Romantic Hi-Tea, Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Hi-Tea Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

It was a peaceful evening, the weather is not too hot nor is it too cold. It was perfect for an outing with a loved one, family or friends. So what would you do if you’re in Putrajaya on such a beautiful day? Romantic hi-tea Cruise Tasik Putrajaya does not sound like a very bad idea.

In fact, since the Picnic Boat (or better known as the Tubester) and the Perahu has just been introduced as part of the attractions at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, it would be a terrific idea to spend your free time here and experience this new attraction yourself. That is, before the place gets more popular, attract more people from all over the country and you’ll be left out.

Hi-Tea Cruise Tasik Putrajaya


Hi-Tea Cruise Tasik Putrajaya


The Tubester (as pictured above) is a very cute, round-shaped picnic boat that can fit a maximum of 6 adults at one time.

Running on motor, you will need to pilot the Tubester yourself. However, don’t be alarmed, the motor can only go up to 20km/h. The shift to spin the Tubester to the right or to the left can be done easily and is very light. You can set out to the middle of the lake between the Cruise Tasik and the Seri Wawasan Bridge and let the water drift you slowly as you enjoy the scenery or chat with your company.

Would you like some food or drinks as you cruise in your Tubester and enjoy your hi-tea Cruise Tasik Putrajaya?

Hi-Tea Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
Putra Mosque at the background

Actually, food and drinks are not included in the package. The food and drinks you see in my photos are actually self-prepared and brought to the cruise, along with the tablecloth. We had lots of fun eating Nasi Lemak, Mihun Goreng, Cupcakes and Traditional Kueh packed in the colorful tiffinayan. We drank, laughed, chit chat and took lots of photos in the Tubester. We also cleaned up after ourselves after the cruise and we DID NOT throw any rubbish or garbage into Putrajaya lake.

Please remember to clean up after yourself after your cruise session too.

Perahu Dondang Sayang

Hi-Tea Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
Perahu Dondang Sayang

Apart from the Tubester, there’s also the Perahu (a traditional-shaped boat) called the Dondang Sayang.

Fitting 4 adults in the perahu, it has a curtained roof and a more luxurious and intimate feeling. There’s also a curtainless perahu that can fit 6 adults at one time. The Perahu also runs on motor but there will be a “professional” who pilots it for you, so you do not have to worry about rowing the perahu or sitting under the sun. Food will be prepared for you if you choose the perahu ride.


There is another boat, called the Lepa-Lepa that is offered as a ride at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. However, we did not ride this boat and I did not get the chance to take any photos of this boat. The boat is described as a single-mast sailing boat for the Bajau Laut or the Sea Gypsies of Sabah. The Lepa-Lepa can accommodate up to 10 people. You may see more of it at this link.

Prices and Operation Hours

Tubester : RM50 for 30-minutes ride

Perahu Dondang Sayang : Adult RM40 (RM20 with MyKad), Child RM26 (RM12 with MyKad)

Lepa-Lepa : Adult RM40 (RM20 with MyKad), Child RM26 (RM12 with MyKad)

Open from : Monday – Friday : 11am – 6.30pm, Saturday/ Sunday/ Public Holiday : 10am – 7pm


Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
Jeti Putra, Jambatan Putra, 
Presint 1, 62200 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel : +6 03 - 8888 5539
Website : Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

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49 thoughts on “Romantic Hi-Tea, Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

  1. Liz syg.. For the perahu & lepa-lepa prices also for 30mins ride is it?

  2. Nice weekend outing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! macam yes! New activity to hang out with love one.

  4. Betty Liew says:

    Wow It seem nice having hi-tea in tubester. but the price a bit expensive and I scare it turn round and round as I easily sea sick.

    1. It could be quite a problem if you have sea sickness because the water can be wavy at times. The price might change in the future.

  5. don’t know that putrajaya can be this happening. look like floating picnic is fun outing.

  6. Thanks for a lovely product update in Putrajaya. This is something that I would like to try myself.

    1. You’re welcome. I hope you will get to try it soon. I think you would enjoy it.

  7. wow so many interesting activities in Putrajaya! will definitely pay a visit!!

    1. Yes, there are so many interesting things available in Putrajaya. We just have to know where to look for it.

  8. wow never been so enjoy.. should ask my hubby bring me there d

  9. this is fun, I wanna runaway with Bella to go enjoy 😀

    never try hi tea cruise yet.

  10. Wow Hi Tea at Cruise was definitely an interesting idea! Lovely idea for a romantic trip =D

  11. I wish to experience hi tea on the cruise as well. Its so relaxing and can be romantic as well.

  12. Haha so cute the tubester! Sure will be a good memory. Hi tea on a cruise sounds lovely

    1. Cute because it’s round right? Hehe. A little different than the usual tea time it seems

  13. Wow… What a great hi-tea experience! Never have this before. Thanks for sharing.

  14. sweet! does seem romantic, especially in late evenings. they do run at late afternoons righT?

    1. Well, it is opened until 6.30pm on weekdays or 7pm on weekends and public holidays. Will be able to experience a nice sunset sky view, maybe.

  15. hey, new hi tea experience in putrajaya? I have not been to enjoy the hi tea yet 🙂
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Yes, it is fun. Especially with friends or family where you can eat, drink and take pictures too.

  16. This is like a picnic style outing but on the boat hehe, so nearby to city too! cool!

    1. That is so true. A little different than the conventional picnic and nearby so it’s quite convenient.

  17. i think they have a cruise that does include food right? it’s funny but fun that you guys brought your own

    1. Yes, they do. The Tubester has just been introduced so they’re still gauging if they should or should not serve with food. Hence why we brought our own.

      But like the Dondang Sayang ride, food is included with the price.

    1. Haha yes we did! We were taking pictures and laughing all the time in the boat!

  18. Pooja Kawatra says:

    This must had been a wonderful experience to enjoy hi-tea in this special way.

  19. Wow, looked really fun! That’s one great way to enjoy hi-tea – with views and not in a restaurant 🙂

    1. Yes, it was a lot of fun and slightly different than the usual tea time indoors. It might not be air-conditioned but the air was cooling and the view was perfect.

  20. Haris Ahmad says:

    Planning next week for our 24th @anniversarythanx for sharing the infos!😉

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