Bored? Many Activities to Indulge In at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut

Activities to do at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut
Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Lobby Area

See, even though my husband and I decided to go to Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments for a retreat, it doesn’t mean all that we should be doing is sleep and massage each other (*cough*). I would be bored to death if I had to see his face 24 hours and not doing anything. And even though I brought some of my work along with me, it’s not the same as doing an activity or two. 


Lucky me, there were many activities in store for me at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments. Some of the facilities are only a walking distance near the lobby of Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments, some others are at Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut.

Activities at Swiss Court Holiday Apartments

There were many activities available for guests of Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments. Even though SGI Vacation Club only caters accommodation for club members, those members can still enjoy all the facilities available at the property. 

Activities to do at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut
Unicorn! Aumm

My husband and I tried out some of the recreational activities at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments on the second day. We definitely loved the swimming pool (no doubt that this was the main thing we aimed for when we arrived), sauna, reflexology path, indoor games and karaoke.

I have not gone karaoke-ing for a few months now (why does it feel like time is flying past so quickly?) and when I was told there was a karaoke room at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments for guests, my eyes lit up (and my husband knew we had to do that one night!). Things just got better as I sang to Christina Aguilera and Bruno Mars.

As I said before here, I loved how big the Sauna room was. It was spacious enough that I think it could fit more than 10 people. Although nobody was there, lights and the sauna was already turned on after my swimming session on my second day at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments. I liked sitting in the room and sweating some of my excess fat off (ugh, I put on 5 kilos recently!) but since I was all alone in the huge sauna room, I got a little scared and didn’t stay long. Those who came here with family members would definitely enjoy the sauna-and-gossiping session.

Both male and female toilets have a sauna room, a changing room and toilet cubicles.

We also spent house playing table tennis, foosball, darts and monopoly (which I kept on losing every time!).

Activities to do at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut
Tennis anyone?
Or maybe futsal?
Activities to do at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut
Or my personal favourite: Basketball!

Activities at Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut

One of the most enjoyable things my husband and I did at Swiss-Garden Beach Resort was to watch the sun setting at the horizon. From Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut, the sun sets at the seaside. Watching sunsets is actually one type of activity available for guests too, actually.

Activities to do at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut
Gorgeous sunset, right?
Activities to do at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut
Nice place to be romantic. Hehe…
Gorgeous Sunset – and what a breeze!

We sat at the chairs available near the cafe in front of Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut’s lobby and just looked out to the sea and the sky and waited for the sun to set. If you’re planning to take a video, make sure to bring a tripod and secure your phone or camera to your tripod. It can be very windy in the evening and our phones almost flew away when we tried to take a hyper-lapse video of the sunset.

Another thing guests from Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments can request access to at Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut is the newly renovated and improved pool and mini-water theme park. If you have children, they can also access the Kids Clubs at Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut. It was fun at the mini-water theme park and funny watching adults behaving like kids when they got splashed with water by Spongebob’s enormous pail.

Ok, I need a splash right now!
Activities to do at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut

Other Activities Available Within Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut

Other notable activities available would definitely be Golfing, Jungle Trekking and Fun Fishing.

Although Damai Laut Golf & Country Club is very nearby, it is not free of charge for guests. If you would like to just do something new on your holiday or is finding an activity to kill time off, then you should try golfing at Damai Laut Golf & Country Club.

I’m not much of a trekker but my husband was open for Jungle Trekking any time. Firstly, if you’re interested in trekking, you should wear proper attire (especially trekking shoes). Jungle Trekking is only available from 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm. You must notify the front desk much earlier if you’re interested to go Jungle Trekking. There’s an RM15 fee per person for this activity.

Activities to do at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut

If you’re an angler, the Fun Fishing would be a great activity for you. Fishing hours are from 8am to 10pm. If you’re one who likes to fish in the day (and get sunburnt) then Day Fun Fishing is the one for you but if you’re one who hates sunburn (like me), Night Fun Fishing is best. Luckily though, you will not be going fishing alone. There will be a guide to bring you to the jetty. You only have to pay RM15 for this activity!

Are There Activities Available Outside Damai Laut?

How about a ferry ride to Pangkor Island? Or just sightseeing in the relaxing area of Lumut?

I haven’t been in Lumut for quite a while now. I still remember when I would follow my Dad to Lumut often back when I was a young kid – sometimes along with my Mom to get dinner in this area, other times when Mom and I would see him off to his ship before he sails away for a couple of months.

The Lumut now is 100% different than the Lumut I knew back then. I loved that Lumut is so clean, you sometimes think you’re in another country (not judging or anything but I hoped other districts or states could learn a thing or two from Lumut about Cleanliness). 

Apart from the calm and quiet of Lumut, you can also visit Teluk Batik, a beach nearby Lumut. Or, if you’re up for it, catch a ferry to Pangkor Island. There are quite a few things that you can do in Pangkor Island.

Coming to Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments will not be boring for you at all. So what are you waiting for? Book your next holiday to Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments. Support local tourism and Visit Malaysia 2020.

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