Plane Spotting at Phuket Mai Khao Beach

Plane Spotting Near Airport Phuket

It was the second time for my husband and I to be in Phuket, Thailand together. We won a 2-night stay at Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay (again!) and thought it would be a nice getaway after our first anniversary – and reminiscing our honeymoon last year (ahem).

This time, we wanted to really experience our hotel (read: lazing in room and sleep till noon) so we didn’t have any itinerary planned except for plane spotting. Plane spotting at Phuket Mai Khao Beach seemed to be quite popular these days. We decided we wanted to check it out ourselves and try to get some good shots with the planes.

Getting To Mai Khao Beach For Plane Spotting

This was the tough part. You can find blogs on plane spotting at Phuket but once you touch down at Phuket Airport, not every taxi driver knows what you’re talking about or the best way to go there.

Our scenario was, upon touch down we would go from Phuket Airport – Mai Khao Beach – (driver will wait for 30 minutes) – Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay.

Upon arrival and picking up our luggage, we went from operator to operator to inquire if they would agree to our route. Some operators turned us down but most operators do agree with a bit of a price tag. The operators inside the Arrival Airport would charge us around THB 2000-2200. So, we decided to try our luck with the operators outside of the airport.

After asking around, we found one operator who was willing to charge us THB1650 (charges includes waiting time for 30 minutes). Grabcar charges are pretty much the same as the ones inside the Arrival Airport, and they might charge extra if they have to wait.

Another thing I noticed recently when I go to Thailand, transport operators would note that you’re a Muslim traveller and would usually provide a Muslim driver too. I assumed it’s to make the traveler feel more comfortable or maybe it would be another way to attract a return customer (e.g. the traveler would ask the driver to take him or her to a Muslim-friendly restaurant or Muslim-friendly places to visit, etc).

Our driver drove us about 15 minutes to Mai Khao Beach. If you view it on the map, the viewpoint is so nearby that if there was a “back door”, we could’ve just walked to the point in 10 minutes. Alas, plane spotting is no monkey business and airports has one of the tightest security in the world. So no “back door” there. Even a walk would take almost an hour so a taxi or grabcar ride is definitely the best choice!

When we arrived along Mai Khao Beach, the taxi was directed by a local authority to park nearby Coriacae Boutique Resort’s parking area. From there, we can either walk along beach on Splash Beach Resort’s walkway that would be about 10 minutes stroll or take one of the tuk-tuk’s that was waiting around Coriacae Boutique Resort’s parking to take us to the viewpoint. A tuk-tuk ride would take about 2-3 minutes but it also comes at a price: THB150.

We opted for the tuk-tuk.

Plane Spotting at Phuket Mai Khao Beach Airport Viewpoint – What A View!

Plane spotting
Plane spotting

When we arrived, there weren’t any plane landing at the Phuket International Airport so we took the time to really enjoy the view and the blue waters of Mai Khao Beach.

Oh, what a gorgeous sight!

We really enjoyed the porous white sand that are just so soft to the touch and walking along the beach as we waited for a plane for two to arrive. It was very easy to spot the planes too, the bright sunlight casting twinkles on the plane bodies as look out towards the horizon.

You can find some locals selling food or drinks nearby too but please make sure to throw plastic or any rubbish in it’s designated place. It is quite dangerous to have light items lying around when you’re nearby high powered engines and turbines – like the Airbus, for example.

My husband and I was only there for 30 minutes and we managed to spot Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Jetstar and Flyscoot.

Plane spotting
Plane spotting
Plane spotting

Have you been plane spotting at Phuket Mai Khao Beach? What plane did you spot?

Best time for plane spotting?

The best time for plane spotting at Phuket Mai Khao Beach would be from 10am – 2pm daily because during these hours, the sun are shining and it makes the beach sparkle and shine like blue diamonds.

Did you know that airplanes must face the wind when they take off and land?

During the different seasons, you will either catch airplanes departing or arriving from Mai Khao Beach. Since Mai Khao Beach is located at the Southern end of Phuket International Airport, you will be able to spot planes landing from the months of December – May because the wind blows from Northwest to Southwest and from June – November, you will spot planes departing because of the wind changes.

