Experience DuitNow QR’s ‘Rakan Cashless’ At Jom Heboh Carnival, Putrajaya

Have you been on a hot air balloon before? I have recently experienced being on a hot air balloon ride overlooking Putrajaya’s beautiful lake scenery at Anjung Floria, Putrajaya on Saturday, 25th June 2022.

Since Covid-19 hits Malaysia back in early 2020, we have been unable to experience many events in Malaysia. I have to admit that I miss the carnivals that I usually take for granted these many years. So when I was able to go to the Job Heboh Carnival in Putrajaya, one of the booths I visited was the DuitNow QR booth where I could use the DuitNow QR to get on the tethered hot air balloon ride.

How? Well, with just a nominal fee of RM1 which I paid via the DuitNow QR at the location, I could ride the tethered hot air balloon any time between 8 am-11 am or 6 pm-9 pm. The rides are available on both 25th June and 26th June for any and all carnival visitors who pay RM1 via the DuitNow QR! Isn’t that cool? Psst, I have to advise you though, do come early because the queue would be long and can only accommodate a specific number of rides during that period. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to ride a tethered hot air balloon overlooking the pretty Putrajaya scenery!

QR codes have been a part of the Malaysian lifestyle of late, especially when “contactless pay” and mostly anything “contactless” is preferred since the pandemic. This lifestyle has been adopted well by many Malaysians and even though we are in the endemic period, we still prefer contactless pay like QR codes. DuitNow QR helps fuel the permeation of e-payments in every layer of society, especially the B40 segments. Furthermore, with e-commerce and omnichannel retail becoming more of a favourite choice for consumers, DuitNow QR plans to be one of the leaders in this lifestyle choice.

At the PayNet DuitNow QR setup, visitors will also be able to experience other activities like bubble balloons, face painting, taking photos at an Intagrammable corner and more. Soon, PayNet DuitNow QR will also be bringing the tethered hot air balloon and other fun activities to other states in Malaysia!

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