Kuala Lumpur City Guide

The bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, enjoys a unique reputation of charming its visitors in many special ways. Not only are the locals extremely friendly and the colonial architecture fascinating the main hub of the metropolis, the Golden Triangle, offers tourists a myriad of attractions.

The city hosts many promotional events throughout the year, inviting reputed journalists, writers, photographers and travel bloggers from all parts of the world. The prominent shopping outlets display an astonishing variety of upmarket brands, while the plethora of gastronomic delights make Kuala Lumpur a family friendly destination. This section is devoted for the convenience of the traveler who wishes to explore the city’s delights in an easy way.

Where to stay?

Hotels in the city cater to all types of budget, preference and style. From high end boutique hotels to comfortable backpackers properties, all strategically situated within short distances from the must see attractions, there is no dearth of accommodation for every visitor.

Places of Interest in KL

Minarets and skyscrapers punctuate the dazzling skyline of the city, which only a couple of hundred years ago was just a jungle. The dramatic change, bought about in such a short period, highlights the imprints made by it’s rulers in this now thriving city known to captive everyone. While Chinatown, with the hawker stalls and incensed temples will assault your senses, Brickfields, in Little India will satisfy your culinary carvings.

The Chow Kit indoor market will offer you a glimpse of how the locals live. In case you are aspiring to be close to nature, the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, situated right in the centre of the city is your best bet. For some taste of cosmopolitan flavour, the Kuala Lumpur City Centre or (KLCC) is undoubtedly the stellar attraction. The steel and glass structure of the Petronas Twin Towers beckon you to their neighbourhood which is buzzing day and night with malls, cafés, sleek bars and eateries.

Getting around in KL

Getting around in Kuala Lumpur can become a little difficult, especially due to the notorious traffic in a busy city which happens to be gridlocked. A pleasant pre-booked taxi ride, with a reputed transfer service like kiwitaxi is not only be convenient but comfortable and affordable as well. While most taxi operators in South East Asia are embroiled in petty scams, kiwitaxi is the only company which can ensure a safe and timely taxi traveling experience in Kuala Lumpur. The most popular and easy to use kiwitaxi app will provide important information like, driver’s name, photograph, contact number and estimated fare.

A frenetic city like Kuala Lumpur, despite its frantic strides towards development retains its laid back ambience and rich culture. Religious places can be found Kampung Baru or like Sin Sze Si Ya temple are something special. The Islamic Arts Museum, the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens, National Museum and the 421 m high Menara KL all provide a thrilling experience.

Kuala Lumpur, is a unique melting pot of several nations. From Malay,Tamil, Thai to a large number of expats, many people reside comfortably and freely in this amazing city.

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