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Located at Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, this 7th freestanding tower in the world is one of the skyscrapers that Malaysians should be proud of. The construction of KL Tower was completed in 1995. KL Tower was fully open to the public on 1st October 2016.

About KL Tower

Measured from ground to the roof of the KL Tower pod, it is 335 metres above ground. Including antenna, KL Tower stands proudly at 421 metres from ground level. There are 1,850 steps of stairs and 4 elevators to get to the top.

KL Tower was used as communication purposes at first. As years pass by, it is used for other activities or to carry out events. Sports events such as KL Tower International Towerthon Challenge, KL Tower International (BASE) Jump and many more are held here every year.

Before the beginning of Ramadhan, Syawal or Zulhijjah, KL Tower acts as Islamic falak observatory too. KL Tower is high enough to observe crescent moon that marks the beginning of this Islamic months.

If you come to Kuala Lumpur, the KL Tower is one of Malaysia’s attractions that you should visit. Apart from the Observatory Deck, KL Tower also has the Skydeck, the famous Revolving Restaurant and the latest addition to the tower; Skybox.

KL Tower Observatory Deck and Skydeck

View from KL Tower Skydeck
View from KL Tower Skydeck

KL Tower Observatory Deck and Skydeck are located at the 86th and 90th floor respectively.

If you would like to view Kuala Lumpur within the safe confinement of glass and through a viewfinder, the Observatory Deck is for you. If you are more adventurous and prefer the open air to view Kuala Lumpur the Skydeck is perfect for you. You can purchase some souvenirs at a souvenir shop at the Observatory Deck. Both floors gives you 360 view of Kuala Lumpur.

I personally prefer the Skydeck. Although the ledge is quite wide, the view of Kuala Lumpur is breathtaking from up there.

One of the artwork on Skydeck
One of the artwork on Skydeck

KL Tower ticket price

KL Tower Revolving Restaurant

The name of the Revolving Restaurant is Atmosphere 360.

KL Tower

KL Tower

Amosphere 360 is located inside KL Tower at a height of 282 metres above ground. It revolves slowly, enabling you to see Kuala Lumpur in 360 view from your table. Remember not to put your handbag or belonging near the sill though, or you would realize they’re missing after a few minutes.

Atmosphere 360 have lunch buffet, afternoon tea, hi-tea, dinner buffet and special set menus. They offer an array of modern authentic Malaysian food and International cuisine including Roasted Garlic, Nyonya Piety, Tandoori Chicken Salad, Patin Asam Tempoyak, Mussel with Kam Heong Sauce and many more.

KL Tower

Opening hours : Mon-Sun, 11.30am-10pm.

Price : Prices differ for different buffet sessions. Please go to Atmosphere 360 for current prices.

Get “High” In The New KL Tower Skybox

KL Tower

The KL Tower Skybox is most definitely one of my favourite attractions in KL Tower.

KL Tower Skybox is relatively new, opened end of May 2016. It is at 310 metres above ground.

Skybox is made of transparent acrylic glass. It extends out from the Skydeck Ledge. There are two Skyboxes in KL Tower. Located on the same level but on opposite sides, the background are also different. One Skybox overlooks KLCC and another overlooks Wisma Budiman.

Fitting a maximum of 6 people, you can have your friend accompany you in the box if you’re scared. But if you’re brave, go ahead and do some interesting poses for the camera!

There is no extra ticket price for Skybox. You can go to Skybox if you purchase the Skydeck ticket.

For more information, visit KL Tower or purchase discounted admission tickets by clicking here.

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  1. Elana Khong says:

    So much fun at the Sky Box. Feel so amazing looking down right? Hehehe…..

  2. Haven’t been to KL Tower before. haha But this looks interesting, maybe I’ll go soon!

  3. I am in KL many times but only twice to visit KL Tower. Always though that it is out of the way but not really. Only had to pay RM10 Uber from KL Sentral. Would love to go for the Skybox again.

  4. Ughh that sky box. Wanted to go there but i think i wont have the gut to even put my feet in there 😀

  5. I want to go back up there… it is so much fun with the right dose of adrenaline…(not the revolving restaurant lah)

  6. Aliza sara says:

    Of course the KL Tower is a must visit. Its the only tower that has a perfect view of KLCC tower. 😀

  7. Haven’t been to KL Tower in awhile but looking at the pictures, will certainly need to check up on it soon. Thumbs up for the share 🙂

  8. Living in kl so long but never knew of the activities they have!

  9. There is lots of things to do at KL Tower. Thanks for the infor and I shall bring my children there to explore.

  10. buffet in the sky!! it’s been ages since i’ve been to KL Tower.. must bring hubs here!

    1. but also.. if opening hours is just till 3pm then when do they serve the buffet dinner??? Hmmmm

  11. There are so many activities to do at KL tower nowadays! It has been ages since I last went. I would love to visit the skybox

  12. Must visit KL Tower if visiting KL. I love their night light show.

  13. think i have to pay them another visit now. so many interesting stuffs to do at the KL Tower!

  14. Never go up until the rooftop. So nice the view especially for dinning. I only join their towerthon but no changes see the view from above KL tower clearly.

  15. Atmosphere 360 definitely on my top list because you can see beautiful view from there.
    I should revisit again.

  16. The Skybox is new thing to me. Been so long, i think now there is so many things to do in KL Tower. Should be more fun and more attraction.

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