RunawayBella First Trip in 2020: Hong Kong

Ever since last year’s (2019) riot news that’s been going on in Hong Kong, some of my friends and family members were not too keen of my plans to go to Hong Kong with my husband this year.

But, since we already bought the flight tickets a few months ago, it would be a real waste to burn the tickets right? (Me and my thrifty self wasn’t too sure of that actually). So, we just hoped (and prayed) that the rioting in Hong Kong would at least quiet down by the time we were meant to fly there.

My husband and I would regularly read the news on Hong Kong and also browse through the locals’ updates online so that we can plan our trip carefully. This time, we weren’t going as a duo because another two of my friends were also going together.

Planning Our January Hong Kong 2020 Trip

Truth be told, after checking out the news regularly, we realised that most of the rioting in Hong Kong has gotten under control since December 2019. We noticed that gatherings happen less frequent and mostly in the weekends only.

There were some flags about clothes colour though: rioters would choose to wear black. So, I packed every other colour except black into our luggage and reminded my husband not to bring his black mask along (I’m paranoid like that).

I don’t usually make a detailed itinerary for my trips (because I’m lazy) but considering everything that’s going on and I would prefer to be out of harm’s way (if any), I went head on studying all sorts of transportation routes and hot-spots to avoid, just in case.

If you check on Discover Hong Kong website, you would notice that the Hong Kong Transport Department has launched HKeMobility, a mobile app that has updates on any road closures or MTR issues. It also features fare prices for buses or MTRs from your current location to your destination. Super rad and useful for us!

At first, I planned for my husband and I to go to Macau for a day but as I read on how to go there – via HZMB (Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge) or ferry, I got tired. LOL!

Since we wanted our first trip of the year to be more calm and relaxed, we decided to skip the day-trip to Macau. Unless we had more time, it would be better to overnight in Macau, enjoy the island, instead of rushing back-and-forth.

Although I had been to Macau before, I wanted to share the places I loved with my husband too. It’s OK, maybe next time Macau!

Our main event was all four of us was definitely Disneyland.

After Disneyland, we went our separate ways. My two friends have been to Hong Kong before so they have covered the usual touristy-sightseeing places but since this was my first time with my husband, I thought we should cover those touristy-places!

I busted my right knee two months ago so any hiking activities (albeit the view are more serene and less “complicated”) are sadly, out of the picture.

But even though there was no hiking, we walked more than 10,000 steps each day (no kidding!) and by the end of the day, I felt like my kneecaps was going to come right off. Yeah well, I might need to go for a knee X-Ray soon.

Just sharing my simple RunawayBella Hong Kong 2020 Trip 5D4N itinerary below. Will follow up with other posts on Hong Kong soon (cross fingers I don’t get writer’s block!).

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