The Importance Of Business Card For My Blogs & How Gogoprint Helped Me

I’m not sure about you, but to me, business cards play a vital part in introducing my blog to other bloggers, travel writers, potential clients and for networking purposes. I have had business cards for both my websites; RunawayBella and Enveeus since I first started writing. Although some people might prefer to be fully digital, I still find a physical copy simpler than most.

So since my business cards for my websites are running out, I decided to find a place where I can print new business card designs. I have always had this shop I go to in Kajang town to make my business cards. Lately though, the price has increased even though the paper quality still have not improved. So I thought I want to find a new place to print them when I come by GOGOPRINT.

Gogoprint Offers Variety Of Products

Gogoprint is an online printing service that offers a variety of products to print like business cards, leaflets, presentation folders, tags and so many more.

By going to the website, I was able to configure the products I want myself, check the prices and decide on the quantities that I want. A standard 1 box of business card is 100 pieces. But the price of the business cards is what made me decide to purchase from Gogoprint immediately.

Can you believe that for a standard sized (9 x 5.4 cm) business card, 310gm Art Card, Font and Back Full Color cost only RM19.16? This is for normal production and delivery, which will arrive at your doorstep in 7 working days. The RM19.16 is inclusive of delivery!

I was so excited about that. What value for money! And I don’t have to spend time going to a shop just to send my artwork and then come back to the shop to pick up my business cards when it’s done. Everything is just at the tip of my fingers – as long as I have the internet, that is.

Gogoprint Services Is All Online

This is the part I absolutely love because I can do it all in one seating. All I have to do is choose if I want it printed both sides or just one side, including it’s finishing – round corners, lamination matte, lamination glossy, lamination matte and rounded corners, lamination glossy and rounded corners – before picking the quantities I require and place them in my cart.

After I am sure I have shopped all I needed, I then click checkout. Here, I will insert my address, my payment method and then upload my artwork. I uploaded my artwork in PDF format (which was first designed in PSD), which is the format they required. There was a slight problem on opening the PDF file on their end, probably because of the different Adobe versions but after some help from one of the staffs, Ameera, everything was fine and my artwork was on it’s way to the printing machine.

Anyway, if you do not know how to design your own business card, it is okay. Gogoprint can help design for you, however there is a service charge. You can check what are the extra charges at their website.

I appreciate that Gogoprint is on a secure server because it is very important that your payment details (credit card, online banking password, etc) will not be hacked as you insert them at checkout. Also, if the website collaborated with a payment gateway, then the website will have to make sure the payment gateway is also of a secure server and trusted gateway to ensure customer’s safety.

Easy To Use Website Interface

One more thing that I love about Gogoprint website is the user-friendly interface that even a noob can work around with. If you really don’t know how to order or which step to do first, you can click on the “Help Center” at the topmost tab of the website and check out the videos available or just read the FAQs there too.

If all fails and you would rather speak to someone, there’s a box at the bottom left where you can chat with a staff too.

Easy, peasy, Japaneasy!

I love my business cards!

Do visit and you can find out for yourself their products, prices, delivery locations and many more!

>> I would appreciate it you do not copy my artwork, thank you.

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