Bored? Many Activities to Indulge In at Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut

See, even though my husband and I decided to go to Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments for a retreat, it doesn’t mean all that we should be doing is sleep and massage each other (*cough*). I would be bored to death if Read more

Spend One Whole Day At Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Theme Park

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Ambarawa Train Museum Semarang Central Java

Visit Ambarawa Train Museum and Ride A Steam Locomotive Train

Have you ever rode on a steam locomotive train? Have you rode on a full-on traditional steam locomotive train with seats and cars made of wood and smoke billowing out of its chimney before? I have. And my first time Read more

Full Day Island Hopping in Phuket, Thailand

When I was in Phuket, Thailand for my honeymoon last February, we stayed at one of the most beautiful resorts on that island. Although my husband and I would rather not leave our gorgeous room, I wanted to show my Read more