SkyRides Festivals Park Putrajaya : Where Nature, Adventure & Wonderment Come Alive!

When you hear SkyRides Festivals Park, many might not know that it is one of Putrajaya’s latest attraction. Putrajaya, synonymous as the Federal Government hub, is known to host many events throughout the year for the public. However, a little different than the other events held in Putrajaya, the SkyRides Festivals Park is here to stay – or for another five years, anyway.

Opened in early May 2015, SkyRides Festivals Park lines up a number of activities for visitors to enjoy themselves here. Every day is a festival at this park with attractions that involved the best of all elements – land, water and sky. And how did it fare? Although I’ve only managed to experience only two out of the eight attractions available at the SkyRides Festivals Park a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t say no to a second or third visit to this all-integrated festival park in the future.

What To Do At SkyRides Festivals Park?

Oh there are a lot of activities to spend some quality time with friends and families here. One great way to take some time off from that never ending pile of work or endless emails from the office. So, what sort of attractions available are there at SkyRides Festivals Park? I list them here :

  1. SkyCruise


Hopping on a leisure cruise around Putrajaya Lake and immersing oneself in the spectacular scenery of Putrajaya? Check.

You will get an interactive information from the guide in the SkyCruise as you cruise along Lake Putrajaya. The ride will take about 20 minutes around Lake Putrajaya. You get to see the mosques, bridges, monuments, vast architechtures and many more all throughout the ride.

SkyCruise SkyCruise SkyCruise

  1. SkyRides Balloon

SkyRides Balloon

This is Malaysia’s first and largest tethered helium balloon. I’ve been on a few hot air balloon rides (read : hot air) but this is my first ride on a helium balloon, albeit tethered, it still does give the exhilarating feeling of being on top of the world.

The helium balloon is full of safety features, one of it is that you will be in a cage-like space, set in a circle. You will have a pilot. There is a control panel to measure wind speed. Since the tethered balloon can only go up to a height of 150metres (maximum), you may be rest assured that the wind is not so strong up there. However in case of strong wind or rain, there will be no ride for visitors.

In my experience, I have been in a hot air balloon at a height of 6,000 feet, which is only piloted based on the direction of wind and a single burner. There is nothing scary about this tethered helium balloon in comparison to what I’ve experienced, so for those who are afraid of heights, I recommend you still try this and see for yourself a part of Putrajaya from a bird’s eye view.

SkyRides Balloon SkyRides Balloon SkyRides Balloon

  1. SkyWarrior


The sky is the limit for you SkyWarriors out there.

This game is to test your strength and endurance. Since I am not much of an outdoorsy person, I don’t think I will be trying out this activity, although, with the right friends and the right amount of “dares”, I might take up the challenge and prove my agility with this. Well, maybe someday, just not today. LOL!

There are many rainforest-inspired obstacle course here, complete with hurdles, pits, cliff ledges, ropes and many more! An incredible challenge especially tailored for adrenaline junkies and fitness enthusiasts. (Did I say I’m not an outdoorsy person?)

The games are not only to test your physical abilities but also the sharpness of your mental capabilities. So, are you game?


4. SkyKids


Parents don’t need to worry that their kids will get bored or get lost in this vast park anymore. The SkyKids section is the ultimate playground for kids and the young-at-heart (like myself), where there are a variety of attractions of fun and pleasure.

Bouncy castle you say? I am SO jumping in there!

5. SkyDemo

Like arts and crafts? Head down here to show your artistic side. Even if you’re not artistic, you can still come to this section and create something to remember your experience at SkyRides Festivals Park. I created a friendship bracelet.

  1. SkyTaste

Food. Everybody needs food and an array of tantalizing food awaits at the SkyTaste section. Tired of playing and need some refreshments? This is the place to go and cool yourself down with a drink or two.

  1. SkyGallery

There are many collectibles on SkyRides Festivals Park available here. Bring back mementos for yourself or your loved ones. You can’t find them anywhere else!

  1. SkyStage

The SkyStage is where all the live shows and musical performances are up at. This is where you get your entertainment folks. And the most beautiful part of it is that, the performances is set against the backdrop of the incredible park. You’ve got to see it for yourself to believe it!

Since the SkyRides Festivals Park is open until night, I recommend a trip to this place at night. The air is cooler and colorful lights around the park looks lovely. If you would just like to drop by for a walk with your partner, this would be a great place to visit too!

