NamaStay: Affordable, Safe and Perfect Hostel to Stay in Ubud, Bali

Accommodation in Ubud Bali

It was the first time my husband and I ever step foot in Bali and we had no idea where to stay. We researched some places we wished to visit and explore but had no idea on accommodation until a friend suggested NamaStay hostel in Ubud, Bali.

After checking the hostel location in Google Maps and some of the places we plan to visit near Ubud, we thought it would be a great idea to stay at NamaStay in Ubud, Bali for two nights before transferring to Kuta for our next remaining two nights in Bali.

Stay @ NamaStay – Where The Monkey God Stays

So, do you think the Monkey God would stay here? During our 1 hour and 30 minutes journey from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar to NamaStay in Ubud, I was wondering if NamaStay is really that good that even the “Monkey God” stayed here.

Psst, the “Monkey God” reference is actually about the Ubud Monkey Forest and the 14-minute walk there from NamaStay.

I have stayed in some hostels when I travelled in the past and most of the time the hostel rooms are somewhat adequate, even when I go for a private single room or private room for two. I wasn’t expecting much when my husband and I booked to stay at NamaStay and boy, was I surprised when we arrived.

Location & Architecture

Accommodation in Ubud Bali
Time to check in!

NamaStay hostel is located only a short walk from the main road, Jl. Raya Pengosekan Ubud. Our driver wasn’t very familiar with the road and missed the left turn to the hostel. That missed turn however led us see the many establishments nearby which includes a 24-hour mart and pharmacy.

Upon arriving in front of NamaStay hostel, the ambience was quiet and peaceful – even though it was located in between neighbouring buildings (as were most of the buildings in Bali) and nearby the main road.

The façade of the hostel was simple, a mix of modern and environment-friendly. The waiting area and dining area are next to the reception counter and a few colourful hammocks can be found at the side.

Accommodation in Ubud Bali

Accommodation in Ubud Bali
I’ve never felt this comfortable in a pretty and quiet hostel for quite a while

NamaStay Hostel Ubud is 2.6 km from the Elephant Cave. It is located around 2.7 km from Ubud Market, 2.7 km from Ubud Palace and 2.7 km from Saraswati Temple. You can even visit the Blanco Renaissance Museum which is only 3.5 km from the hostel. There’s Neka Art Museum about 5 km away and the Arma Museum that is only a 3-minute walk away.

Not bad at all, right?

Rooms & Amenities

My husband and I stayed in NamaStay’s Superior Room which has 24-hour free wi-fi (every room has free wi-fi), a Queen-sized bed, TV, shower facilities, toilet facilities, an open sink and a small garden with chair outside.

The small garden outside had no roof, just like the toilet next to it. I didn’t feel very comfortable doing my “business” without a roof outside – not that I fear of people spying, but more of lizards falling on my head or worse, on my thigh, and there were a few out there!

I was incredibly impressed by the room because in comparison to some of my bad experiences with hostels before, NamaStay hostel is at another level indeed. The Superior Room was clean, comfortable and spacious enough for the both of us.

There are other type of rooms available at NamaStay hostel including:

  1. 6-bed mixed dormitary room
  2. 4-bed female dormitary room
  3. Superior double room
  4. Mixed dormitory room with bicycle

Oh, and they have NETFLIX in the room for FREE!

Other Facilities

Hostels have limited space and this is understandable, taking into consideration the price tags of the rooms and the facilities available. Yet again I was impressed by NamaStay Hostel and not because it has Olympic-sized pool or state-of-the-art gym but because they use up their spaces really well.

It would be a shame if you did not explore the hostel because:

  1. At the back end of the hostel is an area where you can relax, unwind, have a cup of refreshing cool drink with a book to read while soaking up the sun.
  2. You can climb the rooftop (sun deck) and hang out with your friends on the colorful beanbags while inhaling fresh air and chat.
  3. There are also some tents on the rooftop for the more “outdoorsy” NamaStay guests.

Accommodation in Ubud Bali
Join me out here at the back, anyone?
Accommodation in Ubud Bali
Be careful going up to the roof and sun deck!

Accommodation in Ubud Bali

Accommodation in Ubud Bali
Tents up on the roof. How cool is that?

It is quite impressive how NamaStay used up the space available in and around the building without “suffocating” it.

As most hostels worldwide, they have a shared kitchen with enough utensils, plates and cups for the use of all guests.

One more thing, there are no water in our rooms but there’s a filtered water prepared outside the room near the reception. In each our rooms we are given water bottles (courtesy of NamaStay) to use  throughout our stay. Guests are adviced to fill up the bottle before going in or out of our rooms. We can also bring the bottles as we sightsee or tour around Bali. Very thoughtful, right?

Accommodation in Ubud Bali

Accommodation in Ubud Bali
Bottles to refill, anyone?

Other than that, if you’re interested in cycling, NamaStay also offers bicycle rentals for guests who did not book room with bicycle. You can inform reception a day before for booking.

Services by Staffs

Since we arrived quite late, there was only one staff manning the reception when we arrived. We spoke in Bahasa – I used a mixture of Indonesian and Malaysian language but every staff in NamaStay are fluent in English and Indonesian language so don’t be disheartened if you cannot speak Indonesian.

