Paul Immigrations Reviews: Applying Singapore PR Quickly and Easily

I’m not going to lie. I have thought of living abroad permanently more than once. It would’ve been easier back in the days when I was still single but I think even now, although married, it would still not be impossible. As a matter of fact, maybe now is a better time for us to migrate?

My mother is Singaporean. Oftentimes she told me to work and find out more about how to apply Singapore PR in that metropolitan city. She suggested that if I am doing well in my work, there’s a high chance I can be accepted as a PR there too.

But, is she right?

I have contemplated this idea but didn’t put my mind into it until I received an email from a Singapore immigration consultancy firm. Wait, is this a coincidence?

So there I was, browsing through Paul Immigrations website and found out much interesting information on how to become a PR. Although the process is not a walk in the park, it is certainly achievable, especially with the help of the firm’s professional specialists to smooth out the PR application process.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How Can They Help?

About The Company

Established in 2016, Paul Immigrations has more than 100 staffs with many years of experience in PR applications. Most of the candidates that they helped have had great success, for both first-timers and candidates that have been rejected before. To date, they have over 15,000 satisfied customers!

I mean, I can apply to become a PR myself but without experience and proper knowledge on how to make my application stand out, it might all just be a waste of time and energy. Not forgetting to mention that navigating the e-PR system could be somewhat complex. 

Usually, applicants failed because they didn’t know how to make their documents or cover letter stand out. This is why it’s better to work with an expert from an established firm and have them walk us through the process from A to Z.

Services Provided

Firstly, the expert will determine the type of application suitable for you through a phone call interview. Not only you can apply for PR if you’re working in Singapore and have Employment Pass or S Pass, you could also apply if you’re a student studying there, spouse to a Singaporean citizen or PR, unmarried or a legally adopted child by a Singaporean citizen below the age of 21, have a Singaporean aged parent or if you’re a foreign investor in the country.

Once you fall into either one of these categories, the consultant will then asses your profile (age, salary, how long you have stayed in the country, if you paid income tax, etc) before offering you key insights and points to further help you towards your goal.

They will organise all the necessary and supporting documents required on you during your face to face meeting. Documents like your physical Employment Pass need to be shown as proof during that meet. 

However, there are other factors you have to take into account at the time of application such as the unspoken annual quota of approved PR applications by Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA), the political situation in the country during the time of submission or other outside factors involved for your PR to be approved (such as number, statistics, demand or unspoken quota). Sometimes, these things can affect the time or result of your application too.

Of course, you can count on the consultant to advise you on these issues, if there are any.

Rest assured though, if your supporting documents are good (based on your educational qualifications, the industries you work in, you had any involvement in charity work or other admirable merits and experiences), there’s a higher chance of getting positive results, minus those external factors above.

If after this meet, you would still like to go ahead and become a Singapore PR, the consultant will then hand your documents over to the executive for the next step.

All compulsory documents will be collected by the company’s immigration specialists, checked and vetted through to meet the requirements of the ICA before completing the application with a personalised cover letter to strengthen your application. A good and strong cover letter is very important, as it emphasises and highlights your commitment and contribution to Singapore and the community.

Oftentimes, individual applicants failed because of the cover letter, hence why using an expert service is the best choice.

Once all of the above are compiled, the documents will be submitted by the team and all you have to do is cross your fingers, wait around 4-6 months to see if your application is accepted or not. 

If you browse through testimonials by their successful clients, some of them found out they were accepted in around 4-6 months!

Other Information Readily Available

If you’re like me and have contemplated becoming a PR but don’t know where to start, I would suggest you go to the FAQ or Free Tips page on their website to learn more if you or your family member is eligible to apply.

I find the answers comprehensive and helpful to many of my inquiries – and I have not even spoken to any of their expert consultants yet!

At the very least, you can assess your Singapore PR Eligibility by filling up the form in their website and submit it to them.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Highly Recommended Consultancy

What sets this consultancy firm apart are the years of experience and strengths that the company and experts have.

Their experts are more than willing to help give 100% transparent tips from their vast knowledge of Singapore’s policy and professional case management. They also make sure your documents are 100% accurate before submission so that you will not be put through a hard time or cause any problems in the future.

I think what puts this firm aside is their knowledge in providing a strong and complete document package for their clients.

Applicants would not have to worry if there are issues with their applications because they can discuss with the expert consultant every step of the way until submission. With the strategic approach by the experts, even complex issues can be overcome, especially if the applicant has been rejected before.

On a serious note, I am leaning towards contacting them and see if I’m an eligible candidate!

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