Visit BigBang G-Dragon’s Cafe And More At YG Republique, Jeju Shinhwa World

I’ve got to admit, I am a fan of the Kpop group, BigBang. Although I’m more of T.O.P.’s fangirl, but how can I pass up the chance to hang out at G-Dragon’s cafe right?

When I was at Jeju Shinhwa World the other day, I just had to go to “Untitled, 2017”. No, that’s not a title to a music album. It’s actually the name of G-Dragon’s cafe, located at YG Republique. YG Republique is an area right opposite Shinhwa Theme Park.

YG Republique is sort of “the” place to hang out when you’re at Jeju Shinhwa World. At YG Republique, you can find G-Dragon’s Cafe called “Untitled, 2017”, a lounge and bowling club called “AC.III.T” and three different restaurants by YG Entertainment.

YG Republique, BigBang G-Dragon’s Cafe “Untitled,2017”

Smack in the middle of YG Republique is G-Dragon’s Cafe called “Untitled, 2017”.

G-Dragon was involved and took active part throughout the whole process of planning the cafe’s concept, designing the architecture and even what to be placed in the cafe.

The architectural form of the cafe is said to resemble the word G and D, and part of the logo of his brand, Peaceminusone. If you view it from the top, you would certainly be able to see this. The inside of the cafe also has chairs and tables places on unique stairways and heights.

For G-Dragon’s fans, I’m sure you would appreciate a small section in the cafe displaying G-Dragon’s jacket, some of his prized collections, his handprint and merchandises.

What I found very interesting in this 228 square metre cafe however, was the “breathing roses” that are upside down from the ceiling. Maybe there’s a story behind this?


Get a taste of G-Dragon’s personally selected coffee and desserts here, starting from 5,000KRW and above.


Lounge and Bowling Club “AC.III.T”, YG Republique

I was not allowed to take photos inside of the club but what I can say is that, AC.III.T looks like your usual fun night spot.

If you’re at Jeju Shinhwa World with friends and don’t know what to do, why not throw some balls and knock some pins out? With awesome music (Korean music, mind you) blaring on the stereo, how can you not hit strike?

At the same time you roll that bowling ball, you can also grab a drink at the lounge. You could also opt to hang out at the lounge with your friends and while the night away.

Two things that confuses me about AC.III.T at first:

  1. I didn’t notice the entrance – G-Dragon designed the exterior of the building to resemble the insides of a piano and all the jutting-out wall made me miss the entrance to the Bowling Club. Shame on me, since I am a piano player and I should’ve noticed it sooner.
  2. I had a very confusing conversation with the staffs at the counter – I speak very broken Korean and none of the staffs spoke English so it was a little tough to ask for things (especially permission to take photo of the club). My suggestion would be, get google translate ready, just in case.

 YG Republique’s THREE Restaurants

It’s a little hard for Muslims to get an array of food choices here since none of the restaurants serve Halal food. However, for non-Muslims, the restaurants at YG Republique would be food heaven. If you’re a foodie, you have to try the different menus and food types at all three of YG Republique’s restaurants.

Especially since one of the restaurants, 3 Butcher’s has Jeju’s most popular menu : Grilled Black Pork. I was told that the black pork tastes differently than the regular pork. This restaurant has variety of pork menu and at an affordable price. I thought the infrared heat grill was cool.

I can suggest my Muslim friends to go to 3 Fisherman’s Wharf (Platter) and try their Seafood range, including their Cockle Bibimbap (mixed rice), Cuttlefish Ink Risotto, Braised Cutlassfish with Brackens and so many more. Gulp all that down with Jeju Black Tea and your tummy would thank you for the experience.

YG Republique’s 3 Birds is a cafe that serves many European-style brunch menus. A great place to go to if you overslept (I won’t judge because the bed is amazing) and missed your breakfast.

Also, if you’re looking to purchase some BigBang merchandise, you must visit 3 Fisherman’s Wharf. There’s a small section where they sell each BigBang members’ bear, doll, t-shirt, bandana and many more. I got myself a little cute T.O.P.’s bear for myself at 20,000KRW.

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43 thoughts on “Visit BigBang G-Dragon’s Cafe And More At YG Republique, Jeju Shinhwa World

  1. The architecture is so amazing. I’m sure it such a great place to go when I go there. Thanks for sharing this info

    1. Yeah, I find the layout of YG Republique interesting. If you’re there for the first time, look out for signages, in case you’d get lost

  2. wow… its so nice… i’m a kpop fans too.. but not all groups.. that place so nice and beautiful. GD usually came here? hehehehe…

    1. I like Kpop but only two groups; Bigbang since 2006 and Infinite (only because of Kim MyungSoo). I have no idea on other Kpop groups. LOL
      GD frequently come to Jeju Shinhwa World when this cafe and the bowling place was in the works but I’m not sure if he would frequent this place in the future as much as he did Cafe Aewol.

