Here’s What You Can Find At Jeju Shinhwa World

First and foremost, did you know that “Shinhwa” means “Myth” in Korean Hangul?

Knowing this, I was not surprised when I first learned that Jeju Shinhwa World is a 2.5 million square metre project and will be housing all the necessary attractions : premium hotels, residential apartments, luxurious destination spa, theme parks, duty-free shopping outlets, grand casinos and many more.

Although some of the attractions are still under construction, a number of them are already operational since mid-2017. Jeju Shinhwa World is expected to be in full operation by the year 2020.

The myth will soon be brought to life and here are some of the amazing things that I experienced at Jeju Shinhwa World when I went there last week.

(Note: I experienced these on March 2018, but there will be more future developments soon)

What Can You Find At Jeju Shinhwa World?

Premium Hotels and Resorts

Throughout my 4D3N stay at Jeju Shinhwa World, I was lucky to stay at Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort. As I lighted off the bus after my 30-minutes journey from the airport to Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort, I knew I was going to enjoy my stay tremendously.

The cold wind slapping my face instantly disappeared when I was greeted warmly by the staff at the entrance. Staffs at the lobby was also as friendly and helpful to help cater to our needs. They are very fluent in English and Mandarin so there are no issues on language barrier here.

On my last night at the resort, I was in a hurry to exchange my USD to KRW because I need to shop something before the store closes. Even though I forgot to bring my passport, the receptionist was very helpful to quickly exchange my USD and saved me from a lot of hassle. She eventually get my passport though.

I was extremely satisfied with my room. The Superior King Room at Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort has the most comfortable mattress and pillows. The room was very cosy too, with wooden design and earth colours that was absolutely calming. I loved the digital control of the lighting on the side table and how there are no air-conditioner in the room. If you’re feeling warm, just slide open the window panel!

Residential Apartments

On the day I arrived, I took a long walk to the Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World, a premium condominium resort for those who want luxurious lifestyle in nature. I fell in love with the design of the apartments – wishing I could own one or just live in something similar to it here in Malaysia.

Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World features 3 bedroom and a spacious living room which is perfect for those with families. There are 342 rooms in total and comes with complete facilities and services.

Theme Parks

I love theme parks.

When I entered Shinhwa Theme Park, I first thought it was only for kids – especially because of “Larva”, the Korean-based animation. However, after trying the rides, I find they’re not all kids-based. There are 3 zones to explore : Rotary Park, Oscar’s New World and Larva Adventure Village. There are 15 amazing rides here, food outlets for you to grab a bite at, performances to enjoy and merchandises to shop.

I am looking forward to the Shinhwa Water Park that will be open in the summer this year. It will be the largest water park in Jeju – a size of 13,000 metre square. You will find Infinity Pool, wave pool, water slides and kids pool for all ages to enjoy. I just can’t wait and hope I could get my summer body by the time the water park is done!

I have to admit though, I am most excited for the Lionsgate Movie World that is scheduled to open in 2020. It will be the world’s first Lionsgate Outdoor Theme Park. This 122,000 square metre theme park will have 30 different rides and attractions in 6 different Lionsgate’s blockbuster movies : The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, Now You See Me, The Divergent Series, Cabin In The Woods and SAW.

Imagine enjoying yourself in over 30 rides! MUST.COME.BACK.HERE.AGAIN.

Duty-Free Shopping Outlets

Shopping is a MUST if you find your way to Jeju Shinhwa World.

You can find most of the popular brand of accessories and handbags like MCM, Hugo Boss, Coach, Samsonite and more here. Beauty and health products are sold in abundance at Jeju Shinhwa World, including brands like SKII, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree and even local health drinks can be found at Jeju Shinhwa World Duty Free outlets.

However, what’s interesting about shopping at the duty-free outlets in Jeju Shinhwa World is that the accessories and handbags that you purchase will be nicely packaged and sent directly to the airport for you to your international flight home – hence, you would have to provide the salesperson your passport and flight information. Cool right?

