Terrapuri Heritage Village, Terengganu

Terrapuri Heritage Village

Terrapuri Heritage Village

Terrapuri Heritage Village

Terrapuri Heritage Village

“The Land Of Palaces” or better known as Terrapuri (“Terra” is land in Latin & “Puri” is palaces in Sanskrit) is a project restoring 29 antique Malay houses aged between 150-200 years old. Nestled between the South China Sea and the mangrove river Setiu Wetland, it is only a short walking distant to enjoy the sea breeze and inviting blue ocean opposite the heritage village. As you rest under the shade amidst the coconut trees, you can see Perhentian Islands, Lang Tengah Island, Cepu Island, Redang and Bidong Islands in the distant.

Lucky for me, I got to stay in one of these beautiful “palaces” in Terrapuri Heritage Village and get to enjoy the scenery and cultural existence here.

History of Terrapuri

Terrapuri Heritage Village

Terrapuri Heritage Village

It took the owner, Mr. Alex 18 years to collect all 29 palaces and gather them at Terrapuri Heritage Village. These “palaces” mostly belonged to aristocrats in the olden days. When the British came to Malaya in 1909, most of the local houses are changed to colonial-styled houses and many of these Malay “palaces” were being left in abundance. Mr. Alex decided to collect some of these “palaces” to keep the culture and history alive for future generations.

History of these “palaces” :

  • Most of these “palaces” have carvings near their foyers with special writings on Malay philosophies.
  • The houses are built high to prevent from flood. The pillars are built thick and sturdy to keep from falling when elephants accidentally hit the pillars, especially at night.
  • Each “palaces” are never of the same measurement. This is due to the fact that in the old days, the houses are measured based on the women’s (wife/mother) arm’s length. From this, they will find the center which they then place the “tiang seri” or main pillar.
  • Underneath each “tiang seri” is then placed a bottle of magic oil called the “Minyak Cenuai Kampung”. The oil is made by local shamans by cooking the first fruit of a coconut tree while facing the sunlight to get the coconut oil. It is later mixed with a root pecked by a rooster when its calling a hen (this believed to be the law of attraction). Prayer will be said to the oil before it is placed under the “tiang seri” of the house. This oil is believed to make the residents of the house look radiant and young.

Spiritual Influence

There are many interesting carvings on the wood surrounding each “palaces”. What makes it more interesting is that each “palaces” have different and distinctive carvings and stories behind it.

For example, the “palace” called Kampung Paloh have many “baris laksamana” (Admiral Line) surrounding it. After Islam came to Malaya, “baris laksamana” was changed to the sign لا (pronounced as “lam alif”). History said that when the British were looking for Mat Kilau at Kampung Paloh, they couldn’t find any door or source of entry at this house and they left, not knowing there are people inside. That is the power of the “baris laksamana”.

The three coloured cloths
The three colored cloths

At the top of each pillars at each “palaces” are three colored cloths called “Bunga Palang”. This practice was influenced by the Langkasuka Kingdom. The cloths are supposed to work as lightning arrester as well as for keeping bad spirits away. The three colors signifies :

  • White – Purity
  • Red – Courage
  • Black – Spirit

Terrapuri Room Interior

Terrapuri Heritage Village Terrapuri Heritage Village Terrapuri Heritage Village Terrapuri Heritage Village

The “palace” that I stayed in was called Rumah Seberang Takir. This is a 1 king bed “palace”. Each “palace” comes with fridge, coffee and tea making facilities, sarongs, hairdryer, pandanus slippers and complimentary mineral water. Our “palace” had the fisherman theme, which is why there are oars around our “palace”. The themes for each “palaces” differ from each other.

Terrapuri Heritage Village

Services & Tours at Terrapuri

Terrapuri Heritage Village practices community based tourism, which means they work closely with the local villagers. The locals are taught English for easier communication with international tourists. They also work with WWF for conservation of the environment. There are also tour packages available for tourists such as :

  • Kenyir Lake Tour
  • Redang Island Tour
  • Sekayu Waterfall & Terrapin Conservation Centre Tour
  • Kuala Terengganu City Tour
  • Bidong Island Day Trip
  • Fireflies Sanctuary
    and many more.

