Unique Cottages of Nipah Guesthouse, Pangkor Island

Nipah Guesthouse

As I stepped into the compound of Nipah Guesthouse, I knew that the guesthouses here are unlike any other regular guesthouses I’ve been to. The light blue and white colored A-frame cottages are so cute at a distant that it calls you to go near or better yet, to experience a night (or more) stay in them. Located at Teluk Nipah, Pulau Pangkor, the cottages are about 50 metres from the main road, which makes the stays here quiet and relaxing.

Unique Cottages

Nipah Guesthouse

There are four different room categories here at Nipah Guesthouse, which are the A-Frame Cottage, Deluxe Cottage, Tower Cottage and Guesthouse. The room rates vary depending on weekends, peak periods and public holidays. Room rates and the number of cottages available are as below :

Nipah Guesthouse Room Rates

Nipah Guesthouse Nipah Guesthouse

Activities Available Nearby

Nipah Guesthouse do not offer any activity but the owner will help arrange for you to experience some of the activities available nearby such as :

  • Fishing & diving trip
  • Canoeing
  • Speedboat Trip
  • Snorkeling
  • Visit Teluk Gedung
  • Visit Mini Replica of Great Wall Of China
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Camping
  • Paintball
  • Boat-making Visit
  • Bicycle/ Motorbike for rent
  • BBQ by the beach
  • Team Building Activity
  • Feeding Wild Hornbills

Another interesting activity nearby here is feeding the wild hornbills that you can find flying nearby in the evening. All you need are tiny pieces of bananas (you can buy at the shop nearby) and feed the birds like how I did below.

Nipah Guesthouse Nipah Guesthouse

It was fun to feed the birds, although it is not as scary as feeding wild eagles (I did that before and that was slightly more scary).

What Is So Special About Nipah Guesthouse?

I wish I could inform more of how my experience staying there, alas, I was only there in a press trip and we didn’t stay the night at the Nipah Guesthouse. We only did some room inspection yet I have to say that the concept of the guesthouse piqued my interest, not to mention the look of the guesthouses too.

What’s interesting about the guesthouse is that guests can cook their own meals (breakfast or lunch) based on the food supplied by the owner – basic neccessities such as eggs, bread, vegetables, fruits and rice. There are also cabanas that can fit about 10 people opposite the blue, calming pool in front of the guesthouses.

According to feedbacks online, this family-built business that started in 2009 are ever willing to help any problems or questions by guests. I wish I had stayed here to experience the stay here myself. Maybe one of these days.


Nipah Guesthouse
 Lot 4506, Teluk Nipah, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak.
 Tel : +6 017 5069259 (Anuar)
 Email : nipah.guesthouse@gmail.com

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