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SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphone

When I first opened SUDIO NIVA’s box, I was surprised and immediately fell in love with it’s portable charging case. I was looking forward to trying out SUDIO NIVA wireless earphone and to see if it is as good as my SUDIO TRE earphone.

I think I’ve said this before that when I travel, I need my music with me – apart from the other essentials (wallet, passport, etc). On one hand, listening to my music when I’m tired from a long day could help me get back on my feet but if the earphones I used are not up to my expectations, I would probably be more stressed out instead of being relaxed.

This is when Sudio Sweden’s first ever truly wireless earphone collection, SUDIO NIVA came to my attention.




Didn’t I say I was surprised when I saw SUDIO NIVA’s portable charging case? When I opened it and saw the two little earbuds in the case, I was so excited. You see, I’ve always wanted to try bluetooth earbuds but I fear it might easily fall off my ears when I use them – especially since I wear the hijab.

What if it wouldn’t stay in my ear properly because of the hijab? What if the pressure of the hijab would turn off the bluetooth button on the earbuds? Would the sound quality be as good (or better) as my other earphones?

I had so many questions but I guess the only way to find out if SUDIO NIVA would work with me is to go out there and try them out myself!

So what do I think of Sudio Sweden’s first ever truly wireless earphone collection?


SUDIO Sweden
Time to commute in the MRT and use SUDIO NIVA


The earbuds are teardrop-shaped designed to nestle comfortably in the conch of your ear.

I didn’t feel very comfortable when I used it though – both with and without my hijab. I think this has to do with my small ears. The earbuds did not nestle comfortably enough in my ears and even though I tried the smallest sized silicone tips, it didn’t fit very well in my earhole.

However, when my husband used them, he thought they felt really good and sometimes he didn’t even notice they were in his ears.

So, comfortability according to shape-wise, depends on the size and shape of your ears as well.

The versatility and functionality on the other hand, are great – especially when you’re on the go (i.e. commuting to work or when you’re doing house chores). As long as the earbuds are settled in the right position, you wouldn’t even notice you have them on after that.

Bluetooth Connection

SUDIO Niva has a 4.2 Bluetooth connection and the range is 10 meters. I connected the SUDIO Niva to my Samsung Note 5 and it still works even when there was a wall between me and my phone. As long as the range is within 10 meters, you can still listen to the sound or answer calls.

You should connect the earbuds at the same time or they won’t sync. Just like the other SUDIO earphone, you need to press the button for 7 seconds (first you’ll see blue blinking light and the red blinking light – red light to indicate ready to connect). Then you’ll hear voice prompt on your “right” earbud followed by your “left”. Then, your SUDIO Niva is ready for use.

However, if it’s idle for 10 minutes, the earbuds will shut off by itself (I assume to conserve energy).


SUDIO Niva is said to repel external sound. Like I said above, the earbuds didn’t fit very nicely in my small ears however, when I played my favourite song, the audio provided impressive bass. The earbuds works great with bass-heavy music like EDM or hip hop. The trebles are not too much – not too harsh and not too sparkling. But I am a bass person so I didn’t really mind. With proper positioning of the earbuds, you can hear the treble clearly though.

I was fine using it at full volume although sometimes I hoped it could be louder.

Battery Life

With one time full charge, you can use the earbuds for 3.5 hours non stop.

The portable case is also chargeable and you can charge the earbuds 4 more times totalling up to 17 hours until you need to recharge the portable case again. It takes one full hour to charge the portable case to full.

Below are the specification of SUDIO Niva:

  • Play time: 3.5h per charge
  • Portable case: Holds +4 charges
  • Earphones battery: 55mAh
  • Case battery: 500 mAh
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Range: 10 m
  • Driver: Dynamic
  • Siri function


At the moment, SUDIO Niva only comes in two colours : SUDIO Niva Black and SUDIO Niva White. I should’ve gotten myself the SUDIO Niva White though because I kinda like the rose gold buttons on the earbuds.



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