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VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi

Traveling has always been enjoyable for me. I have always enjoyed the planning, the budgeting, the purchasing but I’ve never enjoyed the packing. Since it is my least favourite thing to do, I always procrastinate and end up packing at the last hours before departure. More often than not, I pack a little extra than what I should and always end up with a full luggage.

Then recently, I prefer bringing my cabin-sized luggage as hand carry than check-in. Reson being, I hate having to wait at the baggage carousel for my luggage and I also felt much safer knowing that my luggage is in the overhead compartment of the airplane (or any other transportation) and nearby me.

Another thing I need most when traveling is an internet connection. Local Wifi can only work so much but if I’m looking for a specific place when I’m on-the-go or if I need to Google Translate something as I travel, a good and reliable data connection is very important. Oh, not to forget, CHEAP too.

My most recent must-have travel companions would be the cute VAGO Baggage Compressor and Travel Recommends Portable Wifi.

VAGO Baggage Compressor – Gives My Luggage that Extra Space

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi
One purple VAGO for me!
VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi
One VAGO device and One M-size vacuum bag

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi

So when I was recently introduced to the product VAGO, a cute portable vacuum that packs a punch, I thought this was exactly what I needed. I have had vacuum bags for my clothes before but they’re all mostly bulky and some couldn’t even vacuum out all the air in the bag.

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi

Before I tried VAGO, I was a little skeptical of the small vacuum compressor device. I wondered if it is powerful enough to vacuum out air from bags that are filled with jeans, winter jacket or wool. So, I tried it out for my ski trip and I immediately fell in love with this device!

Firstly, I love the small compressor device that can even fit in the side pocket of my backpack. This device has a tiny hole at it’s side that is to be connected to the VAGO vacuum bag before plug-in.

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi
Turn the device on the bag port but be careful not to turn roughly or too hard.

TIP: Do not force the device too hard to the connected bag or risk breaking the pin in the device. As long as it fits, it’s good.

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi

Secondly, I love that I only need to connect the USB charger to a powerbank (in case I do not have an adapter with me) to start the device. It took me about 10+ minutes to get one medium-sized VAGO vacuum bag filled to the brim with jeans, winter jacket, wool sweater and some other items of clothing for it to be completely vacuumed.

Thirdly, you know sometimes when you’re about to fly home and you have those clothes you used that are wet or not-yet-dry but you already have to pack them? When we first went to Phuket for our “beachside getaway”, I “VAGO-ed” it with my husband’s and my used swimming attire (it was slightly wet even though we air-dried it overnight) and it worked wonderfully! No wet or smelly luggage with VAGO!

Watch the video below and see for yourself how very easy it was to use VAGO Baggage Compressor.

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi
Look at this small and cute device!

VAGO baggage compressor

The best part is that the price is also affordable, considering that this item can be used again and again for many years (provided that you take good care of it, of course). The VAGO Baggage Compressor can be found at AEON, Isetan and Parkson and sold at RM259 (VAGO device and 1 M-sized bag).

VAGO Baggage Compressor comes in four colours (White, Black, Purple, Pink) and three bag sizes (Small, Medium, Large). Prices of VAGO Baggage Compressor may vary according to different bag sizes.

Traveling with Pocket Wifi – Travel Recommends

VAGO Baggage Compressor + Portable Travel Wifi

Many years ago when I started traveling and there was no such thing as Portable Wifi, it was a hassle to get data connection. I didn’t want to use my telco’s roaming because the bill would soar through the roof so the next best thing was to purchase a local sim card to get a local internet connection.

Purchasing local sim card for the internet connection is not a case of “1,2,3 and A,B,C” though. There are a number of telcos to consider and the prices differ, not to mention the many packages that are available per telco.

It would take a while to look for the best priced and best package sim card for internet connection at the telco counter whereas all I ever want to do when I arrive at a new country is check-in, freshen up, and start exploring!

So this is when Travel Recommends comes into the picture. Reliable connection, pocket-sized and best of all, CHEAP rental per day (depending on your location).

Portable Wifi Travel Recommends
Chilling by the pool in my hotel, Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay, before heading out to Kata Beach with my reliable Travel Recommends portable wifi


Portable Wifi Travel Recommends
Waiting for our flight and didn’t want to use the airport wifi (shared wifi can be dangerous), so le hubs also used Travel Recommends – he heartily “recommends” it!

When I went to Thailand with my husband early this year, we used Travel Recommends the whole trip and it only costs us RM12 per day. Last year when we went to Singapore for our 3-days trip, we also used Travel Recommends. Using Travel Recommends in Singapore costs us RM25 per day.

If I were to use my roaming data, it would cost me RM38 per day (not inclusive of additional tax or other costs).

The only thing about Travel Recommends though is the pick-up points are quite limited, which are at:

  • KLIA,
  • KLIA2,
  • Penang @ Suntech,
  • Johor Bahru @ Southkey
  • Sabah @ Damai Plaza.

I usually leave the country via KLIA or KLIA2 so pick-up is super convenient but if you’re not going to any of these locations, you can also opt for Courier Delivery when you “rent” the portable wifi through the Travel Recommends website. Courier delivery is available nationwide and delivery charges will apply.

Why don’t you check their website and see if there are packages that might suit you for your next trip too?

What about your must-have travel companions? Is it similar to mine?

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