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Swedish backpack

My traveling style is usually simple and minimal. Whenever I travel, I like to wear things that does not require too much time to prepare – something I could just reach out and put on in a few seconds. This includes my shoes, my clothes, my accessories and my backpack.

When I was first approached by Gaston Luga to review one of Gaston Luga backpack, I thought, “why not?”. Even though there are a few backpacks that I regularly use (along with my cabin-sized trolley bag), I wouldn’t mind having a new backpack, something slightly bigger than my current one – something that can fit my MacBook and DSLR at the same time.

Hence that was how I received my first ever Swedish backpack: Gaston Luga Pråper range in Forest Green & Black colour.

Size of Gaston Luga Backpack


I chose the Pråper backpack because of it’s design and colour. When I saw that the backpack had metal hooks instead of the very common magnetic strap closure, I was sold. I am also a fan of green (as most of my friends know) and I just had to add another green backpack into my collection!

Gaston Luga backpack comes in many designs, colours and sizes for both men and women. The Pråper backpack is probably the biggest, with dimensions of 30cm x 42cm x 15cm and 18 litre in size. It has a laptop compartment that can fit a laptop sized 13″-15″. It also has two smaller inner pockets that is just great for me to store my smaller belongings.

I’ve always had issues with fitting both my MacBook and my DSLR into one backpack – as well as having my wallet, passport, earphone and small makeup pouch in the same bag. However, with Gaston Luga backpack, my issues are now gone.

Material, Comfort and Accessibility of Gaston Luga Backpack

Gaston Luga Pråper Backpack

Material : Pråper backpack is made of thick and strong cotton (forest green) and vegan leather (black). The first day I used the backpack, it was raining and I had to walk in the rain for a few minutes before finally finding shelter. I was fretting a little, imagining the water would seep in to my backpack and ruin my Mac. To my surprise, I was so happy to learn that the vegan leather was water resistant and the canvas very durable.

Pråper’s inner lining is made of soft and luxurious 100% cotton fabric which is why I didn’t worry putting my DSLR and Mac inside, knowing that the bag cushions them well. Not to mention that under the backpack are four metallic feet to give the backpack extra protection as well as that “expensive” look.

Comfort : Although my Swedish backpack was quite large, I feel that it was really comfortable on my back, even though I carried many heavy gadgets in it. After adjusting the shoulder straps, the Pråper backpack fits my whole back perfectly. I think it is important to adjust the shoulder straps according to your height because when I adjusted it higher to fit my whole back, the bag felt lighter than before.

Swedish backpack
Comfortable and Stylish

Accessibility : Last time I used a backpack with drawstring closure, I was still in high school. I thought the drawstring closure was quite nostalgic but at the same time it helps securing my backpack better. It was a bit of a hassle to keep tightening and loosening the drawstring closure when I was looking for stuffs in the backpack, but I felt safer after I tightened the drawstrings and securing the backpack with the two metal hooks before walking around town with the backpack.

Swedish backpack

I LOVE the “secret compartment” at the back of the Gaston Luga backpack. This is especially unique to ALL Gaston Luga backpacks. At the back of the backpack is a small pocket for me to keep my passport, small change or smartphone – which is super handy especially when I’m going through customs checkpoints.

When and Who Should Use Gaston Luga Backpack?

Men and women alike!

Like I said above, Gaston Luga backpack comes in various sizes, designs and colours. All you have to do is choose one that fits your personality the most and you can use them for all sorts of occasions – work, school, travel, gym and even as a mum bag!

Swedish backpack
Me on the MRT commuting from Kajang to Kuala Lumpur for a travel-related event.

Gaston Luga backpacks are from Sweden and they are designed to look Minimalistic (definitely my style!), yet Luxe and Functional.

Gaston Luga is suitable as gifts like Valentine’s, Hari Raya, Anniversary or Christmas. You can also add on some accessories to go with the backpack, such as cardholder, flap top, coloured address tag and tote bag. If you’re going to purchase Gaston Luga as a gift, there’s also gift packaging for you to choose from before it is send directly to whomever you purchase the backpack for.

Cool right?

How Can You Purchase a Gaston Luga Backpack?

So, if you’ve made your mind to purchase a Gaston Luga backpack like me, I have good news for you!

You can purchase Gaston Luga backpack (or other Gaston Luga products) at Gaston Luga website anytime!

For purchases from non-EU countries, there will be a 20% off as tax rebate (yay!) and the shipping will be from Sweden for free (either via DHL or Fedex) right up to your doorstep.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! After you have chosen to purchase and upon checkout, do key in this special discount code –> bella15 so that you can receive another 15% off on the remaining price (after the tax rebate). What a bargain right?

LIMITED TIME ONLY: You will also receive a FREE leather luggage tag worth RM215 with every purchase of Gaston Luga backpack.

My Gaston Luga backpack arrived within 3 working days and there were no custom taxes incurred.

A Pråper backpack like mine costs RM899. With the 20% off (tax rebate) and 15% off using my special discount code, one Pråper backpack would cost around RM611.32. That’s a significant price difference after the discounts.

I think a good backpack is an investment – especially if you’re looking forward to using it for a long time. So choose a backpack that’s best for you and make sure you look trendy along the way too!

Check out Gaston Luga’s Website, Facebook and Instagram for more photos and inspiration.

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