Why Sudio TRE Is My Go-To Travel Companion

Two of my most important things to have whenever I travel would be my wallet and my music. Okay, and maybe my passport if I travel overseas.

Music plays a large part when I travel because I usually have my down-time during my travels – only introverts would understand this – and my music is what helps me to “recharge”.

For me to do this, I would need a good earphone and this is where Sudio Sweden’s earphone come into the picture.

Sudio TRE Bluetooth Earphone


I have always used regular type earphones because I had the impression that bluetooth earphones does not have the same quality as a plug-in earphone in terms of sound. Boy, was I wrong.

For the past one month, I have used Sudio TRE during my short journeys on the MRT from Kajang to Mutiara Damansara, I have used Sudio TRE when I was on the cruise trip from Penang to Phuket (and back), I have used Sudio TRE in my bedroom and then walked to my bathroom 10 metres away and not having to bring my handphone with me.

What did I mean by that, you asked?

Bluetooth connection

The bluetooth connection of Sudio TRE is the Bluetooth version 4.1 which could go as far as 15 metres. It doesn’t matter if you go to the other side of the wall, as long as you are within the 15-metre range, the connection will stay crisp and clear.

If you get out of the 15-metre range though, your music or bluetooth connection would break and be on standby. When you get back in range, it will continue like normal.

Clear sound


I have tried many earphones before, including one of my favourites; Monster Beats by Dr Dre. I think however, when it comes to the sound, I love that it is clear and drown out sound from the outside.

Of course, this would also depend on the device you connect your Sudio TRE to. I tried it on my Android Samsung Galaxy Note 5, on my Apple iPad, and also on my Laptop. Each devices varies in terms of sound – especially the bass, but what’s definite is that I didn’t have to maximize my device’s volume just so that I can hear the music fine and clear.

Sudio TRE  also offers Siri voice control and mic clarity.

Battery Life

I used my Sudio TRE up to 9 hours (of listening to music and answering calls). It can go up to 10 days on standby, without having to turn it off. I do turn it off however, because I prefer to save my battery life. In case the battery is dead, a quick charge of about 10 minutes will be able to kickstart it and it can last for about an hour of usage. It takes only 2 hours for the earphone to be fully charged using it’s USB Cable. You would have to connect it to your own adapter though.

Easy Storage

One of the features about Sudio TRE that I love would be the leather pouch. The earphone fits perfectly well in the little leather pouch and I can even keep it in my jeans’ back pocket. I am a person who appreciates that it didn’t take much space in my bag. No more hassle of tangled earphones with this nifty leather pouch.

Wingtip Earphone

At first, I was a little apprehensive if Sudio TRE’s wingtip would be a hassle for someone who wears the hijab like me. Would it be easy for me to insert it into my ears under the hijab? Would it feel comfortable when my hijab is pressed against it?

After many times using it during my travels – in the car, in the MRT, in the bus, in the airplane and even on a cruise ship, I can say that it takes minimal effort to insert the earphone underneath the hijab. Unless you wear a few layers of hijab and inner, you wouldn’t have a problem to adjust the position that feels right and comfortable to you.

There are three sizes of wingtip. I used the Medium size, which sometimes I even forgot I had it in my ear.

Plus point : The wingtip makes the earphone secure once it is in place.


My Sudio TRE earphone is in Black because I think it would fit in with any of my outfit’s colors. However, Sudio TRE comes in other colors too:

Sudio Sweden’s Origin

I think I just have to share this as I read Sudio TRE’s “User Manual” on the origin of Sudio.

The name Sudio came to be when one of the founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphones. With the frustration of not yet being able to offer any better alternative to Phil, the only words he could say were: “Trust me I know the feeling,” as they shared eye contact. The name “Sudio” is an homage to Phil Collins’ song Sussudio and the determination of succeeding with the venture rendered from the bitter sweet anecdote. – Copied from Sudio TRE’s User Manual

So, if you’re interested in buying Sudio TRE, or other Sudio products (and they have other gorgeous products with gorgeous colours too!), head on to www.sudiosweden.com/my IMMEDIATELY. You can get the earphones or headphones for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. It comes in beautiful packaging.

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