Grand Casino

It was a very interesting experience for me when I first set foot at the Landing Casino. Although I did not gamble (never had), I found the interior of the Landing Casino to be very welcoming – the casino’s high ceiling, the brightly lit rooms with beautiful chandeliers, the comfortable leather seats (I was smitten with the seats), the detailing of the casino’s interior and the dealers waiting patiently for you to play.

If you’re a regular gambler or a regular casino visitor, you would definitely appreciate the grandeur of Landing Casino. Visitors and players are also offered many privileges for a more peaceful and exciting experience.

YG REPUBLIQUE Jeju Shinhwa World

If you’re a fan of Kpop, you would definitely have heard of YG Entertainment and the long list of famous Kpop and celebrities under his company. At YG Republique, you would be able to experience the ‘Untitled, 2017’ cafe and ‘AC.III.T’ lounge-pub-cum-bowling-club which designs were inspired and planned by YG’s own G-Dragon (BigBang).

The cafe and club is not just a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration, there are also 3 restaurants at YG Republique to cater to your tastebuds.

  1. 3 Birds : a cafe that offers delicious desserts and European style brunch menus
  2. 3 Fisherman’s Wharf : a seafood restaurant offering buffet and fusion dishes
  3. 3 Butcher’s : a restaurant that specialises in Jeju’s most popular dish – the grilled Jeju black pork

There are also some retail stores available here, if all you want to do is shop. I bought my G-Dragon and BigBang merchandises at the 3 Fisherman’s Wharf.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages can be found in abundance at Jeju Shinhwa World.

There are no certified Halal food here however, so to be safe, Muslims can order non-pork and seafood menus which are also available in many restaurants and food avenue (or food court).

Asian Food Street

On the first day I was there, I went to the Asian Food Street which conveniently houses authentic Asian food from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Anhui of China. The prices are quite affordable. I especially thought the system was unique, where you order and pay at the counter but pick up your food at the respective “country” outlets when your order number pops up at the electronic screens on the walls.

“Select The Table” is a Food Court that serves a variety of local food.

Dinner buffet at Landing Dining were absolutely delicious and I loved the vast arrays of seafood. Some local delicacies can be found here too like the “Crab marinated in Soy sauce”. Personally, I loved the green tea pancake with salmon and caviar.

Jeju Shinhwa World To Further Promote Jeju To The World

Jeju, as a whole, is far more relaxed than Seoul. It is popular for it’s beautiful landscape, high quality green-tea and great food. Even so, more than 1.6 million visitors would come to Jeju especially in the summer and 90% from them are Koreans.

It is expected that with the full operation of Jeju Shinhwa World in 2020, the number of visitors to Jeju would double up. This behaviour would create more job opportunities to the locals as well. Not to mention with direct flights from overseas, many more visitors and tourists will be able to enjoy Jeju Shinhwa World and it’s various attractions.

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    hi dear,

    i cadang nak ke untitled cafe kat sana.. kalo kt food court sana kita blh makan apa yer kalo muslim? TQ

    1. Hi!

      Bila nak pergi tu? Bestnya.. I rasa macam nak pergi lagi je.. Hehe.

      Well, kat Jeju Shinhwa World ni memang takde makanan Halal certified.

      Kalau kat “Untitled, 2017” (cafe G-Dragon), it’s more to cakes and coffees. Haritu ada one cake yang dibuat guna alcohol (rum rasanya), so best untuk baca ingredients food yang dijual.
      Kalau kat Food Court (Asian Food Street/ Food Avenue), I safely choose “Seafood” ingredient saja. Masa kat Asian Food Street, I pilih food “Singapore” Laksa Noodle (description ingredient dia selamat haha). Seafood restaurant Crab Tong sedapppp. And, must try the Bomb Pizza at The Place – ingredient boleh mintak non-daging too.

