Garden Rhapsody at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Gardens By The Bay

Have you ever been to Gardens By The Bay in Singapore? Located nearby the famous Marina Bay Sands, it is one of Singapore’s popular tourist attractions and a must-visit place for many. Either you’re coming here in the day or at night, for touring purposes or for a date with your loved one, the OCBC Garden Rhapsody is an amazing place to go to.

I was at the Supertree Grove at night a few weeks ago and fell in love with the amazing music and lights of the Garden Rhapsody. My friend and I was at Gardens By The Bay a little late though, and were unable to explore more of the gardens. I advice you to take a whole day off if possible, in order to enjoy Gardens By The Bay leisurely.

Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove


The Supertree Grove is a 12 interconnected steel Supertrees at a height range of 25-50 metres or 16 storey high. The Supertrees are large canopies that provides shade in the day and also works as a platform for light and music at night. There are 3 Supertrees in the Golden Garden and 3 Supertrees in the Silver Garden.

Two of the 25-metre Supertrees are connected by a canopy walk called the “OCBC Skyway.” The bridge is at a height of 22-metres and the walkway is 128-metres length. The tallest Supertree, at the height of 50-metres has a Supertree Top Bistro that provides 360o view of the gardens.

OCBC Garden Rhapsody

The OCBC Garden Rhapsody is a twice nightly show that starts at 7.45pm and 8.45pm respectively, happening at the Gardens By The Bay Supertree Grove. The Garden Rhapsody is an experience of music and lights which celebrates the harmonious co-existence of Man and Garden, making the trees here seemed alive.

The Garden Rhapsody can be viewed from a distance or inside the Supertree Top Bistro itself. Each performance uses 48 independent audio speakers to stream music from every corner of The Grove, making the place seemed like its playing live music. The changing light color follows the beat of the music.

Each show lasts for 10 minutes and the performances will change every 3 months according to the music composed by the music director, Mr. Philip Tan.


 Gardens By The Bay

How to get to Gardens By The Bay

By Car

From ECP towards Changi Airport

  • Take Exit 17 and turn right onto Central Boulevard
  • Turn right onto Marina Station Road
  • Turn left onto Marina Street
  • Head on onto Marina Boulevard
  • Turn left at Marina Gardens Drive

From ECP towards the City

  • Take Exit 17A and turn left to Marina Place
  • Continue on to Marina Boulevard
  • Turn left at Marina Gardens Drive

By MRT / Bus

North-South Line

  • Alight at Marina Bay MRT
  • Go to Exit A, take bus #400
  • Get down at 4 stops later along Marina Gardens Drive

Circle Line

  • Alight at Bayfront MRT
  • Go to Exit B and follow the underground linkway
  • Exit linkway, cross the Dragonfly Bridge to Gardens By The Bay

From Marina Bay

  • If you’re coming from the Helix Bridge towards the Art Science Museum, follow the footpath that leads under the ECP which will bring you directly to Bay South Garden along the Waterfront.
  • If you’re from Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, walk across the Lions Bridge at Level 4 that connects the Dragonfly Bridge into Bay South Garden.

Other info on Supertree Grove

  • Skyway : Opens at 9am – 9pm
  • Last ticket sale : 8pm
  • Last admission : 8.30pm
  • Price : S$5
Gardens By The Bay
18, Marina Gardens Drive, SG 018953
Facebook :
Telephone : +65 6420 6848
Website :

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  1. sudah pernah kesini tapi pagi hari.
    kalo malam ternyata lebih cantik ya

    btw, apa kabar bella?

    1. Hi Helga,
      Ya, malam lebih cantik dengan lampu warna warni. Rasa tenang dan dingin juga.

      Bella sihat saja disini Helga. Hope you are too. Missed you! 🙂

  2. i love this place. one of the reasons why i like travels to Singapore 🙂

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