Superstar Libra : My 3D2N Cruise Penang-Phuket-Penang

The last time I went on a cruise was 3 years ago and it was quite a party. I wanted to be on a cruise again since then but I just didn’t have the opportunity, until recently.

When I was invited to go for a 3D2N cruise trip to Penang-Phuket-Penang via Star Cruise Asia’s own Superstar Libra, I accepted the invitation without hesitation. I had never been on any of Star Cruise Asia’s cruise line before and was looking forward to experience it firsthand.

3D2N Cruise On Superstar Libra

It was in the morning of 26th July when my friends and I gathered in front of Berjaya Times Square to wait for our coach. We were going to Penang via bus that morning since our cruise will only depart from Penang International Cruise Terminal (PICT), also known as Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal.

The bus trip took about 5 hours, not including lunch stop.

My friends and I were joining Superstar Libra’s newly introduced 3D2N vacation package. This cruise package currently departs from Penang every Wednesday at a package price of RM699 per person. Starting from 4th August 2017, the cruise will also start departure every Friday at a package price of RM899 per person.

First night on board Superstar Libra

We arrived at Penang International Cruise Terminal (PICT) at around 5pm. It took a while to register and check-in (since we’re a large group) but after receiving our keycards, we were ready to board the cruise. Keycards are the “life line” on board the cruise since every transaction is made with the keycard, so it is imperative to not lose it.

We went through immigration and have our passports checked or stamped before walking towards the cruise. Before entering the cruise, our keycards were then swiped by the attendants. Once everything is cleared, you are free to get onboard the cruise and get to your rooms.

First sunset (in Penang)

The view that first sunset was beautiful. We couldn’t wait for the ship to start sail, especially after the sun has set and our bellies were full with dinner.

However, ships only anchor aweigh after 8pm, after the safety drill.

Safety Drill

Safety drills are mandatory to all passengers. We are assigned different stations based on the number of “assembly station” on our keycards. Mine was at C1.

We were taught the right way to put on our safety jackets, where we should all line up, our safe boats and how to board our safe boats and many more. Although it is highly unlikely that anything could happen to the cruise but, it is always best to be prepared.

Cabin Room

Although I was supposed to stay with a friend in my room but something happened beforehand that left the room all to myself. My cabin room was the Oceanview Stateroom with Window (Obstructed View), on Deck 6. It has 2 single beds, dressing table, clothes cupboard, side table, TV and window overlooking the jogging track. Some extra toiletries are provided in the toilet too.

It is very easy for me to go to Deck 9 for our activities since my room is also nearby the elevator.

Activities & Entertainment

There are many activities and entertainment to fill our time on board, catered to both children and adults. Activities for children included Bridge tour, Pizza making class, Ice cream party, Bed making with towel folding and many more.

For adults, there’s the Gym, Pool deck (swimming pools and hot tubs), Skyline KTV, Stardust Lounge, Beauty Salon, Golf Driving Range, Fitness Centre and Spa, Jogging Track, Resort World At Sea (casino), Activity Centre, Stardust Lounge, Hot Spot Duty Free and more to enjoy ourselves and have fun.

On the cruise we went on, Fitness First was collaborating with Superstar Libra for a “Fitness At Sea” program. I’m not sure for how long the program will last but if you’re planning to go for a cruise holiday with Superstar Libra now, you will be able to join Fitness First’s “Fitness At Sea” program for free every morning and evening. Do some Zumba, Yoga or Sh’bam and keep healthy as you’re having fun!

I especially like the Stardust Lounge where we watched a magic show on our first night and a very fun skit on the second night.

Second Day Arrive At Phuket

We arrived in the shores of Phuket on the next morning. The sea was a little choppy in this time of year and the wind was very strong. Everyone on the cruise has the option to go to land for a half-day trip. We did not anchor at Patong Beach though, since our guide told us the waves in Patong Beach could go quite high at this time of year – about 2 metres maximum.

So, from where we anchored, we took a ferry to the pier and took a one-hour bus ride to Patong Beach.

It was nice to go to Patong again after so long. Some things were familiar but there are many new developments too. Our bus dropped us off at Jungceylon Mall and it was full with people – mostly foreigners. I only wanted to go to Hard Rock Cafe Phuket, which was about 10 minutes walk from Jungceylon Mall.

After purchasing what I wanted at Hard Rock Cafe (Shop) Phuket, my friend and I walked to find a restaurant for lunch before killing the remaining of our hours walking around in Jungceylon Mall. We didn’t go for the usual massage session this time, but we did shop a few things for ourselves and family members at home.

Oh, and the special durian ice cream at Swensen’s was to-die-for.

We got back on-board our bus that evening, having to arrive at the pier by 6.30pm since the last hour for getting back on the cruise is at 7pm. So, if you’re on your own “private tour” when you arrive in Phuket, just make sure you’re back on time so that you won’t be left off.

Last Day On Board Superstar Libra

The first few hours of our journey back from Phuket to Penang was very shaky. Imagine a 10 Deck cruise ship swaying to the strong sea currents and waves that you walk like someone who’s had a few glasses of liquor. The sea was very choppy in the first few hours back towards Penang that a handful of my friends ended getting seasick.

We arrived safely at noon of 27th July to a wet Penang. After a few photography sessions, we hopped on to our bus and arrived in Kuala Lumpur at around 6pm.

It had been a short cruise but fun too, especially when the time is spent with awesome friends.

*For more photos of the cruise trip, visit RunawayBella Instagram.

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