Terrapuri Heritage Village


Personally, my stay here was amazing. I especially love learning the histories behind each “palaces” and of course, I love the sunrise tremendously. Terrapuri Heritage Village is located at Kampung Mangkuk, Setiu, which is about 1hour and 15minutes drive from Kuala Terengganu. You can get more info on the village, dinings, rates and many more from Terrapuri Heritage Village website below.

 Terrapuri Heritage Village
 Kampung Mangkuk, Penarik, 22120 Setiu, Terengganu,
 Phone : +6 09 - 6245020 / +6 09 - 6312081
 Email : info@terrapuri.com
 Web : www.terrapuri.com

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  1. The pictures look gorgeous dear 🙂 Love how you included the history of the locations too.

    1. Thank you. I love that this place is rich with history and just thought I should share it. 🙂

  2. This place is so pretty 🙂 didnt know that there is such nice heritage village in malaysia

    1. There are a lot of beautiful places in Terengganu as well as along Setiu. Hope you can visit it someday and see for yourself.

  3. Oh gosh! Your photos are really breathtaking and transports me to Terengganu!

  4. Long time didn’t go to Terengganu. Really need to bring my little Angels there to explore the heritage village that they never seen before.

    1. Terengganu is beautiful and there are so many cultural and heritage stuffs to show the younger generations.

  5. beautiful place for vacation. Been telling my dear when to go, but never reply me 🙁

    1. It definitely is a beautiful place for a vacation. Peaceful place. Hope your dear will reply you and go holiday with you soon.

  6. Nice pics and i would love to visit this place someday! By the way I was at Aryani @ Terengganu, they look almost the same but I still don’t mind to visit those places again

    1. There are a few similar heritage places like this with the same kind of concept. They all carry their own history and are very beautiful.

  7. Oh my.. this is just so amazing curating all those old palaces and making them into a lovely heritage village hotel… I really like!!!!

  8. I have yet to visit the place but I know that the architecture is amazing.
    Certainly in my list for my next vacation.

    1. I hope you will get to visit it soon. The ‘old palace’ concept is just awesome – keeping the culture and history alive through time.

  9. I love the traditional village house and those wood carving are such an invaluable piece of art.

  10. Aliza sara says:

    This really brings me memories of when i used to stay in Terengganu 🙂 Looks like theyre doing great in the tourism industry.

  11. oh my gosh this place is just beautiful and scenic….what can i do to bring myself there?

    1. It really is beautiful. I don’t have to filter or tweak my photos because it does look like that. Hope you’ll be able to go here someday.

  12. WOW the view is amazing! Miss trip beside beach and sea vie! Definitely will visit beach soon!!

  13. Resort stays with rustic wooden interior like that is always the best beside the beach 😀
    Makes you feel one with nature

    1. True. Very historical and soothing, especially at night. It was soo cooling at night.

  14. Betty Liew says:

    This really a nice place. Clean environment and can run away from busy city

  15. EH? i didn’t know there such place in terengganu? very nice view. hope can go there nanti when i visit terengganu.

    1. Ohh there are many beautiful places like this in Terengganu, especially in Setiu area. Hope you will be able to go Terengganu someday.

  16. such a beautiful place to escape from the everyday city life

    Bring me along next time bella!

    1. Indeed it is a beautiful place. Tranquil and can also go there for honeymoon. Not sure about bringing you along though – got gossip nanti. Hahaha!! 😛

  17. Didn’t know about this Terrapuri Heritage Village at Terengganu until I read your post, would like to visit too 🙂

    1. I hope you’ll be able to visit Terengganu as well as Terrapuri someday. It is a beautiful place with all it’s history. 🙂

  18. Looks such a calm and serene place ! Would love to visit!

    1. A great place to run from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hope you can visit it someday. 😉

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