Firefly Airlines Introduces FY e-Wallet

As many nowadays seek more choices to go cashless, the mobile phone and internet is slowly becoming the new wallet. These cashless options have become a daily method of payment for users to even purchase a simple meal or coffee.

With FY e-wallet, travelers can now experience purchasing Firefly tickets quicker and easier – leading to a greater sense of satisfaction. Rest assured, the money will be safe and secured with Firefly.

FY e-wallet is a cashless convenience that allows travelers to purchase tickets with Firefly anytime with not having to worry about unsuccessful transactions, for instance, when utilizing debit cards or credit cards. Apart from that, travelers would also get an additional bonus amount from Firefly based on the category of amount that travelers purchase with Firefly.

The more travelers spend with Firefly, the more they would get back in return, giving the deposit a great value for money spent. This facility can be used anytime to purchase Firefly’s Flight tickets as well as any of Firefly’s add on products. This would also include all surcharges and taxes that is imposed by Firefly.

“After our soft launch in early December, we have received overwhelming response and many are satisfied with the product as there is bonus value to every package purchased”, said Ignatius Ong, CEO of Firefly Airlines

Having brought back the 20KGs baggage allowance after a short stint, Firefly strongly believes that this realistic weight given for free enables passengers to travel hassle free. As most of the passengers are from the Professional, Managerial, Executives and Businessmen (PMEB) group, this baggage allowance is a relieve to many as they travel for work purpose or short getaways.

Having signed a MoU with Tourism Selangor in conjunction with the launch of Tourism Selangor’s campaign “Discover Selangor, Heart of Malaysia” as part of the efforts to increase tourist arrivals into Selangor, especially from Singapore, Ong said Firefly will be offering special promotions throughout the year offering special prices with tour and travel agencies, as well as corporate companies that plan series of visits to Selangor.

Ong stressed on the importance of safety not only for all those who flies, but also for all those who drive as well. Firefly provides travel insurance through its smart partnership with AIG Insurance and as an additional convenience to its customers, car insurance too can be renewed at its website with a special 10% rebate and free delivery.

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