May The 4th Be With You at Legoland Malaysia Resort

I have always loved Star Wars when I was younger. My parents introduced me to “The Force” and since then I have never looked back. Of course, I was more of a fan of the Dark Side than the Light, and mostly because I was highly influenced by Darth Vader. I think the costume played a big part in influencing my young mind to the Dark Side.

So, when I had the chance recently to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort to see for myself the largest replica of the LEGO Millennium Falcon (inspired from the latest Star Wars movie) and the placing of the last brick on the replica, I just couldn’t pass up that opportunity.

What’s more, the building of the spaceship brought LEGO’s Master Builders, a father and son duo from LEGO Group to assemble them for three days at LEGOLAND Malaysia.

LEGO Millennium Falcon at Legoland Malaysia

For three days, since 30th April, two LEGO Master Builders from United States, Dan and Chris Steininger, was in LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, working together with visitors of LEGOLAND Malaysia to build the LEGO Milennium Falcon replica using more than 200,000 LEGO bricks.

The process, which took about 30 hours with the help of many young and adult LEGO fans, was finally completed on 3rd May, awaiting the final placement of bricks before the LEGO Milennium Falcon was ready to take flight for the public.

Star Wars Milennium Falcon Legoland Malaysia


Every year on the month of May, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort will organize a Star Wars themed event for Star Wars fans in conjunction with the “May The 4th Be With You” period.

This year, without fail, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort’s Star Wars event is themed “Master Your Force Together” as to encourage visitor, adults and children to work together in helping build the LEGO Millennium Falcon, and at the same time creating a closer bond and relationship between parent and child, just like the Master Builder father-and-son duo, Dan and Chris Steininger.

When asked which part of the LEGO Millennium Falcon that was hardest to build, Dan said, “The front V-tipped part of the spaceship was quite a challenge because it was lighter and can easily break. It needed better planning to engineer it and to make sure it is well connected to the other parts of the spaceship.”

Trivia : Did you know that there are only 8 LEGO Master Builders in the world? Dan and Chris Steininger is the only father-and-son LEGO Master Builders!

Dan Steininger
Chris Steininger
Chris Steininger


Dan Steininger, aged 60, has been working with LEGO for 22 years and is the most senior of all the LEGO Master Builders. His son, Chris Steininger, aged 31, has been working with LEGO for 8 years where more than 5 years of that time, he has been a LEGO Master Builder. Together, they have built the world’s largest LEGO replica of the Millennium Falcon, the TIE-Fighters and the world’s largest X-Wing which was unveiled in New York City – among others.

LEGO Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

Like I said above, every year, the entire month of May is especially dedicated to Star Wars. It is an annual event where exciting activities and installations related to Star Wars are brought to the fans and visitors of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

This year, apart from the world’s largest Millennium Falcon replica, there will also be:

  • The building of the TIE-fighter,
  • The Imperial March by the 501st Legion on 7th and 8th of May,
  • The My Own Creation (MOC) competition that sees entries from Star Wars fans from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Promotion during LEGO Star Wars Days

Guests who comes in the weekend will be able to build their own limited edition mini LEGO Millennium Falcon at the LEGO Academy.

Guests will also be able to redeem their commemorative LEGO Duplo brick by completing the Star Wars Activity Trail, which is by completing all the LEGO Star Wars Days activities in the Park. The commemorative brick is limited so it is given out on a first-come-first-served basis.

Guests can also participate in LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort’s ‘Build Your Dream LEGO Star Wars Starship Contest’ where participants will have to consist of a parent and a child (regardles of age), then submit images of their creations made with authentic LEGO bricks at the comments section of the contest post at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort’s Facebook page.

Submission for contest is by:

  1. Submit 1 image that best represent your LEGO creation (JPEG format)
  2. The title of your entry (in 5 words or less)
  3. Write names of parent and child
  4. A description in 50 words or less sharing “Why your spacecraft is the best in the galaxy”
  5. Include the hashtags: #MASTERYOURFORCE and #LEGOStarWarsDays

This contest is from 21st April to 8th May, 2016.

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Thank you to Gaya Travel Magazine and LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort for this amazing trip. Thank you Aan for sharing with me these amazing photos!

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