Cruising On Royal Caribbean International’s Voyager Of The Seas

Have any of you been on a cruise before? My first time on a cruise for a 5D4N journey at sea was on the Royal Caribbean International’s (RCI) Voyager Of The Seas. Voyager Of The Seas is one our of Read more

My Skydiving Experience In Australia

It seemed that my 2015 started off on a high right from January. ‘High’ as in the height of the places I went to and the activities that I did in those places. The high escalated in Australia when I Read more

Cemeteries and Exhumations in Singapore

Cemeteries might be a grave (pun intended) subject to some but think – have you ever seen other cemeteries of different faiths before? I don’t know about you but my first time being in different cemeteries of different faiths was Read more