Cruising On Royal Caribbean International’s Voyager Of The Seas

Have any of you been on a cruise before?

My first time on a cruise for a 5D4N journey at sea was on the Royal Caribbean International’s (RCI) Voyager Of The Seas. Voyager Of The Seas is one our of four of Royal Caribbean’s International’s Voyager-cruise lines. There are other cruise lines by the RCI which includes:

  1. Quantum-class
  2. Oasis-class
  3. Freedom-class
  4. Radiance-class
  5. Vision-class
  6. Sovereign-class

RCI is a cruise line brand founded in Norway but the HQ is in Miami, Florida, USA.

There are two Voyager-class line based in Asia which are the Voyager Of The Seas and Mariner Of The Seas.

Voyager Of The Seas

Voyager Of The Seas

Voyager Of The Seas was built in 1998 at a cost of USD650 million. It’s length is 311.1m and beam is 38.6m. The largest cruise ship that RCI owns right now called Oasis Of The Seas has a length of 361m and 60.5m beam.

All transactions on board the cruise is cashless so before boarding, we will have to register a credit or debit card which will then be linked to our room key card. All purchases (if any) will swipe using our room key card so it is imperative to keep the key safe.

My 5 Days 4 Nights experience on the cruise ship was one of the most unforgettable experience which I still haven’t completely overcome till today. The cruise I took was from Singapore-Langkawi-Singapore.

Voyager Of The Seas

Our first evening on board before we anchor aweigh, we had to gather at a location in the ship to learn about safety measures we need to take in case of any emergency, emergency exits, how to get on the safety boats and so on so forth. This is compulsory, required by the maritime authority of Singapore.

One of the things that really differentiate your status on this ship is that the upper level decks (level 8 above) people are grouped into a more spacious and nicer room in comparison to people at the lower level decks. I guess status is segregated everywhere.

Where Do I Sleep?

I had the Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony, located at deck 9. For a 4 Nights cruise, the room (including tax) costs about RM8,800. Since the currency used is in USD, the rate exchange may differ from time to time.

Let's go to our room!
Let’s go to our room!

Voyager Of The Seas

The room consists of 1 Royal King Bed, sitting area with sofa, private bathroom and our own balcony. Sitting at the balcony, looking out at the sea, taking in the smell and the letting the wind hit my face is just so relaxing.

Every evening when I’m back from my outing, I will be welcomed by cute towel-art on my bed, sometimes wearing my shades that I forgot to bring to the upper deck. The room is always clean and neat.

Hence why, at the end of the cruise, if you’re satisfied with the services given by the staffs, you can give gratuity to them (on top of the USD30 mandatory gratuity paid).

Fun Time With Games

Oh, there were lots of games available on board this ship. Some of them I haven’t even tried before. So when I went to the top deck and saw all the outdoor games available, why would I not jump in on the fun?

Rock climbing is one of the more physical activity, apart from surfing at the Flowrider. It is hard if you’re not used to it. Especially with the strong sea wind coming to your direction on the top deck as you’re manouvering yourself on the rock climbing wall or in the Flowrider.

Voyager Of The Seas

My personal favourite is definitely the mini golf. This was a cute activity to do, especially if you’re there with your boyfriend or spouse. I was there with my mom and friends and we had a blast laughing and going Tiger Woods-like with our golf club and putts.

Other games available on the ship are Basketball, in-line skating, board and card games in the gameroom, and lots of games at the arcade. I spent a small fortune playing Guitar Hero in the arcade, I think I have become as good as Slash!

Put Your Swimsuit On!

Now how can you be on a cruise that boasts 6 whirlpools and 4 hot tubs and not have a swimsuit on?

Voyager Of The Seas

The pools on the top deck are magnificent! Not to mention the 220 square foot outdoor screen near the pool place where you can lounge on a buoy and watch movies – or in my case during my cruise, listen to loud EDM music. Well, I was on a “party” cruise anyways.

The cruise was filled with music from when we first got on board at Singapore, all the way to Langkawi. But the atmosphere changed when we step foot on land at a private location in Langkawi. With the beautiful Langkawi sunset and happening people around, it was quite a sight to behold.

Voyager Of The Seas

Voyager Of The Seas

Guess who’s that on stage? That’s Lil Jon spinning the table playing Turn Down For What and many of his other music. I’m not much of a party person. I don’t drink or do all the other stuffs so I just end up dancing (if you see closely, you’ll be able to spot my back in the photo).

Food Is A Must

Of course, the one thing that kept us all going on that ship is the food.

We can eat as many times as we want a day. There’s breakfast and brunch, there’s lunch and tea time, there’s dinner and of course, supper. The Windjammer Cafe is where we mostly hang out in because of the large array of buffet spread. Cafe Promenade is also a place where you can get sweet smelling coffee with scones or buns. There are other food outlets like The Tavern Gastropub, Italian style trattoria Giovani’s Table, Chops Grille Steakhouse, Johnny Rockets, Izumi Japanese Dining Restaurant and of course, the classy Main Dining Room.

Food at Windjammer Cafe and Main Dining Room are free, hence why I frequent that more often. The other restaurants and cafes are charged differently (on your room key card).

Main Dining Room final night
Main Dining Room final night

The best thing I loved about the cruise was the last night when we had our main dinner where the F&B staffs made a short speech of thanking us for being a great crowd, hoping we enjoyed our stay and the food prepared for us before music came on and they entertained us with some great dancing skills.

I must also thank my waiter whom not only assisted my table and was attentive to our wants and needs but even cut my duck for me, just so that I can eat in peace. He was such a great guy.

One thing’s for sure, if you forgot the day, you can count on the elevator floor to remind you about it.

Voyager Of The Seas

Voyager Of The Seas

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  1. Royal Caribbean is indeed a luxurious ship! Everything looks so good there

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  13. Arisa Chow says:

    Must be a great experience to be on a cruise, but kinda pricey though. It’s more than a year’s savings just to enjoy a few nights on board

  14. missed my chance to cruise last time, reading this brings back the desire to go on a cruise one of the days

  15. Betty Liew says:

    OMG, this is so beautiful and it like kingdom. I want to stay on cruise but my worry is sick sea.

  16. I haven’t been to a cruise before, surely it will be an enjoyable experience 🙂

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