Half Day Tour At Belitung Island, Indonesia

Attractions in Belitung Island, Indonesia

If you’ve never heard of Belitung Island in Indonesia before, I have already showed you why you should make Belitung Island your next destination in my last post.

This island has so many to offer for literary fans, foodies, beach-goers and historical fans alike. If you’re one who falls into any one or all of these categories, then book your next plane ticket!

How about a half day tour at Belitung Island?

My starting point was from the hotel I was staying in: Golden Tulip Essential in Tanjung Pandan. We went to 5 different locations at the East and West of Belitung Island which took us half a day to cover (not including food stops).

Location 1: Vihara Dewi Kwan In Temple

Belitung Island

Vihara Dewi Kwan In Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Belitung Island, Indonesia. Located on a hill at Burung Mandi, you can actually see the Burung Mandi Beach from nearby the Kwan In statue up the hill.

The temple itself are well taken care of and still used by worshippers throughout the year. I love all the colourful stairs and pagodas here, which are very instaworthy. However, please behave when you’re here as it is a place of worship.

Attractions in Belitung Island, Indonesia

Location 2: Burung Mandi Beach

Belitung Island Indonesia

Only 10 minutes away from the hilltop of Vihara Dewi Kwan In Temple, it would be a real waste not to stop by at Burung Mandi Beach and take a deep breath of the ocean.

The sands here are brown and soft, many coconut trees and gazebos around. There weren’t many tourists around, or maybe it was because we came on a weekday. We were told that locals love coming here in the weekend with family. Take some time to walk along the beach and the jetty. It would be a great place to take photos. However, be careful of the strong waves.

Attractions in Belitung Island, Indonesia

I love seeing the traditional colourful fishermen boats too. They are called the Kater.

Location 3: Kampoeng Ahok

Belitung Island Indonesia

Fondly called as Ahok, or his full name, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama was born in 1966 in Manggar, Belitung and is an Indonesian politician. He was also the former Governor of Jakarta.

On May 2017, Ahok was sentenced to two years in prison by North Jakarta District Court on grounds that he was found guilty of blasphemy and inciting violence. It was a test of religious tolerance and free speech in Indonesia which gained interest internationally. On 24th January 2019, he was released from jail.

“Kampoeng Ahok” was a dedication to Ahok by the people of Belitung Island. Many of his portraits can be seen here and many souvenirs are being sold to tourists as well.

Belitung Island Indonesia

Location 4: Dermaga Kirana

Attractions in Belitung Island, Indonesia
Attractions in Belitung Island, Indonesia
“Dermaga Kirana”

Dermaga Kirana is a relatively new attraction in Belitung Island but has been attracting many local and international visitors alike. In English, Dermaga means Dock and there is also a mini harbour nearby with colourful sampans – a very pretty place to hang out with friends and family members or even take some photos, especially during sunset.

Made out of rattan, the “houses” are in the shapes of snail shells (or half snail shells, come to think of it). This design turned it into a comfortable open space, airy and allows enough sunlight to come in without you sweating as you sit inside.

Attractions in Belitung Island, Indonesia
Pretty colourful boats docked near Dermaga Kirana

It was a little sad that it started to rain when we arrived at Dermaga Kirana so the sky was dark and there were many ripples in the water. We didn’t get to take many photos though due to this but the cool wind was welcomed by us.

Oh, Dermaga Kirana is located opposite of SD Muhammadiyah, Laskar Pelangi Replica School so if you ever made your way here, hop on to the opposite side and enjoy the replica school together with your friends!

Location 5: Danau Kaolin

Attractions in Belitung Island, Indonesia
Light blue-green waters is so attractive to the eyes, especially when the sun is up!

In English, Danau is translated as Lake. Once a mining area, Danau Kaolin is now a “retired” mining lake, famous for it’s light blue-green waters and white mineral deposits.

Kaolin is actually a clay mineral or a layered silicate mineral that is soft and white which is used for making porcelain and china, as filler in paper and textiles and as medicinal absorbents.

Visiting the Danau Kaolin, we can only stand behind the barriers and it is prohibited to walk in to the Danau because it could be unsafe. So you can only get some photo opportunities here before heading back to your hotel or other destinations – like what my friends and I did!

Make Danau Kaolin your last destination of your half day tour of Belitung Island before heading back to your hotel (or to the airport).

Attractions in Belitung Island, Indonesia
When the sun is out the water looks pretty but it can get really hot and humid out here so make sure you wear sunblock!

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  1. so nice of you sharing these, many years we didn’t go to Indonesia, last I went was with my parents when I was teen. I think is good to visit there when have the free time, ok lets get start saving first then can go!

  2. That beach is calling me.
    Would love to do a photo shoot among the kater and perhaps at the Kaolin too.
    And that dermaga thingy is beautiful and unique, I would love to take pictures there too

  3. Looks like this is definitely a great place for family to drop by and relax while sightseeing. The temple looks beautiful and the place is serene. Love it. 😀

  4. To be honest this is my first time hearing about Belitung Island, and it’s good to know all of these! The place there got so many interesting place to visit and not to mention the views, oh my it’s all really breathtaking. Perhaps one day I’ll go there and visit each places as well!

  5. Damainye nampak tempat ni. Tak pernah datang sini. Boleh la plan for next short getaway here. Tak jauh pun Dari kl.

  6. Cantiknya tempat Dermaga Kirana tu hehehe reka bentuk tu unik sangat situ jer kita nampak ada hehehehe nak juga lah travel pergi sini bestnya banyak tempat menarik harga mesti murahkan…

  7. memang teringin nak gi Belitung..termasuk dalam wishlist nie…dgn info nie serba sikit boleh di jadikan panduan. thanks

  8. Bestnya Bella you bercuti kat sini. I teringin juga nak pergi bercuti di Belitung. Nak tengok tempat orang macam mana kan. Thanks for the info at least boleh jadi panduan kalau bercuti ke sana

  9. First time tahu tempat nama belitung ni. Cantiknya danau Kaolin tu. Klau liez pergi mmg nak jelajah seluruh belitung. Tempat yg ramai tak tahu dan alam sekitar masih kekal cantik tanpa pembangunan drastik

  10. Wah lawanya Belitung. Tak pernah lagi ke sana. Nanti nak pi la. Jeles tengok pemandangan cantik macam ni. Mesti best bawak family

  11. Looks interesting. This reminds me that i desperately need a holiday asap

  12. lake tu nampak lawa..warna dia nice je..aduhh..syoknya tengok you alls pergi bercuti..teringin juga macam ni harap ada rezeki dapat pergi

  13. Alaaa bestnyaaa. Seronok kalau dapat bercuti dekat indonesia. Kat sana memang banyak tempat-tempat cantik. Teringin nak pergi.

  14. Mouse mommy can feel the calming and relax in this place via your photo visual sharing. Indonesia got many places that we would like to explore too!

  15. patutnya pergi hari tu tapi passport sangkut utk permohanan visa .. xde rejeki, tapi dah masuk dalam my bucket list untuk pergi ke sana

  16. Cantiknyaaa.. Memang air tu berwarna hijau macam tu ke? Selalu kan tengok air warna biru je.. Bila tengok semua berwarna hijau mcm tu, cantiknya..

  17. seronoknya dapat travel.airah teringin nak jalan-jalan sini jugak tunggu tabung percutian penuh ni

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