Changi Airport: The Sparkling JEWEL

Attraction at Changi Airport, Singapore

Changi Airport JEWEL

Yes, I have heard of this incredible place within Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 since months ago. Changi Airport JEWEL was on every news portal and blogs when it first opened to public on 17th April 2019. I told myself that I need to go see Changi Airport JEWEL myself after all the rave reviews I read online.

So last few weeks when I was in Singapore for a musical theatre and visiting some relatives, I decided to go to Changi Airport and check out for myself if Changi Airport JEWEL is as good as they say it was.

Changi Airport JEWEL @ Terminal 1

Getting to Changi Airport Terminal 1 is fairly easy. My husband and I was from my aunt’s place in Tropika Condo @ Tampines which two bus rides (Bus number 24 and 27) would take us easily to Changi Airport Terminal 1. However, my cousin offered to drive my husband and I to Terminal 1 herself, which took only about 15 minutes from my aunt’s condo.

Public transport to Changi Airport is very convenient and easy (* details shared at bottom of post).

Our reason coming to Changi Airport JEWEL? Take photos and videos of the gorgeous place of course! And there were plenty of photo opportunity here, even for non-Instagrammers.

  • Level B2 and B1

Our exploration of Changi Airport JEWEL started from Terminal 1’s Level B2 where the Immersion Garden is at. This is the level where the HSBC Rain Vortex‘s indoor waterfall ends. It is a completely different experience compared to the loud waterfall sound at the upper floor.

After we took some slow-mo video of the water at Level B2, we proceeded to Level B1 where we found some restaurants and eateries with the waterfall view backdrop in the middle. There are some shops here too but we were more excited to see the indoor waterfall first so after a few photos, we quickly went to Level 1.

  • Level 1

This is where the JEWEL shone brightly. Or maybe it was the sun?

Oh wow, there were so many people hanging around the JEWEL Atrium. The indoor waterfall is a magnificent view, and I think even without the air-conditioner in the building, we would still feel cool here because of the splashes of water.

Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
The waterfall is the centrepiece but it is surrounded by the Shiseido Forest Valley from both West and East sides.

The HSBC Rain Vortex is the world’s tallest waterfall and the centerpiece of Changi Airport JEWEL. It is 40 metres high and is surrounded by multi-sensory walking trail with art installations at the West side of Shiseido Forest Valley and a more forest-like, green-friendly trail at the East side of the Shiseido Forest Valley.

We sat on an empty bench somewhere in the Atrium and lost track of time as we watched the waterfall and watched people walking around the area. Even if you’re all alone here you wouldn’t feel bored.

  • Level 2

After sitting at the Atrium for quite some time, my husband and I proceeded to the second level (and after a little bit of window shopping). As we ascended on the escalator, the first thing we saw was the South Gateway Garden, an area with palm trees and plants (they’re all real, mind you) with glass wall that allowed us to look out to the iconic Changi Airport Control Tower – right next to where we stood.

I felt a little sad looking at some of the tiny plants on the floor though, some of them were crushed, probably after being stepped by some of the airports’ guests or children.

There is also a viewing deck on this floor to look at the HSBC Rain Vortex. I think it is nicer to take panoramic photo at this level in comparison to Level 1.

Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
Look at those Crystal Clouds! <3

We then proceeded to the opposite side of where we stood (yeah, we have to walk to the North side of the building) to see another attractive installation: Crystal Clouds. I have always had a thing for sparkly things and as I stood there in front of the JEWEL Drop-off/ Pick-up entrance, the reflection from the glass wall gave of a diamond-like sparkle on the Crystal Clouds. Ooh, I love!

Lucky for us, we were entertained with some dance performances by the Airport staffs right there at the entrance walkway. Oh yeah, this place is full of life!

  • Level 3

On the next level, as we were walking towards the west side of JEWEL, we found the West Gateway Garden with hanging floral balls in the air. I found out that they composed largely of Tillandsia air plants, the first time I ever heard this name. As I looked down from the balcony, I saw children’s playground below me and a tired-looking father waiting on his little girl. What a beautiful sight.

We walked again and found ourselves at the East Gateway Garden next, another set of gardens, this one with hanging ferns and many other tropical plants. As I looked around, it isn’t hard to lose myself in the greeneries, and forgetting that I’m actually in an airport terminal.

  • Level 4

Level 4 was more quiet than the last 5 floors we were at. There are 2 main attractions on Level 4 which are Changi Experience Studio and YotelAir.

