Beautiful Terengganu in Johor Bahru Brought 226,000 Visitors!

When Beautiful Terengganu was first introduced in January, it was to inform everyone that 2017 will be the year of Terengganu. However, the beauty of Terengganu is not only a yearly event but an on-going mixture of delicious food, unique handicrafts, friendly people and gorgeous coastline with blue beaches that are to die-for.  So, to make others realize this, the state of Terengganu decided to make their promos and campaigns known to people from other states in Malaysia through an expo, which very recently happened in the state of Johor Bahru.

Beautiful Terengganu in Angsana Mall Johor Bahru

Beautiful Terengganu

From 23rd to 27th of March, Beautiful Terengganu was introduced to the people of Johor Bahru and it’s neighbouring states on everything Terengganu. Located at Angsana Mall Johor Bahru, booths and stalls of various categories operated from 10am to 10pm to cater to visitors from all around.

The first day brought an unexpected number of visitors totaling up to almost 20,000 people, which included visitors from Johor and Singapore. This is not a surprise though, considering the active social media interactions by Tourism Terengganu, helps make it easier for people to learn about Beautiful Terengganu’s expo and some of the packages offered in the event before deciding to go there.

Beautiful Terengganu in Johor Bahru carries a few elements such as “Consumer Show”, “Trade Fair”, “Tourism Fair”, “Terengganu Kitchen” and “Cultural Shows and Performances”. Overall, this includes more than 100 entrepreneurs of different sectors such as textiles, basic farming, food, services, eco tourism and many more. Nearly 40 travel agencies are involved in Beautiful Terengganu to offer great travel packages to visitors.

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Due to the amazing prices and promotions (such as above), the second day brought an overwhelming number of visitors, doubling to 40,000 people. According to the feedbacks received from the visitors at Angsana Mall JB, they are satisfied with the products, holiday packages, food, performances and promos available. A huge percentage of the visitors came from Singapore too, not surprising, considering the currency exchange – which is a welcoming condition.

“There is more to Terengganu than what you know” holds true to it’s tagline.

I know most people would usually associate Terengganu with beaches, since I did that too before truly exploring Terengganu. After coming back to Terengganu a few times, I realized that even though Terengganu boasts the longest coastline in comparison to other states in Malaysia, there are other interesting things that you can find in Terengganu, which includes Mogul-influenced architecture, unique local food like the Ketupat Sotong, heritage walks, beautiful and intricately woven Songket and many more.

Sunrise and Sunsets are the best things in life. They can never be wrong and you can never get tired of them. And to watch the sunrise (or sunset) at a location like the picture above? That photo is taken at Lake Kenyir, Terengganu. It is an amazing view, one you need to experience for yourself. There are many travel packages available for you to experience your own #BeautifulTerengganu. You will definitely bring home more than instagram-worthy sunrise or sunsets. People of #Johor, you're in for a treat. Coz Terengganu is coming to you! But hey, people of #Singapore and #Malacca too, come on, drop by Angsana JB Mall in Johor Bahru from 23rd-27th March and experience Terengganu yourself (in form of travel packages, handicrafts, food and so many more!). Mark your calendar or check out for details. #tourismterengganu #terengganu #visitterengganu2017 #tahunmelawatterengganu2017 #PromoTGG

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At the end of the 5-day expo, about 226,000 people had visited Beautiful Terengganu in Angsana Mall Johor Bahru. However, to those who are not from Johor or lived anywhere nearby, do not fret. Beautiful Terengganu will be in Kuala Lumpur this September from the 7th t0 10th, bringing you anything and everything Terengganu. So mark your calendars and plan those holidays because Terengganu will be coming to you soon!

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