Fun Times at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

Lost World Of Tambun

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun is located in Sunway City Ipoh, a picturesque area, at the outskirts of the busy town of Ipoh. It is a great place to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to spend time with the family, especially young children.

It was my first time at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun last week for the launch of the new Lost World Of Tambun’s Hot Springs & Spa as well as a visit to the parks. I have always loved and enjoyed going to Sunway Lagoon and it’s theme park. Did I have as much fun at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun?

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

The Lost World Of Tambun consists of the Water Park, Amusement Park, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Adventure Park, Petting Zoo and the Hot Springs & Spa.

Apart from the Hot Springs & Spa, the other parks operates in the day which closes at 6pm. With such ample time, there are many attractions to be seen, ride and enjoy while you are here.

I managed to get on a few rides myself, enjoy petting and feeding some beautiful animals at the petting zoo and even managed to let out some screams in the house of horror.

  • Water Park

Did you know that there’s a wave pool at the Jungle Wave Bay that can go up to as high as 3 feet high? It’s like a mini tsunami! There’s also the Sandy Bay for a beach volleyball game with friends and family. Of course, I would go for the more “adrenaline-pumping” activities like the Cliff Racer, sliding on the tube from the top of the hill or the Tube Raiders where there are four different slides to try. Or just floating on the tube at the more relaxed Adventure River works fine with me too.

  • Amusement Park

There’s the rollercoaster, carousel, locomotive ride and flying in the air. However, the only ride I went on was the Dragon Flights ride where I sat in a swing-chair and spinning around feeling like I am about to be thrown to the nearby hill as well as the Storm Rider where I am in a pirate boat, swinging 1800 for 5 minutes. Some of the guys felt 5 minutes was more than enough.

  • Tiger Valley

Housing two male tigers, Putra and Jazz, these brothers are the good-looking version of furry cats that swims in the moat and jump over the rocks and logs. I love tigers, so I don’t mind staying near this valley for many hours.

  • Tin Valley

Have you ever tried tin mining using the “dulang“? It takes a lot of patience, bending and swishing the water and sand in the “dulang” in order to get the tin in the end. This job is definitely not for me. I’m afraid I might not be able to stand straight at the end of the day.

  • Adventure Park

Now, this is more I like it. Abseiling, Ziplining and High Ropes Course near a lake and listening to soothing sound of a 60-feet waterfall while surrounded by limestone environment is definitely something I love. I wish the weather was not so hot though but this is a great place for team building activities. Make sure you’re fit for the climbing and roping!

  • Petting Zoo

Birds chirping on your shoulder, chicken near your feet and surrounded by forest sounds? How can you not love the petting zoo? If you’re the more “adventurous” type and would like to hold a snake (albeit an albino), you can do so at this petting zoo too. Don’t worry, there are handlers here and they will assist you with your questions and petting. But please people, don’t pluck their feathers or harm them in any way. The animals is to be loved, not be hurt.

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa

Lost World Of Tambun

The newly launched Hot Springs & Spa section is large. It is located on the other side of the Lost World with it’s own water park and pools. The Hot Springs & Spa is truly a place to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of adventure and fun.

I enjoyed the hot springs and it’s various degree of temperature. Sitting in the jacuzzi-like 450 C pool or wading in the not-so-hot pool with friends made us laugh all night long. There’s the Saphira’s Lair, with it’s green dragon and 400 C water temperature. The Lost World Steam Cave is an exciting cave where you can sweat and chat with friends as you imagine having an adventure tunneling into the deep end. There’s a 40 feet tall geyser sprouting thermal hot springs water at the Geyser of Tambun and well as pebble fitted floor for a foot reflexology in the water.

It certainly was a fun place to be, especially when you’re with friends or family members. Yes, the water is warm but that adds up to the fun!

There are so many more that can be found and experienced here, especially the relaxing spa treatments. After a long day of fun, a rejuvenating massage or beauty care is definitely a boon. The prices are quite affordable too.

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun Hotel

The Lost World Of Tambun Hotel is a 3-star hotel, consisting of 174 hotel rooms ranging from basic luxury to premium accommodation. If you purchase a night stay at the hotel, you’ll get breakfast for two as well as two tickets to the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa by night.

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun Hotel is located at a 2-minutes walk to the Lost World Of Tambun entrance. Breakfast is also to be had at the cafe in the Lost World Of Tambun.


Park Operating Hours

Monday – Friday: 11am – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday, School & Public Holidays: 10am – 6pm

Park closed every Tuesday except during Malaysian school & public holidays.

Lost World Hot Springs Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 6pm – 11pm

Lost World Crystal Spa Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 12pm-11pm (except Tuesday)

Entry Charges

Adult: RM58, Child: RM51, Children below 90cm height entrance FREE

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa Entry: RM26

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun
No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605- 542 8888

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  1. indeed a fun place to visit with family and friends.
    wanna go again! one day is not enough.

  2. Wow! i am interested in the hot spring! A nice place to visit. Never been there before.

  3. I have been there once and I loved the place… it is just so amazing with so much to see and do…

  4. i have seen many reviews about this place but i have not been there before. looks fun for family and kids by the way

  5. can enjoy another hot spring instead of our usual ones in ulu yam and bentong. this has all the facilities complete with a stay too.

  6. nice place! i have not been there yet even though i stay 45 minutes away from this place. lol

  7. Been to Tambun several times but din get the chance to visit this place.
    Hope manage to visit it this year 🙂

  8. I enjoy the hot spring and spa here, it’s been awhile since I last visited!

  9. Aliza sara says:

    Looks like an enjoyable trip! Would love to go one day 😀

  10. So so nice! I like this place too! I enjoyed the hot spring at night the most 🙂 very relax and refreshing 🙂 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  11. Been reading lots of good review of this place since they open. will try to visit this place one day

  12. Wow looks like this place is so fun for the whole family. Might be going there this school holiday.

  13. been there few times, i like the waterpark and the hot spring here. will definitely come here again soon.

  14. Haven’t been to Sunway Lost World of Tambun before, will bookmark this post for my travel reference 🙂

  15. Have been there once but too little time to visit too many places.
    One day not enough.

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