Romantic Staycation at The Settlement Hotel Melaka “Luxury Villa”

Melaka has always been one of my top 3 most visited state in Malaysia. Part of the reason is also that Melaka is very nearby Selangor; only about 2 hours drive. When I was invited for a romantic staycation with my husband at Melaka’s The Settlement Hotel to experience one of its “Luxury Villa”, I didn’t pass up the opportunity.

We were still in our honeymoon phase anyway so a short getaway was always welcomed.

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

I have stayed at The Settlement Hotel Melaka once before and enjoyed my stay here. I especially loved the history and story behind each little painting and tiled floor. I always appreciated a place with a story behind it. So when I was invited to stay at The Settlement Hotel again – and this time staying there with my husband, how could I say no.

Did you know? The Settlement Hotel was awarded Best 4-Star Hotel (City) Category at 20th Malaysia Tourism Awards 2016/2017 last February 28th 2018.

Location & Architecture

The Settlement Hotel Melaka
Front garden
The Settlement Hotel Melaka
I love this swing! Swings like these are located near the front garden (in front of reception) and at the back (next to Long Table Bar)

I have written before that The Settlement Hotel is easy to access and easily navigated with Google Map or Waze. Located at Jalan Ujong Pasir, it takes less than 10 minutes to drive from the hotel to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka and all the attractions surrounding it. Driving to Klebang also takes around 15 minutes or less – depending on traffic. Due to The Settlement Hotel’s location, taxi and Grabcar are easily found too.

For this staycation, we drove ourselves to Melaka and parked our car in the car park located next to the hotel building, in between the hotel and flat houses next to it. The Settlement Hotel has a few designated car parks for its guests but usually, there are more cars than the available car parks so parking next to the flat (gate) is also alright (park at own risk). The car park is located at the back of the hotel so you will have to walk a little to the reception at the front of the hotel for check-in.

After a short check-in at the reception, we were brought to our villa at the back of the hotel (nearby the car park). Our Villa was called Gardenia and is next to the hotel’s Library and Spa.

The Settlement Hotel Melaka
Outside Gardenia Villa
The Settlement Hotel Melaka
Gardenia Villa Verandah

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

The Villa’s location, being at the back of the hotel and away from the main road as well as the plants and flowers surrounding it made us feel like we’re somewhere near the kampung instead of in the very busy state of Melaka. We loved the sound of water from the mini water feature outside the villa and the kampung-style villa, with its thatched and tiled roof  – both traditional and modern combination.

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

Rooms & Amenities

The Settlement Hotel Melaka
King-sized canopied bed with mosquito net

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

Gardenia Villa is one of The Settlement Hotel’s Luxury Villas. There is a total of 4 private villas at The Settlement Hotel and each villa has it’s own King-sized canopied bed with mosquito net, air-conditioner (I love this air-cond the most), many power outlets (this is also something I love), large bathroom with a kolah, and basic facilities in the room including:

  • Electric Kettle
  • Tea set
  • Coffee Machine
  • Fully stocked Minibar
  • 46-inch LCD TV (with channels including HBO, FOX and Discovery Channel)
  • Cupboard
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Hairdryer
  • Weighing scale
  • Slippers
  • 3 single-seater sofa and table
  • Bathroom amenities
The Settlement Hotel Melaka
There’s a kolah!

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

Apart from that, there’s also a table and 4-single chairs on the verandah of the villa where I had tea with my husband in the morning as we listened to the birds chirping. I even finished my work out at the verandah. It was a very relaxing setup.

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

The room also comes with strong internet (wifi) connection.

Apart from private Luxury Villas, guests can also find other accommodating and comfortable rooms at The Settlement Hotel such as Deluxe Room Queen, Deluxe Room Twin, Junior Suite King, Junior Suite Twin, Junior Villa and The Settlement Suite.

Other Hotel Facilities

For guests staying in the Luxury Villas, you can request for your personal butler and services directly from the hotel. There are daily free shuttle service to Jonker Street and the Portuguese Settlement. For tourists, you can also arrange sight-seeing tour arrangements with the hotel.

The Settlement Hotel’s front desk is available 24hours. Check-in is at 2.00pm, late check-in is only until 6.00pm and check-out is at 12.00pm.

If you need to hold an event here, there are Ballroom, Meeting Room, Multi-purpose Room and Rooftop Garden for any formal or casual events. Food and beverages are also available. There is a maximum number of people allowed so you would have to contact The Settlement Hotel for further arrangements and inquiries (phone number at the end of article).

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

My husband and I enjoyed sitting at The Long Table Bar at night. The bar is closed though but the breeze at this area at night is cooling.

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

Another feature of The Settlement Hotel that I enjoyed is the Swimming Pool. I didn’t swim though – I cannot swim, but I love just sitting under the large umbrella, listening to the sound of water as I sip my drink or browse through my phone.

