Enjoyable & Memorable Stay at The Kabin, Kuala Selangor

Located at Pantai Remis in Kuala Selangor, The Kabin is one of those unique places to stay at, with it’s “rooms” made exclusively from recycled shipping Containers. Yes, the exact containers used for shipping. Although “container hotels” are not uncommon Read more

Terrapuri Heritage Village, Terengganu

Terrapuri Heritage Village “The Land Of Palaces” or better known as Terrapuri (“Terra” is land in Latin & “Puri” is palaces in Sanskrit) is a project restoring 29 antique Malay houses aged between 150-200 years old. Nestled between the South Read more

Hideout for a Relaxing Mind at Sentosa Villa, Taiping

Soothing. That’s how my brain processed what I saw as soon as I stepped off the bus in front of Sentosa Villa’s entry way. Even though Sentosa Villa is located at the edge of a housing estate, it is however, Read more