    1. May i know how to get a package for this travel? Always watching running man shooting at jeju. So beautiful place.

      1. Are you interested in getting package to Jeju Shinhwa World? If yes, you can check out Expedia where they sometimes offer bundle package with flight. Or, just go to for discounts on online purchases (theme park tickets, hotel stay, etc).

  3. Tak tahu pun G-Dragon ada buka cafe. Kalau tau dulu boleh singgah juga walau ana bukan peminat tegar kpop. Memang menarik interior cafe tu especially bunga rose tergantung tu. Peminat Bigbang mesti terjah cafe ni nanti.

    1. Before “Untitled, 2017” ni, GD memang ada cafe lain kat Jeju namanya Cafe Aewol Monsant. Dah lama jugak cafe tu dibuka. Kalau “Untuitled, 2017” ni masih sangat brand new. When I first stepped into the cafe, I pelik jugak tengok dua2 bunga rose terbalik tu (one yellow, one red) but bila duduk dalam cafe tu lama2, bunyi “breathing” tu quite menenangkan.

  4. interesting places. tq for sharing.
    aida tak pernah jejak korea. but i will la one day.
    dlm wishlist.

    1. Hopefully Aida dapat kesini satu hari nanti. Sure best bila pergi bercuti2 dengan family. 🙂

  5. Wah G-Dragon ni, bukan fashion king je, dia punya designing taste pun highclass betul.
    memang style.


    1. Haha.. I was thinking the same thing too. Design cafe ni lain macam sikit. Kadang2 terfikir juga apa dalam otak GD tu..
      I couldn’t take interior photos of the bowling alley but the bowling alley and lounge that he designed pun awesome jugak.

  6. wahhhhhhhh best gila husbenwife kaki travel, banyak ooo tempat yang perlu discover ni.. Korea is in not yet in my wishlist, but haritu ada juga dengar ada beauty products offer ke sana untuk discover satu brand gosh wish ku dapat jejak kaki ke korea soonest hahahaahahha

    1. Haha.. Korea and Japan memang my favourite. Tak bosan lah kalau pergi selalu..
      Ahh ada beauty product offer ke sana? Untunglah kalau dihantar untuk kesana free.. Lagi2 beauty product, dah la product2 Korea ni best2.

  7. Looks interesting. Korea, one of my wishlist. One day will be there. I’m so impressed to see the breathing roses. Its so beautiful when it upside down. But if i want to visit Korea, so i need to prepare food from Malaysia lah since that Korea is to hard to find halal restaurant.

    1. I hope you would be able to go to Korea one day and very soon too. Yeah, I super love the roses, the “breathing” sound has this calming effect on me when I was having coffee in there.
      On food, Halal food might be a little hard to find in Jeju since there are not that many Muslims living here – and Muslim tourists are still not that many. However, if you’re going to Seoul, it would be easier to get Halal food, at certain locations you can get Halal street food too!

  8. Kita peminat BIG BANG dulu taktahu plak ada cafe dorang ni. Banyak nya tempat menarik u visit. Rasa nak menabung nak pergi sana asap.

    1. Bella pun perinatal BigBang dah lama but now baru dapat pergi cafe GD.. Haha.. Harap2 you pun dapat kesini one day and experience Jeju/ South Korea yourself. It is absolutely gorgeous here. 🙂

  9. You really a die hard Fan of big bang and G-dragon. I will never can do it like you. One of my bestie also crazy of G-dragon and willing spend more on the ticket.

    1. Well, I was actually in Jeju for the new Jeju Shinhwa World and the Landing Resort. The YG Republique and GD’s cafe is just icing on the cake. Anyways, I’m here because I love South Korea very much.

  10. Wahhh muda-muda lagi dah ada muzium. Best sungguh dapat tengok hasil sepanjang penglibatan Selebriti ni. Ruby nak berdoa agar ada tempat Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza punya muzium. Hehe. Tengah muda, bernyawa macam ni lah baru best tengok muzium. Kadang Selebriti tu sendiri ada. Macam Tun Mahathir, ada buku biografi juga dan kita dapat lihat perjuangan beliau sampai hari ni. Hehe. Good point kan Bella

    1. “Untitled, 2017” ni not exactly a muzium though, cuma ada small section untuk share barang2 GD. I guess betul juga kata Ruby tu, bila ada muzium atau tempat yg boleh kongsi pencapaian seseorang tokoh tu, it would be more interesting and historical.

  11. Wah…die hard fan ni..akak memang tak la keep track pasal artis2 kpop ni..tapi pernah la dengar tentang Big Bang..kalau dh peminat apa pun sanggup beli kan demi group kpop yang diminati..harap satu hari nanti akak akan dapat pergi Korea…

    1. Haha.. Used to be die-hard fan. Tapi dah meningkat umur ni, duit tu terpaksa guna untuk benda2 lain. Dulu datang Korea, siap asingkan RM1k khas untuk beli original merchandise BigBang je. Sekarang, priority tu dah lain sikit. Tapi, since dah kat Jeju and dah kat tempat BigBang, takkan nak lepaskan peluang kan? Hehe..