Phuket International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Thailand with the capacity of 30 flights per hour (or more, in high season) so you can be sure to spot some really nice airplanes while you’re at Mai Khao Beach.

Mai Khao Beach is open for swimming as well so you can get a dip as you wait to take photos or videos with the plane of your choice.

Caution: Sound of jet engines can cause loss of hearing (especially for children) so do be cautious of your position or where you stand. Also, DO NOT leave light objects around the beach or nearby the fences as these items can be projected by the power of the aircraft turbines.

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17 thoughts on “Plane Spotting at Phuket Mai Khao Beach

  1. woww.. syoknya dapat pi teman cantik macam Phuket Mai Khao Beach .. antara tempat yang masuk list TB teringin nak pi.. huhu.. sweet betul pemandangan kat sana kan.. se sweeet pasangan tuuu.. alahai..

  2. I’ve never been in phuket before this and i hope i can come here and enjoy the plane spotting. Because it looks so fantastic view.

  3. bagusnya diorang provide muslim driver for muslim traveller.

  4. Menarik juga ambik gambar dengan berlatarbelakang kapal terbang ni. Cantik juga berposing gitu. Unik juga tempat untuk melihat kapal terbang ye?. Pernah ke Phuket tapi tak pernah buat aktiviti ni.

  5. Bestnya bercuti dengan orang yang kita sayang, kan Bella Dapat spent time together 😇

    Pantai Phuket cantik. Tenang je bila tengok laut. Ada pula kapal terbang lalu ikut atas tu ☺️

  6. seronoknya pergi phuket.. teringin nak jalan jalan ke Thailand makan somtam. memang nice la port ni. dapat bergambar puas sambil tengok flight landing. insyallah kalu ada rezeki boleh la BBL datang makan angin ke sini

  7. Menariknye. Boleh tengok aeroplane dari dekat. Kat tepi pamtai plak tu. Bestnye dapat tengok shining beach macam diamond

  8. Cantikkan pemandangan kat sana. Awan yang biru, air laut yang biru. Dan tetiba ada kapal terbang lalu. Rare tau.

  9. Seronok baca blog pasal travel2 ni. Buatkan rasa nk travel lagi je. Pulau dkt krabi pon cantik weh. Phuket tk sempat terjah lagi. Makanan sana senang cari halal jgk kan

  10. Wah..nice view!!
    tak boleh bayang plane bersilih ganti atas kepala.Ni kalau dengan anak-anak mesti dorang teruja dapat tengok plane dekat2..

  11. wow. ohsem!
    aida pernah lepak di tepi airport langkawi. makan2 dgn friends.
    bella sure tau lah kan tempat tu. paling suka bila plane nak landing.
    mcm nak terjah ke arah kita!!! menakutkan!!!
    sgt suka lah entri ni. membuka mata tempat best di phuket.
    lom ada rezeki nak ke sana lagi, bella.
    dah la now rm dan baht da semakin jauh jarak nyer. rm1 dah x dpt 10baht dah 🙁 sedih…

  12. Tak penah pergi phuket lagi, tapi view dalam gambar ni cantik sekali. Suka tengok.. Boleh plan ke Phuket pulak lepas nih.

  13. Wow. What a great experience having plane spotting on your 2nd anniversary. May Allah bless your marriage 🙂

  14. wah cantik!! tak pernh sampai lgi kat sana.. kalau pergi sure x larat nk amik gambar ni… best best… tq sudi share =D

  15. Tak pernah tau ada tempat macam ni kat sana, kalau tau sure dh gi sb boleh bergambar mcm Bella kat sana..hehehe.
    Kalau ada rezeki lagi ke sana..nak gi lah kat tempat ni

  16. wow..tq for sharing..bolelah dapat tahu ada plane spotting kat phuket nie..

  17. Kita suka tengok kapal terbang manusia tu hehehe sangat sweet manis bak gula lah wakakakaka comel jer kapal terbang kena angkat tu romantik kena dengan tema dan tempat nya hehehehe…

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