Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort – Top Choice Resort In Jeju

Remember my articles on Jeju Shinhwa World? When I was in Jeju Shinhwa World, I stayed at the brand new Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort. At first I found the name Landing Resort quite peculiar but I assumed it meant as the first place to go to upon landing in Jeju.

I know now that I am mistaken about the name but, I am surely not mistaken on how Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort is one of Jeju’s top choice resorts.

I stayed at Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort at the end of March. The weather was around 12oC at midday and could drop to around 1oC at night.

Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort

Location & Architecture

Jeju Shinhwa World is located at Seogwipo, which is about 30-40 minutes bus ride or car (depending on traffic) from the Jeju International Airport. Landing Resort is located within Jeju Shinhwa World, easily accessed by both type of transport.

Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort is named after Jeju Shinhwa World’s developer, Landing International Development Limited.

From a bird’s eye view, the Landing Resort is sort of in the shape of Z, linking it to Jeju Shinhwa World Marriott Resort. This includes Landing Resort Lobby, Landing Resort Convention Centre (for MICE) and Duty Free Shops located at the linkway to Marriott Resort.

Although the exterior architecture might not look too different than most resorts in this world, the interior of Landing Resort are quite unique on it’s own. I was intrigued on what the two huge globes were at Landing Resort’s lobby. I love that each art display is accompanied by explanations, especially to curious guests like me.

Rooms & Amenities

There are 615 rooms in Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort. All these rooms are equipped with a smart control system that can adjust the room’s temperature and lighting at a touch of a button. Rooms available at Landing Resort are:

  1. Superior King (From 160,000KRW)
  2. Superior Twin (From 160,000KRW)
  3. Deluxe King (From 184,000KRW)
  4. Deluxe Family Twin (From 184,000KRW)

*Prices may vary according to season

Deluxe Family Twin
Superior King
Superior King Bathroom

My nights in the week I was in Jeju were accompanied by the softest pillows and best mattress in Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort’s Superior King room. I love the modern wooden design of the room and the indirect lighting that is bright enough for me to do my work and also dim enough for me to enjoy watching TV before drifting off to sleep.

I love the thick slippers provided (not many hotels rate well in the slipper category) and that they use the popular Thai beauty brand, Thann for bath amenities. Another important thing for me in a hotel room is the power sockets (since I need to charge many camera batteries and my phone after a long day out) – which Landing Resort did not disappoint.

These are the things included in my room: Mineral Water (2 bottles), Coffeepot, Hair Dryer, Scale, Iron & Ironing board, Mini-refrigerator, Safe, Alarm clock, Slippers, Gown (2 pieces), Bath supplies (Thann), Desk, Chair, Free coffee & free tea bag and Free Wi-fi.

Smart Control System

My favourite would probably be the smart control system located next to my table that allows me to control the room lights and the room temperature. The system is also connected to the phone which I could call my home in Malaysia anytime of the day.

SPECIAL OFFER! Jeju Shinhwa World is having Early Bird Promotion for guests who book accommodations at either Jeju Shinhwa World’s – Marriott Resort, Landing Resort or Somerset. Get 20% discounted room rate when you book 14 days in advance from now until 29th December, 2018. Staying period is from now until 31st December, 2018.

Other Hotel Facilities

Landing Dining is Landing Resort’s restaurant where I had my dinner for 3 nights in a row. I can’t deny that I was hooked to the fresh seafood that I went to the section 5 times each night. I tried many of the local food including the Soy Sauce Marinated Crab, which I find too salty for my Malay throat. However, I enjoyed the fresh abalone the most.

There is Landing Lounge for you to grab a-cuppa with your friend and Landing Deli to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Other facilities includes:

  • Mosil swimming pool (indoor) with water temperature of 30 ⁰ (extra fee to use lockers)
  • Indoor fitness facilities
  • Sauna and locker (additional fee applied)
  • 24hours Business Center
  • Stockroom (Before check-in, After check-out)
  • Kids club ‘Playtime’ (entrance fee applied)
  • Free parking
  • Accessible room

If you’re a parent and your kid is very active, Landing Resort’s special Playtime room is where you can send your kid to. This hands-on playground is incorporated with a variety of experience based on contents that can help children’s physical and emotional development. So parents, rejoice on this cool playroom!

Next to Landing Resort is Landing Convention Centre. Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Convention Centre is Jeju’s largest multi-purpose convention hall that can hold large-scale conventions, exhibitions, international events, business receptions and banquets in it’s 2,000m2 space. Even though Landing Convention Centre was recently opened on the third quarter last year, it has housed many conventions, receptions and one of Korea’s largest events – International beauty pageant.