Sadly, I have not tried the Spa (even though this was my second time here) due to time constraint. I did just peek into the reception counter where there is a corner for guests to read books or just sit and listen to the calming sound of Balinese music.

The Settlement Hotel Melaka

Services By Staffs

Staffs at the reception are all smiles and helpful, but if there are many guests checking in at the same time, you might have to wait for a little while. No worries though, there are some seats at the reception room or, you can also have a seat at the Dining Room which is only separated from the reception room by an automatic sliding door.

If you’re staying in one of those rooms or villas at the back, there will be a staff to assist you or help carry your luggage for you.


Service ♥♥♥♥
Cleanliness ♥♥♥♥
Price ♥♥♥♥
Location ♥♥♥♥
Overall Value ♥♥♥♥
The Settlement Hotel
No. 63, Jalan Ujong Pasir
World UNESCO Heritage City Melaka
75050 Malacca, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6 292 1133
Email: (General Enquiries),  (Reservation)

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19 thoughts on “Romantic Staycation at The Settlement Hotel Melaka “Luxury Villa”

  1. Nampak kat luar macam hotel mewah biasa tapi rupanya kat dalam best sangat! Cantik betul dekorasi hotel ni kan tak sangka betul terserlah keunikannya. Gambar bella pun cantik dan sweet hee my favourite couple blogger <3 Lepas ni boleh masukkan hotel ni dalam list bila nak jalan-jalan ke Melaka nanti 🙂

  2. dr luar biasa2 je tk sangka kt belakang ada yg type villa ni..mmg sesuai la utk pasangan pengantin nk romatic….aritu ada stay sini sempena busday vacation tp amik bilik biasa je tp suka toiletnya yg ada jacuzi lps tu bole see thru….ada juga tgk villa yg ni kt IG nya

  3. The hotel looks unique and comfortable. Will check this out during my stay next week.

  4. Bella, kita pernah stay kat sini dan first impression pasal hotel ni adalah ‘Eh, ni ke hotel yang 4 bintang tu?luar dia biasa je?” Sekaliiiiiii bila masuk dalam, Allahu, dekorasi dia cun gila! Antik-antik haaaaaaa…belum masuk bilik dia lagi…. Memang cukup cantik dan servis dia tip top!

  5. Cantik juga tempat ni menenangkan dan menyamankan, dekorasi yang unik sesuai untuk pasangan baru kahwin ni hehe

  6. Cantik permanangan hotel ni, ingat dekat mana tadi rupanya dekaT Melaka sahaja.. Next time ke Melaka bolehlah singgah ke Hotel ni dan bermalam.

  7. i suka deko dia..sangat cantik dan unik…ni kalau pasangan yang baru kahwin, blh pilih hotel ni sebagai salah satu destinasi bulan madu.heheh mood romantik + vacay

  8. Cantik Dan selesa kak tengok, villa dia nampak best jer…blhlah ajak abg dating kat sini nti😀

  9. Cantiknya rekaan dinding kayu dia. Nampak sangat klasik. At the same time, kawasan laman yang luas tu dengan kolam buat nampak tenang je. Definitely a great place to have a nice staycation

  10. Aida lalu lalang aje sini. Tak pernah stay lagi. Iye la. Rumah sepelaung aje dari sini ha ha ha… Ekslusif rupanya rekaan dalaman nyer. Selesa…

  11. Eh, tak pernah tahu pasal hotel ni pun.walaupun family mertua di melaka serius tak tahu.sebab hotel nsmpak unik dan selesa.cantik sangat

  12. It looks like The Settlement Hotel will be my next staycation in Melaka. I hve read a lot of positive reviews about this hotel and would love to experience it myself. InsyaAllh one day i will be there. Thnks for convincing me even more to stay at this hotel

  13. Wah hotel ni nampak klasik dengan sentuhan rumah kayu. Sedangkan pakai tile yang bermotifkan kayu kan dalam bilik air tu.

  14. Nak juga merasa tinggal di hotel settlement penempatan yang ada ciri ciri nostalgia zaman silam ni. Menarik

  15. Tinggal bermalam di hotel sesekali memang best. Kalau selalu sangat pula jadi hilang seronoknya. Dah macam rutin

  16. Walawaey, cantik gila dari luar sampai ke dalam..memang mood honeymoon habis kalau macam ni. Ini kalau lepak dari pagi sampai ke malam pun puas hati, takyah dah nak keluar jalan2..hehe

  17. Eh lawanya hotel ni. Kalau datang for photoshot pun dah lawa. Suka sebab design classic sangat.

  18. I’ve stayed at The Settlement Hotel before, and also enjoyed myself. Next time, I would love to give the spa a shot. That’s a very important self-pampering session.

  19. Malaysia – with its old markets along the tiny, winding streets, unique architecture and numerous hotles like this, is a good starting point to begin your adventure in this country.

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