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So… I was browsing online trying to look for hotels that are available in Shah Alam, Selangor when I came upon this website called Bagasi. I know bagasi means baggage in Bahasa Malaysia but I was wondering what can I find in this particular online “baggage”?

As I browsed through the page, one particular article about 23 hotels i can find in Shah Alam caught my eye. What a boon, since I was in fact looking for the names of hotels available in that city. Even though Shah Alam is in the same state I’m from, it is quite distance from the city I live in right now so I seldom went there.

Easily Accessed Website With Appropriate Details

You see, I was browsing the “23 Hotel Di Shah Alam” article at and I find all the details shared in the article are well written and well compiled. I liked the simple, clean and direct-to-the-point type of writing. It was very easy for me to look for the hotels that are to my preference in that article.

At the end of each hotel name are their rate for a night and their address. This certainly helped me a lot to pinpoint on Google Map to a location easily accessible to me (if I were to stay there). Also, the price comparison would help all travelers alike.

I also liked that there was a booking link directly under each hotel name. I’m sure this is to make it easier for readers who found the article to book the hotels directly from the article. And the part that I liked most is that the article is readily available in PDF format. If readers would prefer to download it for future reference, instead of going online and returning to the website, you can click on the download link and the download process takes only a few seconds to complete.

However, the article is written in Bahasa Malaysia so if you don’t understand Bahasa Malaysia, it could be quite a hassle. Fret not though, there’s always Google Translate. The language used are very simple so I’m sure it would be easily translated for you.

If you’re like me and are looking for hotels in Shah Alam, Selangor or even other hotels across Malaysia, do visit soon. Apart from articles on hotels, they also have some articles on destinations and homestay in Malaysia.

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