attractive with the chef that have a great experience whih is 25years old experience in culinary. No wonder they can serve the best for passanger.good job ANA!

  2. Wowww…bestnya dapat merasa pengalaman dok kat Business Class Ana Air. Tengok makanan dia pun menyelerakan, sure penumpang happy dpt makan makanan sedap. Bila lah sis dapat dok kat busines class Ana Air ni..kot2 ada yg nk sponser best gak..hehehe

  3. luas dan selesa seat airlines ANA ni. siap boleh baring sambil tengok movie.. lagi-lagi kalu flight lebih dari 5 jam tu. menu makanan nampak sedap, baru seronok nak travel naik flight ANA

  4. Bestnya dapat rasai pengalaman sendiri try duduk di Business Class Ana Air ni. Mewah tu memang nampak mewah. Makanan yang diberikan pun nampak sedap, menyelerakan sungguh..

  5. Wahhh menariknya, Syok dapat try business class tu walaupun dummy. Boleh buat feel semangat nak kumpul duit nak fly business class betul2 tu hehe

  6. Nampak esklusif dan selesa dengan ANA. Especially kalau kita nak berjalan jauh destinasi yang berjam lamanya, pilihan penerbangan ini adalah yg terbaik

  7. Wow ! 6 consecutive years tu, that is pretty amazing achievment ! Congratulations ANA. No wonder a lot of people gives so many good reviews about them. Definitely going to book their airlines to go to Japan or any destinations they offer

  8. Wah best yer dapat pergi event food tasting ni. Siap ada contest dengan hadiah yang menarik lagi. Semoga murah rezeki menang nanti. Terbaik la air line ANA ni, banyak betul dapat award. Teringin juga nak fly dengan ANA satu hari nanti. Aminnnn

  9. Woww.. Nampak macam high class je hehehe.. Best la dpt merasa business class ANA.. Dia punya layanan pun bagus.. Makanan dia not bad… Nampak sedap.. Wah bestnya siap dapt tidur mcm tu lagi.. Terbaoklaa

  10. I flied ANA before. it was a nice experience. The business class look so comfortable. I wish to fly it next time hehe

  11. Alaaaa… I missed out the chance to try the Business Class experience. All the food looks classy and tasty too. I am keeping my fingers crossed too for another chance to visit Japan, in Winter. Haha

  12. Part laying down dekat seat tu alahai..nampak comfy giler je.. hahaha.. selalu kalau terbang mesti tidur sandang ke dinding.. sampai lenguh2.. tapi kalau dapat baring macam ni selesanya alahai.. hahaha

  13. Memang best la kan their business class. Not only the food is good and healthy but their service also tip top.

  14. Sedap nampak menu dia tu. Qiss kalau dalam flight memang cepat lapar. Kalau Qiss guna perkhidmatan ANA ni boleh merasa menu dia. Tapi best lah tengok seat tu. Selesa sangat.

  15. Bestnya dapat rasa pengalaman camni. If dapat peluang camni bersyukur sangat2 dah la makanan sedap sangat!

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