  12. hokeh akk jeles…apa ni apani..bigbang hahahahhahaha…bestnya blh mengenali artis kpop yang hot dengan lebih dekat..btw tempat ni nampak cantik dan bersih la….mmg tempat tarikan pelancong ehh

    1. Yes, Jeju Shinhwa World ni satu kawasan yang sangat besar untuk pelancong2 dari dalam dan luar negara datang bercuti2. Sebenarnya, South Koreans suka ke Jeju bila musim cuti sebab Jeju ni banyak golf course dan Koreans suka main golf. So Jeju Shinhwa World ni adalah untuk cater volume visitors yg ramai. Hotel, resort, theme parks dia semua cantik, bersih dan sentiasa kemas. Also, dorg tak buang sampah merata2.. 😀

  13. I peminat korean drama tapi tak minat korean k pop haha.. Tak pernah p jejuuu so tak taw ada cafe g dragon ni. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki p jeju mungkin boleh singgah kan? Sebab menarik cafe dan interior dalaman dia .. Terbaik! lepak lepak best tu kat dalam tu…

    1. Haha.. I dulu minat gila BigBang so ada chance gi Jeju and tinggal dekat dengan tempat YG ni, wajib lah lepak2 dan explore kan? GD ada cafe lain kat Jeju cuma kat Jeju Shinhwa World ni brand new dan concept berbeza dari cafe dia yang satu lagi. Memang kalau dah ke Jeju, jangan lah lepaskan peluang untuk lepak2 kat tempat ni. Best tau!

  14. Lain gila design cafe tu dengan typical cafe kat Malaysia. Macam library pun ada, tapi nampak macam a good place to hangout.

    1. Yup betul. Walaupun I’m not really sure dia punya main concept tapi memang kalau ke cafe ni, boleh baca2 buku (kalau seorang) or boleh gosip2 dengan kawan2. Minuman dia pun sedap2. Hehe

  15. siapa arkitek utnuk bangunan ni yea.. sebab sangat-sangat kreatif dan cantik hasil sentuhan dia.. bestnya kalau dapat pi sini sambil menikmati pemandangan dan suasana tenang disana.. perabot kat dalam tu pun nampak unik dan kemas

    1. Main architect tak pasti tapi the reason bentuk kreatif tu sebab GD dan idea dia lah. GD kan terkenal dengan fashion sense dia yang lain dari lain. So tak terkejut jugak dia bagi idea unique mcm ni untuk cafe dia.

  16. so nice place..never been hear this place..looks day i pray i can go to korea..hehee..3 bird and kitchen wow..nad fikir adaburung ke sambil makan..hehehe..reka bentuk bangunan tu so cool

    1. Masa mula2 Bella tengok restaurants ni pun rasa nama2 pelik jugak. Tapi takde lah burung sambil makan pun.. Haha..
      YG République ni menarik dan unique. Lepas ni bila next phase open di Jeju Shinhwa World, pasti lagi banyak benda2 menarik yg akan muncul disini.

  17. That complex yet sophisticated architecture sure does resemble GD a lot. I guess it’s safe to say that fans of him will always crowd this place up. I wouldn’t mind trying out some of the food you suggested too..all of them sounded really yummy.

    1. Yeah, when I first saw the cafe and the upside-down-breathing-roses, I thought “This is SO GD!”. He always has that uniqueness. I notice that most of the visitors here are youngsters – I suppose it’s their version of hipster cafe, in comparison to the ones we have here in Malaysia.
      If you do visit Jeju, do come by Jeju Shinhwa World!

  18. Raja Norhaliza Raja Sulaiman says:

    hi Bella,
    Gd cafe ni ka luar shinhwa theme park ke?xperlu masuk beli tiket apa2 ke utk masuk?

    1. Hi there.
      Yup, GD Cafe (and the whole area of YG Republique) is opposite entrance Shinhwa Theme Park. If you’re driving, park at Landing International, Shinhwa Theme Park. Untuk masuk Jeju Shinhwa World and untuk ke GD Cafe ni free, however I’m not sure if parking is charged or not.

  19. Hi..did u manage to look at the price at the bowling alley? 😀

    1. Hi Lea,
      I’m sorry I didn’t check out the price of the bowling. I think due to being frustrated trying to converse to the staffs at the counter, I just forgot my main reason being there – which was to find out more detail about the place. 😀

  20. Hi, nak tanya masuk sana ada fee entrance ke? or just FOC? Thanks

    1. Hi Nadia,

      The only entrance fee is to the Shinhwa Theme Park. Yang lain2 takde entrance fee.

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