Outdoor Activities at Hulu Selangor

A couple of weeks ago I was at Hulu Selangor, with Gaya Travel Magazine for the Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1 Malaysia together with Tourism Malaysia Selangor to “Explore The Wonders of Hulu Selangor” in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

Hulu Selangor, is a district in the state of Selangor, situated on the Northern part of this state. It is the biggest district out of nine districts in Selangor. Hulu Selangor further divides into 13 mukim, which are, Hulu Bernam, Kalumpang, Kuala Kalumpang, Sungai Gumut, Sungai Tinggi, Kerling, Ampang Pecah, Buloh Telor, Pertak, Rasa, Batang Kali, Hulu Yam and Serendah.

Although I lived in Selangor, I have only been to Hulu Selangor once in my lifetime. So, I was looking forward to experiencing the outdoor activities that Hulu Selangor has to offer.

Kalumpang Resort

Kalumpang Resort is located in the mukim of Kalumpang. There are many activities available for both young and old here such as the 4×4, Abseiling, Tubing, Flying Fox, Camping, Outdoor BBQ,  Team Building programs and so much more.

Kalumpang Resort

We tried two activities when we were here. We were given a preview of the 4×4, a sport that is both exciting and slightly scary for the faint hearted. I was enjoying myself, although the heat was not very helpful that afternoon. The steep slopes, muddy terrain and long routes would definitely test your faith in the driver. Many times the other girls in the vehicle was screaming for fear of toppling over.

I was more interested in Tubing though. The cold water and rocks sticking under our butts did not stop us from laughing out loud when we get down from one level to another. You’ll need to give your friend a little “push” too if he or she is stuck near the slopes. I was a little crushed we didn’t do the Abseiling here because that is my favourite sport but maybe I shall come back here some day to try that with friends.

Check out Kalumpang Resort for more details on the activities available there.

Refreshing Springs Resort

Did I hear Paintball? Hot springs? The Refreshing Springs Resort is located in the mukim of Kerling.

Paintball @ Refreshing Springs Resort

Getting yourself down and dirty on the ground in mock battlefield with friends is a fun way to spend your weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Only RM60 per person and you’ll get the complete paintball gear – face mask, neck protector, vest and 160 pellets. If you’re not so into rough activities, you can just soak your feet in the hot springs, especially in the cool night. Or, you can spend time walking leisurely around the Refreshing Springs Resort, pluck a fruit or two from the vast orchard and enjoy it with your loved one.

I didn’t play the paintball here since I had a slight pain in my left ankle that day but I did spend some time at the cool river only 5-minutes walk from our Terrace Twin room. If you love to feel the rush of water down your back or just want to dip yourself in cooling water whilst listening to the sound of birds chirping, this is the place to go.

There are other activities available here too which includes Rock Climbing and Team Building programs. However, the resort requires a 30 pax minimum for reservation of the Team Building programs.

Accommodations are aplenty here. There’s the Studio (2 pax), Chalet (8 pax), Terrace Twin (2 pax), Kampung Twin (2 pax), Kampung Quad (4 pax) and Dormitory (20 pax).

Find out more about Refreshing Springs Resort.

Teratak Nalys Eco Resort & Equestrian

Teratak Nalys Eco Resort & Equestrian is located in the mukim Batang Kali. Teratak Nalys covers nearly 10 acres of land for all the activities available. There are Paintball, Flying Fox, Kayaking, Caving, Jungle Survival, and Team Building programs to name a few. This resort can accommodate 150 people for team building.

The most popular activity to try out here, however, are horse riding and archery.

Teratak Nalys provides a Horse Riding & Archery Camp that costs RM1800 per person and anybody aged 9 and above is eligible to join.

Teratak Nalys

Horse Riding at Teratak Nalys

I love horses and being able to check out the mares, geldings and one particular stallion was amazing. The horses here are either local bred or Arab horses that has been imported from reputable breeders. There were very few horses at the resort when we came by because most of the other horses were transported for a show and race in another state. The horses at this resort are mostly endurance horses trained for long races.

You can read more about Teratak Nalys Eco Resort & Equestrian.

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  1. I remember i used to go to hulu selangor for camping when i was in primary school. Hahah now i couldn’t really remember how did that place look like already. Good to read bout it here again on your blog

  2. omg! so adventurous and i missed this kind of activities! totally reminds me of high school time. T3T

  3. RM60 for paintball package is really cheap! I’ll sure to ask my friends to hang out here sometimes

  4. Looks like you definitely had a lot of fun there… It is something I must also check out and experience soon…

  5. best giler kot….

    bilalah hakak berpeluang buat aktiviti cenggini lagi huhuhu


  7. tubing tu macam best je! i also didn’t know hulu langat got activities like this. thanks for sharing bella 🙂

  8. Wow so many activities we can do at Hulu Selangor, great tips sharing 🙂

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