Entrance Fees and Operation Time

It is free to get in to the SkyRides Festivals Park. However, a separate fee will be incurred for the Skyrides Balloon and SkyWarrior activities respectively.

Operation Hours : 10am – 10pm (Daily)

Location of SkyRides Festivals Park

Jalan P2M, Precint 2, 62100 Putrajaya
FB : skyridesfestivals
Twitter : @skyridesfestiv
IG : skyridesfestivals

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35 thoughts on “SkyRides Festivals Park Putrajaya : Where Nature, Adventure & Wonderment Come Alive!

  1. Sky rides looks so adventurous and so fun to ride on! Although I am bit Height Phobia but YOLO so have to try all these fun activities =D

    1. LOL! YOLO indeed. But the balloon is not too high, there’s a maximum limit so it’s not so scary. 😛

  2. Wow first time hearimg bout this and the sky cruise sounds interesting! I wanna visit at night for the beautiful night sky view

  3. I dont know there were this happneing every year in putrajaya until I read ur post. Thanks for reporting this! Hoping for more pictures, hehe

    1. No problem. Well, there are so many interesting attractions in Putrajaya nowadays. Hope you’ll be able to visit them.

  4. Omg! Skyride festival park looks amazing. I’ve been on the cruise before during an event but I would love to try out the Skywarrior activity! Such a fun place to hang out with friends

    1. I don’t think I’m fit enough for the Skywarrior. LOL! But yeah, it is a fun activity to do with a bunch of friends. I’m sure you would enjoy it.

  5. how do you find all these activities?? if i didn’t read it here, i wouldn’t even know there existed fun stuff like these.

    1. I’m sure you would enjoy them. They are nice and romantic, especially at night.

  6. Never know that the place has lotta interesting outdoor activities. Very keen to go there now. 🙂

    1. Hope you would be able to go to Putrajaya and enjoy the activities there. Or you can find other interesting things to do at Putrajaya by clicking on my ‘Putrajaya’ category.

  7. Is this for a limited period of time or it’s here to stay for good? ;D

    1. So far, it is to be at the location for 5 years period. There is still another 4 years left, if I’m not mistaken.

  8. Oh wow.. so awesome.. I wish I can go on a hot air balloon ride someday too… and hell I did not know there were sooooooo many interesting stuff to do in Putrajaya like ths!!!!

    1. Hahaha. I have so many things to write on Putrajaya. Hope you’ll come back and read them or if you need to find other activities available in Putrajaya, you can check out ‘Putrajaya’ at my drop down menu.

  9. wow. everything sky. looks so fun with all of the activities. my dream is to go onto a hot air-balloon. seriously on my bucket list.

    1. This one is a helium balloon so it doesn’t go up so high and it has a cage, however, the feeling is the same so I’m sure you’ll feel fun riding in the balloon. 🙂

  10. I wanted to go for hot air balloon since TLC Festival cancel. I should get it at Putrajaya now.

    1. The balloon at Putrajaya is the helium balloon and not the hot air balloon like at the TLC event. However, the feel is similar. Hope you’ll enjoy the flight!

  11. Aliza sara says:

    Wow! been wanting to be there myself. Now i know why its such a hype among my friends. i’ve been lacking of fun time lately, so why not? 😉

    1. Did you get the chance to try out the balloon ride or experience any of the other attractions in Putrajaya? Looking forward to reading on your experience soon.

  12. Betty Liew says:

    Sky warrior look challenging. I dont know whether i have the stamina to challenge myself for this.

    1. Yeah, Skywarrior is a challenging sport even though there are only about 5 obstacles but I don’t think I’m fit enough for it. I would rather just cheer at the viewing point. LOL!

    1. Yes, it is fun. Hope you’ll get a chance to go there and try it yourself. 🙂

  13. Didn’t know about SkyRides Festivals Park this latest attraction at Putrajaya until I read your post, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Glad I managed to spread the word on the latest update in Putrajaya! Hope you’ll be able to visit them and try out these attractions yourself. 😉

  14. I didn’t know about this until now. Should come to visit this when I go back to Putrajaya! So much fun!

    1. I guess it’s because the attractions are still new so not many people knows about it. Also, many people think Putrajaya is just a government hub with no fun attractions whatsoever so they don’t try to find out if there are any fun things to do there. So, I’m just spreading the word and hope more people can visit Putrajaya and enjoy themselves with friends and families.

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