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By now, I’m sure we’re all well aware of how great the peer-to-peer concept is. Whether renting out your home or selling your vintage clothes, it’s safe to say that everyone and anyone can benefit from P2P. Cutting out the middleman saves money, time, and sanity. Plus, it just feels great to work one-on-one with individuals, and not a faceless corporation.

It seems like there’s a P2P network for just about anything these days. RVs are no different. RVshare was the first company to break into P2P RV rentals. In fact, they pioneered the concept. It was a modern answer to a fragmented, outdated industry. Before RVshare, the only way to rent RVs was through a chain company or a small, mom and pop business. And the only way for owners to rent out their RVs was to slap a “for rent” sign in the window, post an ad on Craig’s list or in the newspaper, or consign it to a dealership. Renting an RV used to be time-consuming and expensive for both renters and owners alike, but not anymore.

How is RVshare Different from Other Ways of Renting an RV?

RVshare applies the core principles of P2P rentals to the RV industry. With any P2P market place, the goods and services are traded by individuals, instead of via a third party. P2P marketplaces also centralize these goods and services. So instead of having to look at dozens of individual listings scattered across the internet and various media, you can find them all in one searchable location. Here’s how RVshare works:

  • Owners list their RVs on the website along with photos, a description of the RV, pricing, and other pertinent information.
  • Renters can find available RVs by entering their current or desired location. RVshare has rentals in all 50 states. You can also filter the list by RV type, price, size, and more. Once you find the RV you like, you can send a request to the owner with the click of a button.
  • Owners have access to a bevy of helpful rental tools, like background checks and screening, insurance information, paperwork templates, and a secure payment system. So, you can be sure the renter will treat your RV with respect and know the rules before you hand over the keys.
  • Owners and Renters can communicate with the messaging feature. They’ll meet in person when the day comes to pick up the RV, and the owner gives a walk through and demonstration of the rig.

As you can see, it’s a fairly easy process, much like posting an ad on Craigslist. However, since RVshare is dedicated solely to RV rentals, it’s much easier for owners and renters to find one another. Everyone benefits from RVshare’s centralized inventory, in addition to its array of services designed to make the rental process more accessible.

Why Should I Choose RVshare over Rental Companies and Dealerships?

As I previously mentioned, before RVshare, the only way to rent out your RV or find an RV rental was through a dealership or a chain rental company. These are still viable options for many, especially if an RV owner doesn’t want to deal with renting out the RV themselves. However, RVshare has several advantages over the other rental methods, for both owners and renters:

  • RVshare has a massive, nationwide inventory of every kind of RV imaginable. Most rental companies only have two or three different types of RVs, so your selection is extremely limited. If you’re looking for an interesting RV, or for a specific make and model, RVshare is your best shot at finding it.
  • Their inventory also suits a wide range of budgets. Rental companies tend only to rent out brand-new RVs, which of course leads to high rental rates. There’s no age limit on RVshare’s inventory, as long as the RV is in good shape. You can find older rentals at much lower rates than you’d find anywhere else. You can also find some pretty cool vintage RVs!
  • There’s an integrated review system that lets renters leave feedback about the RV and its owner. Reviews are included in each listing, so they’re easy to find. No more digging around the internet to find real reviews from real people!
  • RV dealerships like to bury their extra fees in the fine print, making it hard for you to estimate rental costs accurately. With RVshare, all the fees you need to know about are included right on the front page of each listing. Security deposits, optional extras, insurance, penalty charges – it’s all there. Say goodbye to surprise fees!
  • RV owners benefit from RVshare, too! It’s 100% free to list on RVshare, and the company only takes a small percentage, about 20%, and only when the RV rents. If you were to consign your RV to a dealership, you’d end up paying 60% or more in commission fees. Plus, you’ll be able to use your RV whenever you want – just black out the dates you’ll be using it in the listing.
  • One of the biggest benefits is that both the owner and renter are protected by free, 24/7 roadside assistance and up to $1 million in liability coverage! RVshare also offers a free rental insurance program for collision and comprehensive coverage for owners. Renters automatically get insurance, included in the cost of the rental, so there’s no need to purchase third-party insurance or get a binder through your provider.
  • Lastly, RVshare gives 5% cashback rewards on each rental, which you can use toward your next adventure!

Is Renting an RV Your Next Dream Vacation?

P2P marketplaces truly have changed the way we do business in the modern age. RV rentals, which were once outlandishly expensive and hard to find, are now more accessible than ever. The best part is that both parties benefit from this service. Owners can offset the cost of RV ownership – and even make a profit, and renters get the chance to enjoy the RV lifestyle – even on a budget. Have you rented out your RV or rented an RV before? How’d it go? Let us know in the comments!

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