Bamboo Rafting at Uluhati, Hulu Langat

It was a cool Friday morning, as we rode the bus to Uluhati, Hulu Langat and everyone was excited for our first activity of the day. We started our journey from Matic, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur and it took about 40 minutes to Uluhati with smooth traffic.

Diuluhati Farm’s location is not accessible by bus so we had the “Langat Express” to take us to the meeting point where we first had our breakfast before the first activity of the day – bamboo rafting along the river.

Once again, we had to ride the “Langat Express” to get to the river. What is “Langat Express”? Check out the photo below.

Open air "Langat Express"

Bamboo Rafting Is Fun Fun Fun!

With a bunch of happening and crazy friends on this wet journey, it sure was a fun experience.

Riding the “Langat Express” from Diuluhati to the Langat River took about 15 minutes and once there, we got into our gear – yes, safety life jackets is a must, since the rapids can be rough at certain areas and throw you off (especially when high tide) – before setting off on our bamboo rafting journey.

We were welcomed by the sight of bamboo rafts when we arrived at our meeting point. The rafts are made of original bamboos that are tied tightly with dried coconut fronds so that the bamboos will stay together. The bamboos must not be tied with metal because that will cause them to break when they expand in the water.

We were then told to pair up before “boarding” our rafts. How do I like crossing the river walking on floating bamboos? It was cool.

What we thought would just be a 20-30 minutes journey turned out to be an hour of bamboo rafting. We went through a few small and large rapids, sight-seeing some of the villages and “kampung” people, dodging low tree branches and seeing our rowman being thrown into the river twice. My partner, Lloyd felt sorry for him but we couldn’t exactly get off our raft to help him, what with the strong water current.

Bamboo Rafting Diuluhati

According to the owner of Diuluhati, Mr. Shaipudin Shah Harun or familiarly known as Pak Din, the Bamboo Rafting activity is usually based on request and the rafts used are not the long rafts as per the photos in my album but a wider raft that can fit more than 3 people. The rafts used for us that day were specially made to let us experience the “authentic feel” of bamboo rafting.

Pak Din also informed that there are more activities available at Diuluhati and one of the most popular package chosen, especially for Team Building activities is the “Uluhati Survival School”. This package includes a more specialized and intense training that may require 5 days stay at Diuluhati. The package includes activities such as:

  • Rapelling
  • Archery
  • Scuba Diving
  • Parachute Training
  • Jungle Survival Skills
  • Arm Combat

Other facilities or activities available at Diuluhati also includes horse riding, farm visit, outdoor wedding or parties, lodge stay (longhouse), camping and many other outdoor activities to be done nearby.

Have you tried bamboo rafting before?


Address: Lot 2668, Kampong Kuala Perdik Seberang, 
Jalan Ulu Lui, Batu 18, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor. 
Phone: +6012 271 6262  
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