Nothing Compares to Naam Adventure Leisure and Watersport

Living the life luxuriously would definitely be everyone’s dream, especially when traveling. With Naam Adventure, anyone would be pampered, experience rare activities and also bring back priceless memories in the end. Naam Adventure offers luxurious activities for tourists in Langkawi. Read more

Cruising On Royal Caribbean International’s Voyager Of The Seas

Have any of you been on a cruise before? My first time on a cruise for a 5D4N journey at sea was on the Royal Caribbean International’s (RCI) Voyager Of The Seas. Voyager Of The Seas is one our of Read more

Langkawi Beach Hopping In 6 Hours

Langkawi or also called the Jewel Of Kedah is one of the most popular island destinations in Malaysia. Located at the Northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia, it is usually a holiday destination for both locals and tourists alike. I have Read more