Again, NamaStay is a hostel and the services given are more “personal”, which suits both my husband and me perfectly.

Accommodation in Ubud Bali
Is that your room name?
Accommodation in Ubud Bali
Breakfast of champions!

We enjoyed the breakfast prepared – although we hoped they did not prepare it too early, especially since I’ve informed that we would only come out for breakfast by 8am – which by then the breakfast was already cold.

I did accidentally left my drone’s charger after checking out from the hostel. I contacted the hostel and informed them of this problem and inquired if they could send it to me in Malaysia (I shall bear all postage costs). At first I received a postitive response and they informed that they will send it back to me. However upon follow-up, I didn’t get any replies and that was a little sad. Goodbye my new drone charger. *sobs*


Service ♥♥♥
Cleanliness ♥♥♥♥
Price ♥♥♥♥
Location ♥♥♥♥
Overall Value ♥♥♥♥

I think many tourists and travellers are too concentrated in Kuta when they come to Bali. However, after being in Bali for 4 nights, I prefer the less-crowded sights of Ubud in comparison to Kuta. If you ever decide to come to Bali, try staying out of Kuta and enjoy yourself in Ubud’s calmer and scenic surroundings instead. I highly recommend NamaStay as an affordable accommodation choice and location in Bali.


NamaStay Hostel
Jl. Premasanti No.14, MAS, Kec. Ubud,
Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 9080842
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  1. Nama unik betul, tempat pun unik. Bestnya ada banyak ruangan santai..pemandangan pun cantik.

  2. Wow the room looks really nice and comfy. I think I would feel a bit uncomfortable too using the toilet without a roof hehe. But ok laa can consider this place if I go to holiday in Bali.

  3. Cantiknya! Look so cozy with a great ambient. Nanti kalau travel sini nak try la NamaStay ni

  4. Bestnya dapat tengok permandangan di negara orang. Nampak macam menarik tempatnya. Biliknya macam unik. Ada ruangan untuk bersantai lagi.
    Siap boleh naik atas rehat rehat.
    Menarik la..

  5. Wah. A great recommendation and I shall take heed of these tips during my next potential trip to Bali.
    And yes, I will also feel uncomfortable doing my business with no roof on my head.
    I hate that thought!

  6. Whoooaaaa, uniknya nama hostel ni. Namastay. Pronounce macam hindi NAMASTE. Ermmm kalau pergi Bali boleh try stay di Namastay ni. Bilik nampak besar, luas dan kemas. Bila bercuti kita nak tenangkan fikiran, so memang baguslah kalau pilih Namastay sebagai tempat untuk kita stay.

  7. nampak selesa dan tenang betul yer homestay nie. suka dengan interior design dia, pemilihan warna dan pilihan perabot berkonsepkan ala2 hipster tp xsarat. siap ada tempat beristirehat di bumbung lagi. mesti cantik kalau waktu malam.

  8. Nice giler nampak namastay ni. Best stay tempat macam ni kalau travel. Sometimes, kita akan rasa more comfortable and ada more privacy bila menginap di tempat macam ni. Tempat lepak santai tu nampak memang best. Boleh la consider stay sini kalau nak pi Ubud, Bali nanti

  9. Looks interesting. If i go bali again, i can check out this place. How much per night?

  10. Wow Bali , nice stay , nampak selesa dan agak luas .. roof tu cool gila

  11. cantik tempat diaa..lain daripada yang lain..nampak selesa ni..haishh bila la dapat pergi ni..dekat roof pun ade tent..

  12. Mmg menarik design, color n look amazing.. Rasa cam thril nak terjah satu2.. One day, AM akan sampai juga d sini.. Nak masukkan dlm wish list lokasi AM..

  13. Cantik betul pemandangan kat sini. Suka tengok tempat untuk relax-relax tu. Warna-warni betul. Bolehla consider Namastay ni untuk semalam dua kalau ke Ubud nanti. Khemah Tu menarik dan lain daripada Yang lain

  14. Wahh unik betul tempat dia ya. Sis dah beberapa kali ke Bali, tak tahu pun ada tempat cantik cam ni. rooftop tu nampak unik siap ada khemah lagi..anak sis kalau ke sini sure suka ni. Bolehlah masukkan dalam wishlist nanti, mana tahu kot2 nak ke sana lagi

  15. Ya Allah Bella! Dah kenapa cantik benau hostel dia ni ! Lokasi hostel pun strategik dengan Elephant Cave and another place. Siap boleh landing dekat bahagian atas bumbung hostel layan matahari. Cantik! Tak pernah sampai lagi ni ke bali.

  16. Cantik sgt tempat dia, susah jgk Kan klu xda air xpa ianya satu pengalaman di tempat org

  17. Rekaa dalaman dia memang betul betul memnarik lah. Kreatif betul org2 bali ni ye. Kalau tak kreatif, manakan wujud konsep deko “bertemakan bali” ye tak.

  18. Thanks for sharing this, i plan to go bali again soon. Now in the midst of finding where to stay and take photos.

  19. Thanks for sharing. We are planning to visit Bali in early next year.

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