There are so many things that a person can do in Changi Experience Studio. This studio is HUGE with so many exciting expedition in virtual world that one can experience. You can go back to the past, be in the present or go to the future. SO MANY projection experiences, interactive games and immersive shows here. My personal favourite, the Amazing Runway!

Oh, there is a charge to get into Changi Experience Studio though. Entrance fees as below:

Standard Rate: $25 (adult), $17 (child/senior)
Singapore Residents: $19 (adult), $13 (child/senior)
CapitaStar/ Changi Rewards Members: $18 (adult), $12 (child/senior)
Family Bundle (2 Adults and 2 Child/Senior): $54

YotelAir on the other hand, is the best place to rest, sleep or refresh yourself before your next connecting flight. Guests at YotelAir can stay at a minimum of four hour to overnight. Price for the 4-hour stay starts at $80+ and overnight starts from $102+. Prices vary depending on room types and booking platforms.

What I love about YotelAir though is that they are interactive (just like every other part of Changi Airport!). You can even self-service check-in at the iPad counters near the lobby. Of course there is a staff nearby to help so don’t worry!

  • Level 5

“Fun can only be found at Greater Heights”

Yes, on Changi Airport JEWEL Level 5, this saying is true.

There are so many attractions for young and old on Level 5, or what is better known as Canopy Park.

Activities that can be found here are:

  1. Hedge Maze
  2. Mirror Maze
  3. Topiary Walk
  4. Discovery Slides
  5. Foggy Bowls
  6. Manulife Sky Nets – Walking
  7. Manulife Sky Nets – Bouncing
  8. Petal Garden
  9. Canopy Bridge
Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1

You need to purchase tickets at the self-service ticket machine to try out any one of these activities. The ticket prices for these activities are:

Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
The waterfall view from Level 5

Out of all the above, my husband and I chose Canopy Bridge. We wanted to get close to the waterfall (although, if you’re not at the Canopy Bridge, the view is still breathtaking) and record video of the Light & Sound show closer (read: without intereference of others).

By the time we bought tickets for the Canopy Bridge, it was already 7pm and the first Light & Sound show was going to start at 7.30pm. We decided to just sit at some benches available near Level 5 elevator and wait for the time to go to Canopy Bridge.

Light & Sound Show is open to public, happens daily between 7.30pm – 12.30am at hourly intervals.

Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
What a view!
Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
Look at all those lights down there
Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1
Don’t look downnnnn..
Changi Airport Singapore Terminal 1

Canopy Bridge is only open for 30 minutes per session. We had a balling time walking at the bridge because the bottom is glass and it is 23 metres above ground so, if you’re afraid of heights, you might have to re-think going to the Canopy Bridge.

After the end of the Canopy Bridge experience, we retraced our steps to all the other attractions we went earlier at all the different levels. My cousin was right, JEWEL transforms from day to night and it seemed like you are looking at all the attractions with fresh new eyes.

By the time we made our way to the MRT at Terminal 3, we realized that we had been at Changi Airport JEWEL for 5 hours! Yes, you would definitely lose track of time as you slowly absorb and immerse yourself in each beautiful angle of Changi Airport JEWEL. Now, if only ALL airports are like this!

Happy Jewel hunting, everyone!

* View the full version of the HSBC Rain Vortex “Light & Sound” show below:

How to Get to Changi Airport JEWEL @ Terminal 1?


Take the East-West line to Changi Airport Station (CG2). Upon exiting the station, JEWEL is accessible via link bridges at Terminals 2 and 3 (Level 2).

By Bus

The following Bus Services will stop at Terminal 1’s basement bus bay:

Bus 24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110 and 858. Upon arrival at Terminal 1, please follow the signs to JEWEL via Terminal 1, Level 1.

By Private Car/ Taxi

  • From the City Centre: 20-minute drive via East Coast Parkway Expressway (ECP)
  • From Woodlands Checkpoint: 30-minute drive via Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE)
  • From Tuas Checkpoint: 40-minute drive via the East Coast Parkway Expressway (ECP) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE)

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  6. Wow!!!…such a beautiful place!!…the waterfall so nice…its one of the tourist attraction…thanks for the sharing…

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    I never went to changi tho I’ve been to Singapore several times. Hehe but I think I shall go because you give complete price, details and pictures. I wanna go so baddddd! Previously I just not interested to go because i tot it’s like normal place with beautfiul scenery.

    Don’t know it got so many things there!

  8. Cantik Sgt Airport changi ni.. Mmg one of the top in d world kan..kita tak pernah sampai lagi Airport changi ni.. Teringin gak nak naik flight trun kt changi ni

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  12. I heard a lot about this place… it really looks so amazing… hope I can come here one day soon to witness it myself

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