  2. I yet to visit Jeju yet but looks like a great place to go. Will plan my trip with my family next year.

  3. Hi Bella…bestnya dapat pi Jeju Shinhwa..macam- macam benda best yang ada kat sana eh..boleh attract mata anak dara akak..dia rajin ni skodeng mana- mana blog yang selalu pi Korea..perkongsian yang bagus.,.moga satu hari nanti akak boleh bawak dia pi sini…

  4. Menarik nya Jeju shinwa World ni. Semua benda boleh jumpa dekat satu kawasan. Tak yah keluar jauh-jauh dah. Dari accomodation ke foods ke entertainment semua ada. Sekarang ni pun jeju dah ramai pelancong apa lagi kalau jeju shinwa world ni dah siap sepenuhnya.

  5. Best yer Jeju Shinhwa World ni. Macam-amacam ada. boleh masuk dalam wishlist la, InshaAllah soon nak datang sini bawa anak-anak holiday.

  6. Bestnya tengok Bella ke Jeju. Makin baca makin terasa dan teringin sangat nak ke sana. Menyesal dulu ke Korea tak pergi sini, now kan dah nyesal, kena le kumpul duit lagi utk ke sana.

  7. Tak pernah lagi berpeluang travel ke Korea. Tak sure boleh kena dengan tekak ke tak makanan Korea ni. Tempat2 kat Korea ni nampak menarik juga la untuk dilawati. Kalau ada rezeki boleh la ke sana…

  8. Copied that, Shinhwa is myth. Very nice hotel indeed. Sure malas nak bangun kalau menginap dekat hotel seselesa itu. Bawa kpopers kat sini mahu berjam2 tunggu dorg tawaf satu tu. Yeah, when a muslim is in non-islamic country, we cant expect for every restaurants to have halal certificate on it. All we can do is by going to the pork free or seafood restaurant.

  9. Wah menariknya dekat Jeju Shinhwa. Ika memang suka artist under YG entertaiment especially Winner. Kalau dapat datang sini memang Ika mai dah .Theme park pun nampak menarik betul.

  10. Well, it’s best to go honeymoon there and see where the calm and cool thing is not there. But it’s time to go Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort….

  11. Sudah dua kali ke Korea tapi masih tak berpeluang datang ke sini, alangkah menariknya pemandangan dekat Jeju Shinwa ni, memang letak jeju dalam wish list InsyaAllah ada rezeki boleh sampai. Doakan untuk saya yea…

  12. Thanks for this informative article about jeju shinhwa world. I got a lot of knowledge from your blogpost. Wish to visit Jeju in the near future

  13. oh my… baru lepas planing nak pergi but my Muslim friends worry x ada tempat makan untu dia. now at least i have some information from you. cantiklah tempat ni dan makanan2 tu nampak sedapt sgt2

  14. theme park dia nampak sunyi sepijer..macam tenang jer kalau datang main hehehehe..tapi nampak jeju ni bandar yang mmg untuk org yang sukakan ketenangan lari daripada kesibukan dunia

  15. Wow I can’t wait to visit Korea now! I want a holiday badly and Jeju Shinhwa World seems like a pretty good choice for me especially if I’m bringing my family along.

  16. Sukanya tengok Jeju Shinshwa World ni. Banyak betul tempat menarik yang dikunjungi. Kena set dalam mind visit tempat ni. Makanan halal senang tak nak cari?

  17. Kita x pernah sampai lagi sini. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki nak pergi tahun depan

  18. I am totally envious towards you…T.T I really want to go to Korea but still haven’t gotten the chance to. T.T but that residential apartments looks like a dream! If i ever had the opportunity to stay in Korea like forever, I would definitely go there to stay. Hahahha

    Oh and btw…I saw you are still using http…you might want to change it to https…after july, visitors might see your site as insecure.

  19. This is such a great article. Selalu dengar word “Shinhwa” dalam cerita Korea as nama sekolah semua, but tak tahu ada maksud lain rupanya.

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