There’s also Landing Casino for those who wants to try out their luck or skills on the betting table. The casino is open 24hours for you to enjoy.

For guests who needs airport transfer, Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort offers this service – provided that you inform the reception at least a day earlier than your departure.

Services By Staffs

In my last article on Jeju Shinhwa World, I wrote on how friendly and helpful the staffs were on the day of my arrival as well as on my last night. There were no language barrier as the staffs are well-versed in English and some in Mandarin.

I remember on my last night, I needed to exchange USD100 to Korean Won so that I can purchase some special edition BigBang items at the shop in YG Republique only half hour before the shop closes. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t bring my passport to the reception (which you’re supposed to have with you if you want to exchange currency at the reception). I was very happy that the reception staff didn’t make a fuss, especially since I told her I need to hurry before the shop closes.

In the end, when I brought my passport to her – which was one hour later because I hung out at Crab Tong with friends first, she was the one who apologised because of the policy. I absolutely loved her friendliness and help. I highly recommend the services at Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort.


Service ♥♥♥♥♥
Cleanliness ♥♥♥♥♥
Price ♥♥♥♥♥
Location ♥♥♥♥
Overall Value ♥♥♥♥♥
Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Resort
38, Shinhwayeoksa-ro 304bun-gil, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
Phone: +82-64-908-8800

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  1. Very modern looking hotel. The rooms are fabulous looking. And the tiles for the bathroom – it that marble I see?

  2. Wah nice! Hotelnya pun nampak cukup selesa. Cantik pulak gambar-gambar tu! Buat rasa teringin sangat ke Jeju dan menginap kat sini. And the smart control system looks so genius!

  3. Jealousy can’t go Jeju I want to go Korea never to see other people have gone many times there it every month there is indeed our jealous bestnya …

  4. Hotel ni memang nampak high standard sangat, dengan design macam tu. For that price, not bad lah, murah jugak.

  5. The architecture of the hotel is very nice and classy. Love the simplicity of the deco, minimalist yet so elegance and luxury. Definitely will stay at this hotel if i had the chance to go to Jeju someday. Thanks for sharing !

  6. Very nice decoration.i am adore with their architecture so amazing. If i get chance to go there i want to visit this place first. So inspiring

  7. ok ni sambunganya hehe. Cantik juga hotel-hotel ni tapi harga dia gurlp. Heee mampu pandang je wak. Heee bertuah lh dapat stay kat sinj. Dekorasi hotel dan bilik nampak exclusive dan menarik! bertuah dapat stay jeju !oh x sampai jeju lagi..

  8. Bella, mana gambar bella posing posing kat sana. Macam majalah je penyusunan gambar tu. Haha. Soon ada majalah runaway bella. Ewaaahh. By the way i like penulisan u. Lengkap dengan semua. Bilalah nak ke Jeju lagi. Huhu. Rasa mcm asik sakit lutut je. Hahaha

  9. hohoho… very impressive and awesome places foe next holiday. Love d inviroment accomocation all stuff deco look soooo modern. lovely lovely… must on my list to go Jeju for next coming trip.. nangis japp.. cantik sgt. Marriot memang awesome. mcm Shangrila resort juga

  10. Wow belum ke sana lagi, I will take note on that for my upcoming trip to Jeju. Thanks for sharing.

  11. wow rating tinggi ni..mesti best dengan servis yang diberikan..nampak hotel ni agak baru dan dekorasi moden..kalau pg jeju blh rekomen kat family tido sini (doa2 ya hahaha)…

  12. wowww..menarik..tempat makan tu besar..bersih cantik je resort ni..tempat mainan kanak-kanak nampak best..klau datang sini mesti anak-anak suka..hehe..tapi tak tau bila..haha

  13. bestnya. ainy sendiri kalau stay mana2 mesti baca2 review dulu. kalau bilik okay dan yang penting staf okay inshaAllah tak berkira untuk labur duit bermalam sebab kepuasan tu lebih penting pada ainy. tq share pasal hotel ni. cantik!

  14. Jeju Shinhwa World had its groundbreaking ceremony in February 2015, and is scheduled to open progressively from 2017.

  15. 슬롯 카지노 says:

    Jeju Island is a beautiful Korean island. I enjoyed my time when I visited it last year. I’m definitely coming back to it this year.

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