BASE Jump at KL Tower International Jump 2016

It is KL Tower’s 20th Anniversary on the 1st of October. In conjunction with this auspicious day, KL Tower held a launch for the KL Tower International Jump 2016. In short; BASE Jump.

KL Tower International Jump 2016

Being a fan of height-related sport, I didn’t give up the chance to join the launch and to witness the non-stop BASE jumping throughout the day. I had hoped to jump myself (or maybe tandem with a cute jumper) but I was told that tandem costs RM1,500! Oh how my hopes were squashed. It is quite pricey for me. So, I did the next best thing – sit on the ledge. At least I get the wind to blow my shawl.

KL Tower International Jump 2016 Launch at KL Tower

The KL Tower International Jump 2016 was launched at KL Tower. We were lucky to have the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture herself, Datuk Mas Ermieyati to grace the event. She was accompanied by Datuk Rashidi, Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism and Culture and En Meor Shahril Anuar, the CEO of KL Tower Sdn Bhd.

KL Tower International Jump 2016

“The KL Tower International Jump 2016 is to bring families and friends to KL Tower. Visitors will be able to witness the activities throughout the period. Malaysia is the only country hosting such an event in Asia and hope it will be an annual event that will help boost tourism in Malaysia,” En Meor Shahril Anuar.

What was more interesting is when a total of 20 jumpers jumped one by one after Datuk Mas Ermieyati launched the event – with the help of an air horn. What a view. Blue sky and white clouds as KL Tower’s background, things were looking good!

KL Tower International Jump 2016


Once the launch were wrapped up, we then proceeded to KL Tower’s view point.

KL Tower BASE Jump

The KL Tower International Jump 2016 brought a total of 121 BASE jumpers from all over the world. United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Denmark and even Malaysia, to name a few. All of these jumpers are experienced.

In order to apply, jumpers will have to complete at least 120 BASE jumps and 20 jumps within the last 12 months. Jumpers need to be active in BASE jumping for the past 2 years. The selection process are quite rigid.

KL Tower International Jump 2016 starts from 30th September – 3rd October. Day jump is done every day (from 10am – 6pm) whereas night jump is only on 1st and 2nd October (8pm – 10pm).

You would really enjoy seeing the guys do stunts in the air. Some did somersaults, some jumped in Superman position, some even jumped backwards. Some opened their parachutes early and some opened when they’re really close to the ground. Nobody got stuck in any tree that day though.

KL Tower International Jump 2016

The cooler part of this event is the tandem BASE jump and “Sitting On The Ledge”. Since tandem BASE jump is too pricey for me, I ended sitting on the ledge instead. It wasn’t as thrilling, but not bad either. I would suggest sitting on the ledge at night though. Unless you don’t mind some serious sunburn when you sit on the ledge for 45 minutes under the hot sun.

Sitting on the ledge

Sitting on the ledge

Was it fun? Luckily the weather was not too hot when I was at the ledge that day. So yeah, it was certainly fun.

Since I was already there, I went to Skybox too. There are two Skybox in KL Tower so make sure you go to both for good photography sessions with awesome views!

Things BASE Jumpers Do

Apart from jumping, BASE jumpers will have to carry their heavy parachutes back up to KL Tower, fold them neatly and jump back out again. I’m sure the KORN music playing in the room helped a lot. Love the energy that they have too.

Fold them up guys

Fold them up, guys

Heavy stuff that chute

Heavy stuff, them chute y’know



This is Carsten. Carsten Cooper-Jensen is from Denmark. When I took the picture above, it was only 11am. He told me he had jumped 4 times since that morning. But based on his excited look, he seemed very happy with what he does. I’m sure he didn’t see this as a task at all.

Luckily for us, the wind was very good that day. If the wind was too strong or rough, the jumpers might cancel their jump or risk hitting the tall buildings or get stuck in trees. This of course, is solely each jumpers’ decision to make.

There are only a small number of guys being tandem master for tandem jumps. Saw one girl did tandem that morning. I’m sure she had the time of her life.

How about you? Would you ever BASE jump?