RunawayBella Featured On Printed Media 2016

2016 is coming to an end. It had been quite a roller-coaster ride this year. Not that I’m saying I don’t like roller-coaster rides, but some things that happened to me this year were unpredictable. I didn’t travel as much as I’d love to though, especially minimizing overseas travel. Hoping that my 2017 will be more fun-filled though – with many more travels.

Runaway Bella on printed media

I was featured and mentioned a few times on online media this year and was featured on printed media too. I appreciate being featured on both online and printed media but this year is the first year Runaway Bella was featured on printed media so this surely deserves a shout-out.

I think if I decide to travel solo this year, I might pick a less-traveled-place-by-Malaysians like Armenia. I saw the Armenia tour package recently and not only I find the price affordable, but the photos of the country are rustic, definitely my kinda thing. Who knows? Maybe by traveling here solo, it would make me be featured in more newspaper and magazines?

RunawayBella On Utusan Malaysia

Utusan Malaysia is Malaysia’s national newspaper, written fully in Malay language or Bahasa Malaysia.

I received a call from Fauzi on Thursday who told me he wanted to feature me in Utusan Malaysia’s “Blogger .com” column. The story was set to be out on that Saturday. I was very happy to receive the call but due to my busy schedule that day, only managed to submit my own travel photos late that night. (Sorry Fauzi!)

Happily, on Saturday, 13th August 2016, my travel photos and stories about me were splashed across page 9 of the “.COM” section of Utusan Malaysia.

During our phone interview earlier that Thursday, Fauzi asked me if I had had any bad experiences during my travels, places I’ve been to, why I love to travel and so on so forth. The story he wrote was about one of my travel experiences I could not forget a few years ago in South Africa. It was just pure bad luck for my friend and I, I guess, that our belongings were stolen. However, that experience still would not stop me from returning to Cape Town and her beautiful attractions.

RunawayBella On Destination Malaysia

Runaway Bella on printed media

Runaway Bella on printed media

I was also featured on Destination Malaysia in their Issue 7 magazine of the Travelogue page. I didn’t know about this at first, until another friend highlighted it to me through Facebook.

I was happy to know that I made the cut as one of “7 Digital Travellers To Follow”. I liked the description the writer wrote about my musings on Twitter (I do chatter quite a lot on Twitter). However, I’ve recently opened another Twitter account strictly for my travel musings at If you think you would be interested in my 140 characters soliloquy on travels then please do follow me there.

Destination Malaysia also has an app where you can read it online. You can download the app on both the App Store and Google Play.

More Success For RunawayBella In 2017

RunawayBella has managed to stay alive (read: online) for the past 3 years. I wish there will be bigger success for RunawayBella in 2017, following the unexpected win as MSMW’s Best Travel Blog 2016. I especially wish I would be able to travel more in 2017 and share more stories and tips with RunawayBella readers.

Hope to always get the support from all of you!

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