Nothing Compares to Naam Adventure Leisure and Watersport

Living the life luxuriously would definitely be everyone’s dream, especially when traveling. With Naam Adventure, anyone would be pampered, experience rare activities and also bring back priceless memories in the end.

Naam Adventure offers luxurious activities for tourists in Langkawi. Through my experiences, it is suffice to say that nothing compares to Naam Adventure Leisure and Watersport activities there.

Naam Adventure Sunset Cruise

Oh, I have to say, the sunset cruise with Naam Adventure is my favourite. Particularly since I love sunrises and sunsets. Also because I get to pretend I’m P. Diddy on a Catamaran for 4 hours.

Naam Adventure Cruise

Since Langkawi is blessed with weather conditions that would allow cruises throughout the year, yatch charter business is booming in that little island. Not to mention there are many beautiful islands, idyllic beaches and amazing lime-stone cliffs rising from the green waters of the Andaman Sea that are just sought-after by ocean lovers like myself.

I experienced the Naam Adventure Private Half Day Cruise on the Sea Falcon which included swimming at a designated stop point, sunset watching, buffet dinner, free flow of drinks and a live band to entertain me and the other passengers throughout the journey. A private half day cruise on board the Sea Falcon is for a maximum of 20 people so it’s not too crowded and a great way to mingle!

Naam Adventure Sunset Cruise
Model At Work
Naam Adventure Sunset Cruise
Fish caught on net!
Naam Adventure Sunset Cruise
Waiting for sunset

I even took a dip in the sea (life jacket and all). Didn’t care about my sun-kissed skin at all.

Naam Adventure Sunset Cruise
Excuse my wet, scraggly hair

Naam Adventure Sunset Cruise

Did you know that you can request extras for your cruise too (at additional price)? Say, if you want to propose on a cruise and would like to add some fireworks after she said yes, Naam Adventure will accommodate you. How cool is that?

Naam Adventure Mangrove Eco-Safari Tour

Ever been to a mangrove tour on a 24-feet jet boat? Not only will you get a comfortable and elegant experience moving through the mangrove’s curvy waters, you would also be able to get a good 360 view of your surrounding.

Naam Adventure Magrove Eco-Safari

Naam Adventure Eco-Safari

There will be many monkeys around the mangrove area. It is forbidden to feed them because most of the are aggresive. There are some tour operators who does feed them though (illegally) as a tourist attraction package, however, this is unnatural and is teaching the monkeys to steal (water bottles or breads) when they are not being fed.

Naam Adventure Eco-Safari Tour
Kilim Geoforest Park

I followed Naam Adventure Mangrove Eco-Safari Tour on their jet boat called the Sea Vulture. A private tour would be around 4 hours where they take you through the mangrove area, have a short pit-stop in front of the Kilim Geoforest Park for photo opportunities before proceeding to the Bat Cave in the park. I was trying to look for Batman but I think he was busy protecting Gotham City on that day. There were however, an abundance of guano so make sure you cover your head (wear head cover) if you make your way in the Bat Cave.

Eagle watching is also another activity that can be done as you’re on your jet boat. You can listen to their calls and if you’re lucky, even see them catch some fish. Other birds includes the Kingfisher, Swift, Heron and others.

Naam Adventure Eco-Safari Tour

The cool part of my Sea Vulture ride? Our jet boat captain is one out of only two lady captains at Naam Adventure.

And another cool part? I get to manouver the jet boat a la Angelina Jolie in the movie The Tourist (while searching for my Johnny Depp in the sparkling green sea).

Other Naam Adventure Activities

Naam Adventure Sports

I didn’t get to experience the other activities by Naam Adventure due to time constraint although there are many, namely:

  • Jet Ski
  • Parasailing
  • Banana Boat
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Island Drop
  • 4×4 Ride

There are so many packages offered by Naam Adventure too, for thrill-adventurers, for the romantics, for VIP experiences, for custom packages and so many more. All you need is some imagination and some deep pockets.

I was told that many tourists from Middle East and Europe enjoys the packages and activities offered by Naam Adventure. So Middle Easterners and Europeans who would love to experience Langkawi luxuriously, Naam Adventure will definitely be the right pick for all of you.

Naam Adventure
Jalan Tanjung Rhu,Kuah
07000 Langkawi, Kedah.
Tel: +6 04 963 9200

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  1. Aliza sara says:

    The sunset is just <3 Looks like you enjoyed yourself there 🙂

  2. I tried riding Jet Ski and 4×4 Ride and i have been on the Banana Boat but never tried Diving. It is on my bucket list though so hopefully I get to do that at Langkawi

  3. Looks like a combination of outdoor adventure and luxury. Naam is an easy enough name to remember. Will engage them when an opportunity arises.

  4. I really love the cruise at Naam Adventure. Will plan my activity there when I go to Langkawi end of this year

  5. The speedboat shot is so glamorous! I do love beach holidays the most.

  6. Such a long time I didnt travel to Langkawi already, must plan a day and give a visit 😀

  7. Linda Yee says:

    I like the beautiful beach. It’s a great adventure, want to go too.

  8. Looks like a really nice and relaxing holiday to explore the nature around!

  9. Fuyoooo… so exciting… I want to go on a yacht like this also.. must be so much fun…..and a dream come true

  10. seem so fun !! I want to try their jet boat ! I like adventure sport ^^

  11. all your pictures are perfectly taken! never been to langkawi tho haha. feel like trying parasailing

  12. I also want to pretend to be Angelina Jolie in The Tourist!

  13. Arisa Chow says:

    Always been a big fan of watersports but to be honest i am scared of water due to a swimming accident when i was young

  14. serious syok to go on an adventure holiday trip like that, been a long time for me

  15. wow such a nice trip with breathtaking view. i’m sure it’s fun to be out there!

  16. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Will bookmark this for future when I’m ready to travel again

  17. Oh… I love sunset too, this would be my dream trip 🙂

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