Enjoy The Taste of Oishii with Marrybrown’s New Teriyaki Wasabi Flavour

Do you love Marrybrown and the authentic tasting food that they have brought through their “Around The World” journey these past few years? In case you forgot, let me refresh your memory. Marrybrown, the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain has been bringing new, delicious, and exciting new flavours to its doors over the past year from the likes of Korea, Thailand, and Italy. This year is no different from their latest taste of happiness that would bring us to the country known best for its beautiful cherry blossoms.

Marrybrown’s “Around The World” journey takes us to the fourth country of its destination this year which is Japan. New menus of the “Marrybrown Oishii Japan” greets us with a new and savoury taste: the Teriyaki Wasabi flavour.

Can the Teriyaki Wasabi flavour go well with our Malaysian palate? Don’t worry because the characteristics of Japanese food — with the best R&D done by Marrybrown’s team — have produced a tasty, fresh, well-portioned, and unique taste of the “Oishii Japan” menu that fans of Marrybrown would love. 

The combination of sweet and savoury Teriyaki sauce, along with the piquant buzz of the Wasabi can be found in all FOUR of the new Marrybrown’s Oishii Japan menus:

Oishii Box Meal
  1. Oishii Box Meal 

A combination of Oishii Burger, 1 piece Oishii chicken, Potato Wedges and Sakura Fizz. Price from RM23.90.

2-piece Oishii Chicken
  1. 2-piece Oishii Chicken (Combo)

Two pieces of Oishii Chicken accompanied by Potato Wedges and Sakura Fizz. Price from RM20.50

Oishii Burger
  1. Oishii Burger (Combo)

A combination of Oishii Burger, a side of Potato Wedges, and Sakura Fizz. Price from RM15.30

Oishii Rice Bowl
  1. Oishii Rice Bowl (Combo)

Marrybrown’s crispy chicken drizzled in Teriyaki Wasabi sauce with a side of rice and Sakura Fizz. Price from 12.90

This new menu was launched on 23rd June 2022 so you better try out the menu on this latest Marrybrown’s “Around The World” and imagine that you’re surrounded by beautiful Sakura Blossoms and the vibrant streets of Japan as you sink your teeth into one of the delicious Oishii burger buns or as you wash it down with the savoury Sakura Fizz drink. 

Check out more about the Marrybrown Oishii Japan menu here

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